Chapter 1 - Before I get married

Judy is getting married in three days to Roger Phillips, a successful lawyer in his father’s law firm.  They both have been in love with each other since high school and throughout college.  Judy owns and runs her own business The Perfect Touch, a party planning service that caters exclusively to the very rich.  No matter what it is you want, we’ll make it happen, is a motto that keeps her wealthy clients happy and her calendar full.   

Two weeks ago one of her VIP clients, Margaret Willingham, asked her to come to her office for lunch to discuss a very special request that she was sure Judy could and would accommodate.  Judy arrived at Mrs. Willingham’s office promptly at 12 noon.  

“Miss Willingham, Judy has arrived” said Mrs. Willingham executive assistant paging her over the phone.  

“Very good Cindy, escort her in please and hold all calls until we’re done” said Mrs. Willingham over her shoulder as she stood at her sweeping panoramic office widows looking out at Central Park .  

“How may I be of service to you Mrs. Willingham” asked Judy walking into her office.  

“Hello Judy, please have a seat.  How’s business?” said Margaret shaking Judy’s hand then gestured for her to sit.  

“Very good Mrs. Willingham, very good in deed.” Said Judy  

“You can call me Margaret; we’ve been doing business with each other long enough to be on the first name basis.  Lunch will be served in twenty minutes which should give us enough time to discuss my special request.”  

“You have my undivided attention Margaret” said Judy opening her portfolio and appointment calendar looking intently at Margaret with pen in hand.  Margaret slowly walked over to Judy and sat next to her in the adjacent leather chair.  

“What I’m about to ask you will not require note taking” said Margaret slowly closing Judy’s portfolio.  “This will require your discretion at its highest level.  I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t been asked before.” Said Margaret as she leaned back in her chair then looked intently over at Judy.  

Judy slowly put her portfolio and appointment calendar back in her brief case then turn to face Margaret.  She had no idea what could be so secretive that she didn’t need to write out the details, but braced herself for whatever it was Margaret was about to ask.  

“Please, go ahead Margaret I’m listening and you have my complete and absolute confidence” said Judy leaning back and crossing her legs.  

“Well, my husband is going out of the country to Japan on business for a week” started Margaret not really sure how to approach her request “and I have a friend that told me you could make arrangements for me to meet with a “special friend” said Margaret raising her eyebrows.  

Judy knew what Margaret was asking.  She wanted a Gigolo and not just any Gigolo, a high profile one like she arranged for Martha Witherspoon last month.  Judy re-crossed her legs then smiled at Margaret.  

“Not a problem Margaret.  I’ll make all the necessary arrangements for you. Just tell me the date and I’ll take care of the rest” said Judy watching the smile grow on Margaret’s face.  

“Absolutely wonderful Judy, absolutely wonderful, I knew you could make this dream of mine come true.  I know Bill has had his little tramps on the side and for years I have looked the other way. Well, I made up my mind the moment he told me about his trip.  I knew right then and there what I wanted for me and I have not doubt about what I’m asking of you”.  She paused then looked down at the floor then back up at Judy.  

“Judy, I want to be ravished and pampered by a man that knows what a woman wants and how to make her feel alive.  Do you understand how I’m feeling and what I’m looking for?” she asked holding Judy’s hand.  

“I truly do Margaret and I promise you he will be everything you ever want and could ever desire” said Judy as confidently as she could.  

“Thank you Judy, thank you so much for doing this for me, it means the world.  And trust me, I’ll show my appreciation when I get your bill” said Margaret with an appreciative smile.  

They had lunch and discussed the date, time and where she would meet her special friend.  Margaret was on cloud nine when Judy left her office. Judy knew that she couldn’t use the same one she arranged for Martha.  She needed some one extra special but who?  Judy went in to a near by Starbucks, ordered a tall latte, then sat a table in the back corner and turned on her laptop.   

She has a connection with a colleague (Raven Simone) in Beverly Hills that specializes in high profile gigolos and escorts.  She sent her an email then sat back with her latte and checked her online wedding planner to see how things where going while she waited for a response.   

Ten minutes had passed when she saw her email notifier pop-up.  It was a response from Raven.   

Chapter 2 – I have the perfect man for your client…  

Judy quickly clicked to open the email:  

To: Judy
From: Raven Simone 
Subject: The Perfect Man…  

Hi Judy,  

I have the perfect man for your client.  He is the most delightful, handsome, delicious, caring and intimate man.  He is exclusively private label and I am sure without doubt your client will not be disappointed on all levels.  I have attached his picture and a small profile.  An encryption password key will follow this email to unlock it.   

