WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT! ADULTS ONLY You must be 18 years of age to view and/or read the contents.

Chapter 1 – “I met her on a blind date…”

I had no idea how exciting or sensual a voluptuous woman could be until I met Kelly.  Everything about her is nothing like I was expecting.  Her full soft round breast, sleek curvy hips and large warm thighs that sent me on a sensual journey of passion like no other woman I’ve ever met.

This is how it all started… I met her on a blind date through my sister.  My sister and I are very close and are the best of friends.  Both of us are attorneys but work at separate law firms.  We met for happy hour the day she told me about Kelly.

“Hey, guess what, I know someone that I think you would be a great match for you.  She would be nothing like you’re expecting and everything you’ll ever want.” Michelle said looking at me smiling.

“O’ really, what’s she like?” I asked curiously drinking my Jack and coke down to the cubes.

“Nope, I’m not telling you anything more.  You’ll just have to meet her and draw your own conclusions.” She said signaling for another round of drinks.

“Come on Michelle; give me a few more details than that.” I said leaning in closer.  I had to admit it; she has me curious as hell.  I’ve been working my ass off for the past two months on a big lawsuit worth millions and haven’t been on a date during the entire time.

“Well…” she paused then arched a brow… “She’s a tall blonde, with hazel eyes…” she paused again.

“More details Michelle, shit you’re driving me crazy.  Stop teasing.”  She wanted to torture me as long as she could before revealing more.

“She has a great smile and…”

“And what, she’s married isn’t she?  Well no thank you.  I’ve been down that road before.” I said sitting back crossing my arms looking around for the waitress with our drinks.

“Hell no she’s not married.”

“Then what?”

“Nah, now that I think about it she’s not your “type”.” She said in air quotes.

“Not my type? I suppose you know my type better than I do.” I said defensively.

“I’m your sister remember.  We went to high school and college together and all the girls you dated were tall, slender Barbie types.”

“And your point is?”

“It’s simple; I don’t think you’ll go on a date with a big girl.  No, let me rephrase that, I mean an awesome voluptuous girl.  You know, cute, curvy and shapely. Not your “type”.  Just forget I brought it up.  Let’s order some appetizers.”  She said reaching for a menu.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, I’m not that shallow.” I shot back still feeling defensive.

“Oh? Then tell me how many dates with voluptuous girls you’ve been on?” she said looking at me with an arched brow again sitting back crossing her arms waiting for my answer.

She knew she had me in her crosshairs.  I had to confess; I’ve never been out on a date with a voluptuous girl before.  I’ve just never thought about it.  Yes, all the women in my life have been tall, slender Barbie types, but to my defense I have put an admiring eye on a few voluptuous girls every now and then.  I just never pursued the idea.

“None.” I finally answered.

“There, so, shall we order now?”

“No, wait, I want to meet her.”

“Are you sure?  This isn’t a joke David and I’m not kidding around.  She’s a really good friend of mine.  Despite what you may be thinking, she’s a knock out.” She said firmly while pointing a finger at me.

“Really, I want to meet her.  I won’t guarantee anything, but let’s see how it goes.  Hell, I might surprise myself.” I paused, and then started back up again…

“I know, let’s go on a double date.  This way you can see if she is interested and I can let you know if I’m interested.  This way you’ll be able to see for yourself if there are any sparks betweens.” I said as if I was delivering closing arguments to a jury.  Michelle began to smile; sensing this was a good idea.

“Okay, I’ll set it up for tomorrow night.  Are you available?” she asked taking out her blackberry scrolling through her contacts list.

“Yep, for the first time in two months I’ve got an open weekend.”

“Okay, I’ll call her now.  I’ll be right back.” She said stepping away from our table walking towards the bar.  I could see her talking as she looked my way smiling while holding up a finger.

Somehow I had the feeling that she has had this planned right from the beginning and I walked right into.  What can I say; she’s a good lawyer and knows how to negotiate.  Besides, I’m curious to see if there will be an attraction.  Michelle came back to the table smiling.