Let me know if like my selection and we’ll make the arrangements.  By the way, how are the wedding plans going?  

Talk to you later.  

Raven S.  

Just as she finished reading the email, the encryption email arrived.  Judy ordered another latte then typed in the special keywords to unlock the website link.  Her screen went black for a few seconds then the words He’s waiting to see you… appeared with a picture of an animated enveloped in the center.  

She slowly moved her mouse over the rotating envelop and clicked on it twice.  A picture of the most handsome man she had ever seen appeared.  She put down her latte and leaned in close to the screen.  He is as perfect and handsome in everyway just as Raven said he would be. She couldn’t take her eyes off the screen.  Judy sat back, crossed her arms and thought to herself ‘Margaret will be pleased beyond her imagination.’  

Then as if on queue a message video began to play. It was him talking to her.  She couldn’t believe her eyes.  It was as if he came to life…  

“Hello Judy, I’m Austin Fisher” it started.  She broke into a smile then turned up the volume and got closer.  He continued…  

“I hope that I’m the man you thought I would be because I want to be everything you want me to be.  Know that there is nothing that you cannot ask of me nor will I deny you the pleasure of having.  Your client will have my total and complete attention.  Every aspect of her desires will be met on every level.  She will be pleasured, pampered and fulfilled in every way, this I promise you.  

I am so looking forward to meeting you in person to assure you that your selection and trust in me will be confirmed.  I have a private jet and private driver wherever I go so you just name the date and time and I’ll be waiting for you.  

Until then Judy, forever and always…”  

Judy was in near tears as she stared at him on the screen because she had never heard such warm and romantic words in her life.  She knew without doubt he was to be the one for Margaret and no one else.  Judy wiped away the small tears and sent Raven a confirmation email with the date and time to follow.  She slowly put away her laptop, then sat back and closed her eyes as she replayed the memory of Austin ’s video in her mind.  ‘But I’m getting married…’ she recanted to herself … ‘I’m getting married’  

Chapter 3 - “Hello, I’m Austin Fisher”  

Judy is on her way to meet up with her girl friends for happy hour.  She hails a cab and then starts touching up her lips when her blackberry hummed letting her know she had a text message.  She clicked on the message. It’s a text from Austin .  

“Hello Judy, I’ll be arriving in a couple of hours where shall I meet you?  Austin ”.  

Judy had forgotten that he was arriving today.  She thought it was tomorrow.  A cab pulled up to the curb as she was trying to think of a response.  Judy hopped in and stared at her blackberry.  ‘In a couple of hours’ she thought to herself, shit, I look like crap!’   

She text Austin back… ‘Text me when you arrive and get settled in at your hotel. Judy’.  

She went into the bar to meet her girl friends that were already having their first round of drinks.  She knew she had to leave after a couple drinks to get ready to meet Austin but what would she tell her girl friends?  

‘Hey girl!” shouted Melissa her closes friend.  

“Hey, looks like you all got the party started already” she said trying not to look concerned about time.  

“Yep and your drink is on its way” said her other friend Terri signaling the waitress to brink over another round.  

“Well, I can’t stay long; I have to go by the seamstress for my second fitting.  I totally forgot about it until she called me on my way over here.” Judy said quickly coming up with a story that she knew they would buy into.  

“That’s okay at least you’ll have one with us” said Melissa hugging her.  

Judy had a couple of drinks then left to go get ready to meet Austin .  The night was perfect and calm as Judy looked up at the sky while waiting for her cab to arrive.  She got to her place with an hour to spare.  She went to her closet and pulled out three dresses.  She didn’t know what to wear.  ‘It’s not a date, it’s a meeting’ she thought to herself as she looked over the dresses then decided on the red one.  She was putting on her make up when her black berry hummed. It was Austin .  

‘I’m at the Ritz Carrollton down town, here’s my number 555-2323, call me when you get a minute. Can’t wait to meet you. Austin ’.  

She sat down on the edge of the bed and read his text again.  She felt nervous and excited at the same time.  She finished putting on her make up, poured herself a glass of wine then called Austin .  

“Hello Austin, its Judy” she said swirling her glass of wine taking small sips.  His voice was calm and soothing as he responded to her.  

“Hello Judy, I’m pleased to be hearing your voice at last. How are you?”  

“I’m fine.”  

“Good, I can’t wait to see you.  I hope that will be soon?”  