“Well, good news, she’s wants to meet you.  I called Jerry and told him we’re going on a double date tomorrow evening at seven o’clock.  We’ll meet you at Sullivan’s for cocktails and dinner.  How does that sound?”

“I’ll be there.  I have to admit it sis, I’m curious.” I said looking over the menu then back up at her.  “Did you two plan this whole thing?  I bet you did.” I said smiling giving her the arched brow back that she had been giving me.

“Now David you know me better than that.  This will be fun being on a double date with my big brother.” She smiled devilishly looking at me over her Martini.

Chapter 2 – “Hello David, I’m Kelly…” 

I stopped by the florist on the way from the office and picked up a dozen red roses.  I didn’t want my sister to think I was just going to dine and dash.  I told myself I would see the entire evening through no matter how things might feel in the beginning.  I picked up a couple of suits from the cleaners I had dropped off this morning not sure if it was dressy or a casual evening.  I had barely gotten in the door when my sister called.

“Hey sis, are we still on?” I asked cutting to the chase.

“Yes we are, are you?”

“Yep, I picked up a dozen red roses and a couple of suits from the cleaners.”

“Well, I’m impressed that you’re taking this seriously.  I gave Kelly your number just in case something comes up.  I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

“No, not at all.”

“Okay then I’ll see you later tonight, and by the way skip the necktie and business suit look, we decided on comfortable casual.” She said giggling.

“Sounds like you two are up to something.” I said.

“We aren’t up to anything.  I just want everyone to be comfortable.  I just figured it might make things a little less tense and by the way, she is excited about meeting you. Talk to you later.” She said hanging up before I could respond.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard my cell phone ringing again.  I figured it was Michelle calling again remembering another detail about tonight.

“Hey Michelle, did you forget something?” I said tucking the towel in around my waste then wiping the mist off the mirror.

“Hello David?  It’s Kelly, your sister’s friend.”

‘O’ My God, it’s her!’  I just starred in the mirror.  Her voice is silky soft and smolderingly sexy.  I felt like I was listening to Marylyn Monroe. 

“Are you busy?” she continued.  I just stood for another moment with my mouth opened listening to her sensual voice.  I didn’t want to speak.  I just wanted her to talk some more.

“Um, no, I’m just about to get dressed and head over to Sullivan’s to meet you.  You are still coming aren’t you?” I managed to get out.

“Yes I am.  So tell me David, what are you wearing tonight if you don’t mind me asking?” she said.

My mind is bending with sensual thoughts of her whispering her question to me from behind as I stood here with nothing on but a towel.  Shit I haven’t even met her yet and already she’s driving me crazy.  I refocused and answered her.

“Black trousers, black blazer, red Ralph Lauren polo and slip on Norman Kohl loafers.”

“What cologne will you be wearing?” she asked.

“What’s your favorite?” I asked hoping like hell I had it sitting on the vanity before me.

“Do you have Acqua  Di Gio by Armani?”

Thank God I just bought that last week when I was at Macy’s picking up a few neckties and shirts.

“Yes I do, I’m looking right at.” I said picking up the bottle and taking a few sniffs.

“Ummmm, that’s my favorite David.  I was just in Macy’s this week passing through the men’s section when the scent caught my attention.  It really turned me on.”

Shit, now I’m really beginning to lose it.  She is driving me fucking nuts with only her words.  I can only imagine what they would sound like coming from her in person.

“Excellent, then Acqua  Di Gio  it is.  Are there any other special request?” I asked feeling myself wanting her to kept teasing and taunting me.

“No, that’s all for now.  I’m liking what I’m hearing so far and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed when you see me, I guarantee it.  But before I let you go is there anything you want to ask me?”

‘Shit if I did I’m too tangled up in her sensual word embrace to think of anything’, I thought to myself before answering.

“No, none here, but I’m sure I’ll have few that we can discuss later.”

“Okay, last chance. Are you really sure you don’t have a burning question in your mind?” she whispered.

“Well, there is one.” I said finally coming down off of my high from listening to her intoxicating voice.

“Okay ask me, I’m ready.”

“What’s your guy type?”

“That’s an easy one David…” she paused then continued… “You are.”

Chapter 3 – Dinner & Drinks With Kelly

I got to Sullivan’s early, went straight to the bar and ordered a Jack & Coke hoping to catch a glimpse of Kelly.  The place is a little crowded but I could still see out over at the crowd in the bar mirror. I was half way through my second cocktail when I felt a tap and heard my name coming from behind.

“Hello David I’m Kelly.”  ‘Shit it’s her!’ went screaming through my mind.  She got here early too.  I turned around to greet her.

“O’ my, look at you Kelly, you’re stunning.” I said looking at her from head to toe then back at her smile. 

“Well thank you for the compliment.  I take it you like what you see?” she said standing and posing like a voluptuous Greek goddess turning around slowly.

My sister is right; she’s a total knockout from head to toe.  She’s as tall as I am, six foot one, with long wavy blonde hair past her shoulders, wearing a simple black one piece mid length Chanel dress with an open stand up collar, pearl necklace with matching earrings and red polished nails.  Her calves look strong and curvy as she stood with her black high heels together. Her perfume drew me into her gaze and to top things off she has dimples! O’ My God what a real turn on!

“Please have a seat; can I buy you a drink?” I offered while pulling back the bar stool.  She turned slowly to show me her awesome ample full hips and toned thighs, then slid onto the bar stool and crossed her long curvy sculptured legs.

“Thank you David, I would love to have a Chocolate Martini with a couple of strawberries please.” She said scanning the bar then back at me.

I signaled for the bartender while keeping my eyes on her very pink lips.  It was as if she is talking to me in slow motion.  When she spoke she just put me on a high that I couldn’t get enough of.

“So David am I the first?” she said tilting her head letting a few long curls of hair fall down off her shoulder.

“The first?” I asked taking a sip then looking intently into her hazel eyes.  She smiled then curled in her bottom lip and let it roll out slowly before answering.

“Yes, your first tall, full, delicate, sensitive, warm, voluptuous girl.” She said each word so slowly and with so much confidence that I felt like I was watching the temperature rise on a thermometer.  She had no doubt about her beauty, her tallness, and definitely her sensual voluptuous size.  She knew she had the goods to make any man melt and I felt like a Popsicle melting in the sun.

“Well I must confess Kelly you are the first girl of size that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  I mean, sure I’ve have thoughts of what it would be like, but you have definitely put me on notice.” I said answering her question more honestly than I ever had answered any question in my life.   A big smile came across her pink lips as she slowly picked up her Martini then gazed into my eyes over its rim.  I had no idea what she was going to say to that.

“Good, I’m very glad to hear that David, because I want to be the first one to change your mind forever about the best thing that is going to come into your life.  Well that is…” she paused then took another sip, “we are going to continue this or are we just going to have a nice dinner and drinks and call it a night?”

Shit, after hearing those words I felt like I was falling out of an airplane without a parachute and I didn’t care. Her confidence level is so powerful and rivals mine so much that if confidence were a sprint race, she would leave me in the dust.  I took a long draw on my drink then answered her.

“You have no idea how much I want this to be more than just dinner and drinks Kelly, well that is if you want it to be more too.”

She stood up and took my drink out of my hand and slowly put it down on the bar then looked deeply into my eyes until she could sense she had all of my attention.  I could feel the tip of her index finger under my chin as she leaned in closer and closer until we are nose to nose.  She smiled and looked into my eyes.

“I do David and just so you know, your world will never be the same after I get done caressing it.” She leaned in even closer and kissed me slow and long like no other woman ever had.  I am completely smitten now.  I’ve never had a woman take control of my feelings the way she did.

“Well, my lips are on fire.  I hope there is more where those came from.” I said holding her hands.

“Lots more.” She said. “Lots more.”