“I can be there in twenty minutes if I catch cab right away.”  

“My driver can pick up in precisely twenty minutes if that’s okay with you.”   

“O’, sure, that will be fine.  I’ll be downstairs waiting.”  

“Excellent.  I’ll send him now and I’ll see you shortly.”  He said calmly  

“Okay. See you in a little while.” She said  


Judy stared at the phone and began to feel like she was going on a date instead of a meeting.  ‘What’s wrong with me?  I’m engaged.  He’s a gigolo.  It’s just business.’ Judy tried to reason with herself.  But she couldn’t.  She has never been unfaithful to Roger and he is the only man she has been intimate with.  He has always been her one true love, but she felt she was missing out on something and she knew what it was.  It had crossed her mind before but quickly went away.  But Austin made the thoughts and feelings stay this time.  

She has flirted with others but nothing more beyond that.  She just the liked the feeling of being attractive and drawing a little attention every once and a while to assure herself that she still had it.  But over the past couple of days Austin had crossed her mind more than once.  She would look at his picture and play his video message a couple of times a day.   

The thought of having Austin in her bed listening to his soft romantic voice and feeling his body in her arms had turned into constant dreams and fantasies. She had a secret desire to have a “one night moment” with another man before she got married.  She wanted it to be her private secret moment without strings attached and now the moment has arrived when she least expected it.   

Judy put on some perfume then went downstairs.  Just as Austin promised, there standing by the back passenger door of a black limousine was his private driver.  ‘This is awesome’ she thought to herself.  ‘Simply gorgeous, this is what every woman wants!’  

“Good evening Miss Billings, I’m Bobby, Austin ’s private butler and driver” he said tipping his hat.  

“Good evening Bobby and thank you for picking me up” she said  

“My pleasure Miss Billings, I’m at your complete disposal.”  

He opened the door and held her hand as she slid onto the smooth leather seat.  Then there sitting in the far corner is Austin looking handsome and well dressed in a black tuxedo.  Judy couldn’t believe her eyes as she just sat and stared at the most handsome man she had ever seen.  He was perfect in everyway.  Nothing about him was out of place.  He truly is the total package.  

“Hello Judy, I’m Austin Fisher.  It is indeed my total pleasure to meet you.” He said in the most assuring tone that melted Judy’s heart immediately.  

“Hello Austin .  This is a wonderful surprise and I’m glad to finally meet you too.”  

“Can we talk over dinner?” he asked  

“That would be nice.”  

“Where would you like to go.  You just name it.” he said  

Le Bernadin?”   

“Le Bernadin it is.  Le Bernadin Bobby, thank you.”  

“Yes Mister Fisher, Le Bernadin, my pleasure.”  

“Will he know how to get there?” asked Judy  

“The limousine is linked to a world wide GPS system. Bobby can find anything.” said Austin reaching for a bottle of champagne. “Would you like some or something else?”  

Judy couldn’t help but feel like a queen.  It was as if she had unlimited wishes that would be granted without hesitation.  

“That would be delightful.” Judy beamed.  She knew she was being given the full treatment and didn’t mind it at all.  

“Here you go, to a long friendship.” He said toasting her glass.  

“To a long friendship” said Judy holding up her glass watching the floating strawberry bob up and down.  

Chapter 4 - I found him Mrs. Willingham  

Dinner last night with Austin was still simmering in Judy’s thoughts as she started to day dream about him again.  She couldn’t wait to tell Mrs. Willingham that she has found her a “special friend” and that the date and time was good for him. She picked up the phone and called her.  

“Hello Margaret, its Judy, is this a good time for you?” she said  

“O’ my God Judy, yes, you found someone?” said Margaret walking quickly to close her office door.  

“Yes, and the date and time is good for him.”  

“Judy, Let me put you on hold for a second, I’ll be right back with you.” Said Margaret pressing the hold button then paged her assistant Cindy.   

“Hold all of my calls.  I’m not to be disturbed until you are told otherwise.” She said firmly to her.  

“Yes Mrs. Willingham.”  

“Thank you Cindy.  Hello Judy?”  

“I’m still here.”  

“Okay, I can talk.” She whispered  

“Well his name is Austin .  I met with him last night and he is a dream Margaret.”  

“O’ my God, I’m so nervous Judy.  I’ve never done anything like this before but I want to!  I’m doing it.  What’s he like?”  

“Let’s just say you’re going to be very, very pleased and I’m sure everything and anything you want he can accommodate.”  

“You are the greatest Judy.”  

“You’ll be receiving a confidential envelop by courier shortly with all the details.”  

“Thank you again Judy.  You truly are the best at what you do.  I’m looking forward to everything.  Thanks for calling.”  

“You’re welcome Margaret.  Call me if you have questions or concerns.  You have my private cell number.”  

“Thanks again and yes I’ll call if I need anything.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Said Margaret as she hung the phone then paged Cindy.  

“Cindy, I’m expecting a special courier envelop shortly, bring it to me as soon as it arrives, am I making myself clear Cindy?”  

“Yes Mrs. Willingham.”  

Chapter 5 – “Melissa, I have something to tell you”  

Judy called Melissa and asked her to meet her for lunch.  She was nervous but knew she could trust Melissa with anything.  She needed someone to talk to about her feelings.  Judy could see Melissa walking up to the restaurant entrance.  She began to feel nervous.  

“Hey girl, what’s up?” said Melissa finishing a text message before sitting down.  

“Let me know when you’re done with your text message.  I need your complete attention” said Judy taking a sip of her wine looking intently up at Melissa.  

“Wow, this sounds serous.  I’m done, okay, shoot.”  

“This is just between you and I. You can’t tell anyone else about this.” said Judy leaning in closer over the table pointing a finger.  

“You’re not backing out of the wedding are you?” said Melissa feeling nervous  

“Hell no! That’s not it.”  

“Well then, tell me.  Don’t keep dragging it out.”  

“It’s about a guy and not just any guy.” Said Judy throwing back the last of the wine and signaling another one.  

“What!” gasped Melissa looking stunned.  

“It’s a guy I met and Melissa, he his like no other man I have ever met in my life.”  

“O’ shit.” said Melissa signaling for the waitress to come over.  “I want a double hard Martini with olives please.” She said looking back at Judy.   

“Okay, now fill me in. I want to know everything.”  

“Well, a client of mine asked me to set her up with a “special friend”.  So I got in touch with Raven in Beverly Hills and told her what I was looking for and she delivered and I mean delivered big.” said Judy reaching for her black berry.  She entered a password to her contacts folder and opened up the folder titled Austin and double clicked on his picture and handed the black berry to Melissa.  

“O’ my!  Wow.  Is this him?” asked Melissa gazing intently at his picture.  

“Yes. He is an absolute dream.” Purred Judy  

“Tell me you’re not falling in love.”  

“No, I’m not, but…”  

“But what?” said Melissa with wide open eyes.  

“Well, you know Roger is the only guy I have ever been with.”  

“Yeah, and”  

Judy took a deep breath.  

“And, well, I want to be with this guy for one night.  Just one night.  I want to know what it’s like to see and be  with another man before I get married.  I feel if I don’t I will regret it for the rest of my life.  I know I wouldn’t do anything like this after I got married, but I just want to be with him to know in my heart of hearts what its like.  I feel like I can be completely free of these feelings before committing the rest of my life to Roger.  Do you understand how I’m feeling, what I’m saying?”  

Judy sat back and braced herself for Melissa’s response.  Melissa took a long sip of her Martini, put down the black berry then calmly looked at Judy.  

“Just one time?  Just one night? Are you sure you could do this, just one time?” she asked wide eyed while turning the empty Martini glass around in circles.  

“Yes Melissa, just one time.  I have to know what its like.”  

Melissa could feel the need for Judy to have her blessing.  She reached for her hands.  

“I think you should do this Judy.  We have always been told to follow our hearts as little girls.  I do realize what you’re asking and telling me.  You’re my best friend and I’ll support you in whatever you decide to do.”  

Judy began to cry softly with happiness.  Melissa began to cry too.  They ordered lunch and talked like giddy high school girls pointing and cooing over Austin ’s picture as they fantasized about how they think a night with him would be.  

Chapter 6 – “Hello Austin, its Judy…”  

Judy paced back and forth in her bed room with the phone in her hand.  She started to dial Austin ’s number several times but stopped mid way.  She sat on the bed then looked at Rogers ’s picture on the night stand.  

“I’m sorry honey, but I have to do this.” she said laying his picture face down before calling Austin for sure this time.  She decided to text Austin first to see if he was available.  He responded within a minute of her pressing send.  

“Hello Judy, I’m available.  I’m just having breakfast.”  

Judy stood up and went to the living room and dialed his number.  He answered within two rings.  

“Hello Judy, how are you?” he said.  Judy smiled at the sound of his voice realizing that this is what she wanted to do without any doubt or hesitation.  