My sister and her boyfriend arrived shortly after we broke from our kiss and joined us at the bar.

“Well look at you two early birds.” My sister beamed sensing the connection between Kelly and me.

“Hey sis, hey Jerry.” I said while holding Kelly’s hand.

“So I’m guessing you two hit it off?” she asked looking at our hands.

“I believe so.” Kelly said looking at me smiling.

“Well if you boys will excuse us, we need to go do a little touch up. We’ll be right back.” my sister said looking at Kelly then back at me.  I knew that was girl signal code for ‘come tell me what you think about my brother in the bathroom’.

“Don’t be long; they’ll be calling us for dinner soon.” I said.

“We wont.” Kelly said as they both walked off.

After they were out of sight Jerry quickly started with the questions after ordering us a round of drinks.

“So?” he started.

“So what?” I shot back knowing he wanted me to just spill out my thoughts about Kelly.

“Kelly, what do you think?” he said reaching for his drink.

“She is awesome man.  I mean smoking ass awesome.  I had no idea I would feel like this. I would really like to date her.”

“Really?” said Jerry drinking down his cocktail ordering another..

“Yeah really.” I said smiling thinking about her kiss.

“Boy, she really knocked you off your feet didn’t she.”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.”

  • * * * * * * * * *

“So, tell me what do you think about my brother?” 

“Mama like.” Said Kelly looking in the mirror touching up her lips.

“Well, I wasn’t sure if you two would hit it off, but I can clearly see I’m wrong.”

“That you are. I’m thinking we’re going beyond dinner and drinks.”


“O’ yeah girl, don’t under estimate the power of a “V-Girl.”

They laughed and joined us back at the bar.

“Well ladies shall we head to the dinning room?  Our table is ready.” I said reaching out for Kelly’s hand.

“Yes we are.” They both said winking at each other.

Half way through dinner and a couple of bottles of wine later, Kelly began flirting with me under the table.  I could feel her stroking my leg with her foot.  I looked at her across the table and arched both eyebrows.  A slow song came.

“Care to dance Kelly.” I asked hold out my hand. 

“Yes I would.” She replied.

We excused ourselves and walked hand in hand to the dance floor.  She draped her arms around my shoulders and pressed her large soft breast against me then looked into my eyes.  I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close.

“You are a remarkable women Kelly.” I said looking into her eyes, swaying to the music, feeling her generous thighs folding between my.

“You’re pretty remarkable yourself.” She said.

“When can I see you again?” I asked.

“Well if you don’t have any plans tomorrow you want to come over to my place for dinner I make an awesome Chicken Scaloppini.” She offered.

I was going to ask her out but I didn’t mind her beating me to the punch.

“Sure.  I was about to ask you the same thing. I’ll bring the wine, bread and cheese.”

“Great then it’s a date and don’t worry about entertainment; I’m sure between the two of us we can come up with something.” She said smiling.

“I’m sure we probably can.” 

Chapter 4 – Let the weekend began…

I finished my morning workout at LA Fitness, showered, and changed into my favorite Southern Cal t-shirt and a pair jeans when the phone rang.

“Hello, David speaking.” I said walking towards the kitchen.

“Hi David its Kelly, are you busy?”

“Hey Kelly, no I’m not, I just got in from the gym, what’s up?”

“Well don’t burn off all of that energy save some for me.”

“Don’t worry I’ll be fully recharged and refreshed by time I see you later on today, that’s if we’re still on?”

“O’ yeah we’re still on.  I’ve already started preparations.  Just checking in to make sure nothing has come up with you either.”

“I’m still on.  I’m really looking forward to seeing you work your magic in the kitchen.”

“Well that’s not the only place I plan on working my magic.  I’ll email you directions to my place in Long Beach .  Dress casual and comfortable and be sure to pack some swimming trunks and change of clothes, because the beach is right outside my patio door.”

“I sure will, and Kelly…”


“I can’t wait to see you.”

“I can’t wait to see you too.  See you around three O’clock?”