“Hi Austin , you got a minute?”  

“I have as much time as you want Judy.”  

“I was wondering if we could meet for dinner at Le Bernadin tonight.” asked Judy walking around in circles holding the phone with both hands pretending she was whispering softly in his ear.  

“I would like that Judy.  What time is good for you?”  

“How does 8:30 sound?”  

“Bobby and I will by to pick you up at 8:30pm.”  

“Great, I’ll see you then, bye.”  


Judy text Melissa to ask her to go shopping with her for a new outfit for tonight. She text back that she would meet her at MACY's within the hour.  She got dressed and rushed out the door excited about her date with Austin .  Melissa is waiting for her at the entrance.  

“Hey girl, it’s on right?” said Melissa giving Judy a hug of assurance  

“Yes. I can’t believe it.  Now I know how Mrs. Willingham felt.”  

“Well, let’s get in here and get you outfitted for your special night.” said Melissa opening the door for her.  

They shopped for two hours and found the perfect dress, shoes, earrings, purse and perfume.  It was like in the old days when they were teenagers hanging out shopping at the mall.   

“Well, you’re all set Judy.  I truly feel its your hearts desire to go through with this and I want you to be happy.”  

“Thank you Melissa for supporting me. I couldn’t’ have done this without you.”  

“Well, I want all the juicy details, that’s all I ask.” She said with a smile handing her the shopping bags as she got in the cab.  

“Every last detail” said Judy “Every last detail”  

Chapter 7 – Dinner at Le Bernadin  

 Judy stood in front of the full length mirror looking at herself.  The high heels made her long legs look sculptured and defined.  The sleek deep backless one piece dress showed her glowing tanned skin and fit her hips perfectly.  She felt rich and divine.  She wanted to impress Austin as much as he impressed her the first time they met.  She received a text from Austin .  

“We’re on our way.”  

She took a deep breath, looked at the clock.  Its 8:24.  She picked up her purse and keys went to the elevator then out to the lobby.  There, just like before was Bobby holding open the door for her.  

“Good evening Miss. Billings, you look fabulous.” said Bobby tipping his hat.  

“Why thank you Bobby.” said Judy as she bent down slowly and slid in next to Austin .  He was dressed in a sharp black suite, a red shirt unbuttoned down to the middle of his chest, and a slight five o’clock shadow beard.  

“I hope you don’t mind me being a little casual?” he said looking into her eyes.  

“Not at all.  I was hoping you would be.  After all we’re off the clock for the rest of the night.”  

“I was hoping we would be.”  

They pulled away and headed for Le Bernadin.  Austin opened a bottle of champagne and filled their glasses.  

“So, is this all about you tonight?” he asked after taking a sip.  

“Well, as a matter of fact…” she took a sip then continued “I want it to be.”  Austin reached for her hand.  

“I was hoping it would be. I’ve been thinking about you from the first time we met but wasn’t sure if it would be possible.”  

 “I want this to be my night and I want you to give me your total attention.” She said holding his hand softly looking into his eyes.  He put down their glasses and put his arms around her.  She snuggled up closely to him until she could feel his chest breathing against her breast.   

“I’m yours for as long as you want me to be.” He said giving her small kisses in between each word.  Judy began to feel sensual and wanted with every little kiss.  This is it, the feelings she wanted to feel.  Austin pulled her back slightly then slowly kissed her deeply. Their lips pressed together in a sensual bond.  Judy pulled back slowly from his kiss then looked into his eyes.  

“Can we skip dinner?” she asked calmly  

“Of course sweetheart, we can have late night room service.”  

She smiled then kissed him again.  Austin pressed the intercom button.  

“To The Ritz Bobby, thank you.”   

“Yes sir Mr. Fisher, The Ritz, my pleasure.”  


Judy and Roger were married three days later.  Judy told Melissa all about her and Austin ’s night together and how wonderful it was.  Austin sent her a wedding present along with a letter:  

My Dearest Judy,  

I hope that this gift finds you well and filled with total happiness.  Know that I wish you all the best with everything I have deep inside of me. I’ll never forget our night together and hope that in that time you found the answers that you were looking for.    

I know that we were not meant to be together forever and that what we shared was meant to last a life time in our memories. Often times people lose sight of what is important, but you Judy, you found and chose me to be a support in your bridge to reach the other side of your love.  

So in closing know that I will always think of you and hope that from time to time you will remember me.  

Forever and always yours,





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