“Three O’clock it is. Talk to you later.”

She sure knew how to get into my mind and put thoughts into my head.  All day long I had thoughts of being with her and seeing her full sexy hot body on the beach and hopefully in the bedroom.  I couldn’t stop my thoughts.  They ran like a wild stampede.  The feeling of her in my arms when we danced last night followed up by more deep sensual kissing and caressing at the bar we went to after dinner left me burning with desire to be with her. 

She knew how to work her body and hands as we both explored each others passion in our corner booth.  I never knew how sensual a woman so in charge could be until I met her.  Usually it’s me being in charge and dictating the next moves, but Kelly has no problem being assertive and she let me know it.  It was a real turn on.

I packed my duffle bag, dinner complements, printed off my directions, and entered them into my GPS then headed off I to see her.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect day, its seventy degrees, sunny skies, and a slight breeze in the air as I drove down the highway with the car top down.  

It took only thirty minutes to get to Long Beach .  People were out and about riding bikes, jogging and walking with surfboards.  Another ten minutes and a few turns later I could see Kelly’s beach house just up ahead.  She’s standing outside in the driveway waving at me with a big smile and two glasses of wine in her hand. 

‘Shit she looks hot!’ I thought to myself as I got closer to her.  She has on a pink and black two piece bathing suit with a matching body wrap tied off at the hip, her hair is down and blowing in the wind.  I never knew how good a voluptuous woman could look in a two piece before.  Her breast and hips are so shapely and full.  Damn, I’m now beginning to realize what I’ve been missing out on all this time.  These goddesses are everywhere and I’ve been walking right past them everyday but not any more!

“Wow, look at you!” I said pulling up next to her in the drive way.

“You like?” she asked smiling and posing.

“O’ hell yeah, now turn around and give me the full visual tour.” I said eyeing her up and down as she turned and turned giggling the whole time. 

“This is for you.” She said handing me a glass of white wine.

“Thank you.  You sure know how to greet a weary traveler.” I said taking a sip.

“O’ I’ve only just begun to spoil you. Now grab your things and follow me.” She said walking away looking back smiling.

I grabbed my duffle bag and sack of groceries and followed her inside.

“Wow, talk about a room with a view.” I said looking out at the ocean view through the large sweeping windows that went from end to end of her living room facing the beach and the sea.

“You like?” she asked walking towards me with a bottle of wine.

“Yeah, this is awesome.”  I said holding out my empty glass to her.

“Well, why don’t you take this bottle of wine and go out to the patio and relax and I’ll join you shortly.” She said.

I watched her as she sashayed back to the kitchen before heading out to the patio.  I slid open the large glass doors and stepped outside to what felt like paradise. The ocean breeze is warm and calming and the view is without doubt spectacular.  I had to give it to her; she is one hell of girl and now I’m one lucky guy.

I’ve never been treated with this much attention before.  Usually on the weekends I’m following behind the girls I’ve been dating into mall department stores holding their handbag while they shop and try on outfits. This was a nice change of pace.  A girl that can cook and enjoys spoiling a man at her place, now seemed priceless to me.

“Hey you, come back down to earth.” She said hugging me from behind.

“O’, hey you, I was just in another place.” I said coming out of my thoughts.

“Yeah, what place is that?”

Paradise , this is paradise Kelly.”  I said turning around to face her.  I pulled her close and kissed her deeply and slowly.  She pulled back and looked into my eyes.

“If this is paradise, then you are my island.” She said with a very serous gaze.

“Indeed Kelly, this is paradise and I never want to leave.” I said swaying with her in my arms.

“Well then welcome to paradise and I’m more than willing to be your island girl.” She said smiling.

We both held hands and stared out at the ocean for a few minutes.  The silence between us said it all; we have a long special weekend ahead of us and it has only just begun. 

Chapter 5 – Foot prints in the sand…

Kelly put our Chicken Scaloppini in the oven and joined me on the beach for a walk. 

“So, are you staying the night or do you have to go after dinner?” she asked as we stood watching the water come up to our feet.

“I hadn’t planned on leaving but then I didn’t want to assume anything either.” I said as we turned away from the shore and started walking again.

“Well how about this; let’s just see where the night takes us. No pressure.  I hope I’m not scaring you by being so direct and honest.  Its part of my personality and sometimes it just comes out.  Some of my girlfriends feel I’m too forward but I don’t have a problem saying what I feel or reaching for I want.  It doesn’t have to be you guys all the time.” She said smiling looking back out at the ocean and the sky.

“I don’t mind it all.  As a matter of fact I find it refreshing for a change.  Although I must admit I haven’t been out with any woman quite like you.”


“Trust me, really I haven’t.”

“Well then you’re really in for a treat as much as I’m sure I am.  Let’s go back and check on dinner.”

* * * * * * * * *

I started setting up the table as she plated the Chicken Scaloppini.  I mixed the salad, sliced the French bread, lit three long candles of different heights and open a bottle of wine.  The sunset provided a beautiful backdrop to complete the setting.  We dined and talked about our childhoods, travels and careers.  She’s a private investment broker for Leman & Rogers, one of LA’s top high profile investment companies.  We finished dinner and went to the patio to watch the last of the sunset..

“This is awesome Kelly.” I said looking out at the sea feeling the ocean breeze.

“I’m glad you like.  I bought it two years ago.  I got tired of the city and wanted something more peaceful and a retreat from the office.”\“Well you have definitely found your piece of paradise.”

She looks at me for a few seconds over her wine glass as if I had said the magic words of the day, then took the last sip and set her glass down.

“Follow me David; I want to take you to true paradise” she said reaching out for my hand leading me back into the living room.  She released my hand then went over to the entertainment center and pressed a button on the CD player.  Sade - ‘Kiss of Life’ began to play.

She slipped out of her sandals and walked slowly towards me swaying from side to side to the rhythm of the music.  I’ve never been so turned on by music and a woman at the same time together before her.  The music is so intoxicating and sensual. I could feel my cock getting hard watching her sexy dance and hips rolling from side to side like a belly dancer in slow motion. She came up to me and pushed her firm breast up against my chest then turned her back to me and continued to dance. I couldn’t resist her any more.  I put my arms around her waist and began swaying with her and music.

“Let your hands go down lower…” she whispered over her shoulder.

Her skin feels as soft as silk as my hands slowly followed her command to go lower.

“That’s it baby, lower…” she whispered again.  I could feel the top of her body wrap that’s hugging her hips.  Her hands reached down to help me slip the side knot lose.

“See how easy that was?” She purred lowering my hands down between her warm big legs.  My cock grew harder as I reached her love spot and began rubbing it slowly like Aladdin rubbing the golden lamp.  She reached behind her back and began to slowly rub my cock.

“Are you getting as hot as I am?” she whispered through her heavy breaths.  I let out a deep moan before answering.

“O’ My God yes, I want you so bad right now.” I whispered to her reaching up and began feeling her big soft tits.

“Good, because I’ve got the bedroom all setup for us.” She said.

“Show me the way to paradise my lady.” I said feeling her gripping my cock through my jeans as she turned around and unbuckled my belt.

“Then follow me, my bedroom is this way…” she said pulling off her swimsuit bottom stepping out and over it walking towards two large French double doors.  She looked back at me over her shoulder, smiling…

“Right through these doors is where you’re going to find paradise and everything you ever wanted in a woman.”

Chapter 6 – Pleasure in Paradise

My cock is hard as steel as I watched her fine sweet round ass stroll towards the French double doors to her bedroom.  She stopped at the doorway before going in, licked two fingers and put them between her legs and slowly began stroking her heart shaped pussy.  I knew from that moment on this would be the night of my life and the best sex I would ever have.

“Wait five minutes before you come in baby…”

My adrenaline began to rush inside of me as I waited in great anticipation of going into her bedroom.  I looked at my watch, five minutes had finally passed.  I took a deep breath then walked in. It was as if I had teleported to the most sensual place on earth. 

There are over a dozen red and white large candles lit everywhere.  The patio doors facing the beach have been opened fully to allow the ocean breeze to caress the room and slowly flickered the candles flames.  Her large four poster bed with an overhead canopy is bar none meant to seduce anyone that was lucky to make it this far or come near it.  Then as if on queue the most memorable romantic music began to play... A Case Of You  

Sheer white curtains hung all the way down to the floor on all four corners.  Her breast are full and plump, her voluptuous hips and long legs are crossed and leaning towards me.  Damn; she looked like a sexy Pin Up girl that had come to life and was aching for me to join her in the bed.

stepped out of my swimming trunks and stood before her naked.  She looked at my stiff cock.

Come here baby.” She whispered…  “I want to suck your cock.”

I slowly walked up to the side of the bed and looked down at her dreamy eyes.  Her delicate soft hands reached out and gently explored my stiff shaft and balls as if she was holding a hand full of ruby’s and diamonds. 

Slowly she stuck out her tongue and began licking my cock up and down before inserting it between her moist glistening lips and warm mouth.  I titled my head back then immersed myself into the delicious feeling of her mouth and tongue performed the most hypnotic blowjob I’ve ever had in a long time.  Watching the red outline of her red lips pleasuring me is divine.  I could feel myself getting close to exploding.

“That’s it baby; take your time getting there.  I want all of it.” She murmured looking up at me. 

She put one hand on my chest then drizzled her fingernails downward slowly.  My stomach quivered from the sensation and intensified the feeling of my soon arriving orgasm.  She began increasing her up and down rhythm as my hips instinctually synchronized with her.  She is more remarkable than I could have ever imagined.   

I reached down and began running my fingers through her golden blonde hair.  She smiled and kept up her rhythm sensing I would be cuming very soon.  I could feel the build up inside of me beginning to pull back like a large wave preparing to crash onto the beach.  She reached around my hips and clutched a hand full my tightening ass.  That was it; the feeling of her sensual fingernails gripping into my flesh sent me over the edge as I began to release my hot load into her warm mouth.

Her rhythm increased as I gave way to the total sensation of letting every ounce of euphoria in me flow through the tip of my throbbing cock.  I couldn’t believe how she made my orgasm last so long with her sensual technique and gift of giving pleasure or even begin to imagine what it was going to be like feeling her fucking me later.  But for now this is the best blow job of my life and I intend on returning the favor between her luscious legs after she’s done with me…

Chapter 7 – “That’s it baby, make it yours…”

Kelly laid back on the bed then looked up at me. Her long flowing stretched out body looks like a sensual vessel preparing to launch. I softly stroked her left cheek with the back of my hand as she closed her eyes and smiled. She looked as if she is dreaming; she’s so beautiful and patient waiting for me to take her. 

 moved my hand over her shoulders and down the side of her arm.  Her nipples began to rise like blooming spring flowers reaching for the sun.  I walked slowly along the side of the bed tracing the outline of her body with my finger tips until I reached her feet. 

Spread your legs Kelly” I said kneeling at the foot of the bed kissing the tips of her toes.  She smiled then slowly began parting her legs for me.  I curled my hands around ankles then slowly up the insides of her legs.  She spread them apart a little more then began to take deep long breathes.  She looked down at me.

“You know you’re driving me crazy don’t you?” she whispered.

 “Shhhh, I know, now just relax and enjoy the journey. It’s your turn now.” I said continuing to caress the insides of thighs moving up slowly towards her glistening pussy.  I slowly parted her silky little pink lips. My warm eager tongue slipped in and out easily as she arched her back then slowly pushed her pussy closer to my waiting lips. 

“O’ shit baby, that feels good, real fucking good.” She moaned. I began to go faster.

“That’s it, eat the hell out of my sweet pussy.” she moaned again.

A big ocean breeze flowed into the room over us as I continued to suck her pussy lips and dart my tongue in and out of it. She reached down and spread her little lips with two fingers.  I could see her little pink clit sticking out like a little flower. My lips and tongue danced over it like a humming bird.

“O’ shit that feels good, don’t stop, don’t fucking stop!” she whimpered as she lifted her hips up higher.

I felt like a dolphin plunging in and out of waves of joy feeling her getting close to releasing her total orgasm.  She closed her large trembling thighs around my head then spread them apart again.

“O fuck I’m cumming, its cuming baby.” She moaned gripping fist full of sheets.

“O fucking shit, it’s here!!!!” she screamed as I sucked her little clit and grab hands full of her tightening thrusting sweet ass.

“O’ My God Yes!!!!” she screamed.

I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and began finger fucking her. That really sent her over the edge of her pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes! I like that, faster, more, more.  Fucking stick those fingers in deeper and faster baby.” She gasped.

I did as she said.  She kept having one orgasm after another.  It was incredible.  I’ve never been with a woman that could cum multiple times and certainly never knew I would be so thoroughly turned on by hearing hot, dirty, erotic words rushing out from a woman as she did. The other women I’ve been with have been quiet moaners, but now I’m spoiled. 

She looked down at my smiling face.  “Baby that was good and I mean really, really good. You made it yours.” She said taking deep breaths. “You are the man baby, you are the man.

Chapter 8 – The Ultimate Climax.

Kelly slowly spread her legs as I made my way up and over her huge round breast.  I could feel the tip of my cock gliding easily into her as she moaned and gripped the headboard.  She is like fine silk and satin.  Her gaze began taking me to another place as her hips bumped slowly against mine.

“That’s it baby, let’s make Tantric love to each other.” She said looking up at me.

I had to confess that I had no idea what Tantric love making was as I looked at her in deep wonderment.

“Tantric love making?” I asked while slowly moving with her rolling motion and interlocked my fingers into hers.

“Yes baby, Tantric love making.  We take our time approaching each others orgasm like we are now until we feel our breaking point, then extend beyond that and go as far as we can go. You can do it, just keep your eyes open the whole time and watch me completely surrender myself to you. Feel how my pussy is suckling your cock now?”

“Yes…” I moaned as I kept my eyes focused on hers.

“Now, ride me deep and slow.  That’s it baby, deep and slow, deep and slow.” She said calmly looking up at me.

“I can feel myself getting harder.” I said to her smiling in amazement.

“That’s it baby.  I can feel it getting harder to, now go deeper, and a little harder.” She whispered pushing her large breast up against me until I could feel her hard protruding nipples.

“Like this?” I asked.

“O’ fuck yes. Just like that baby, just like that.” She moaned lifting her soft legs up onto my shoulders.

“Now hold me by my ankles and fuck me with deep hard slow strokes.” She murmured.

Her words are so erotic and soothing that they began to blend effortlessly with the euphoric feelings that are now traveling through my mind, body and soul. The feeling of holding her legs up in the air and me slowly driving my cock into her soft wet pussy is an almost over powering feeling.

“O’ yes baby, fuck me, fuck me.” She moaned as she pulled on my hips making me go deeper into her with each stroke. 

I could feel her pussy tightening then releasing my cock over and over again.  I began to feel like superman with unlimited strength.  Then all at once I began to understand this new Tantric sexual technique that she has slowly introducing me to. 

“Wow Kelly, this is truly incredible.” I said looking down at her beautiful voluptuous body.

“That’s because you are truly incredible baby. You are truly a marvelous man.” She said.

We both looked at each and could feel both of our orgasms arriving from there long journey together.  I looked deeply into her eyes and watched her orgasm ripple across her body to join mine.  I began to explode deep inside of her as she wrapped her arms around me so that I could feel her quivering body shake slowly and calmly.

I can’t quite explain it, but I felt as if I was taking off from earth and hurling myself toward another place in time.  It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go but didn’t know how get there until Kelly took me into her arms and showed the way.




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