Chapter 1 – “I met her at my favorite bar.

It was five thirty when I looked at the clock on my way out the lobby of the “W” Hotel heading to the Tonic bar for happy hour.  The Tonic bar is one of my favorite hangouts when I am in New York City on business or pleasure.  The drinks are healthy thanks to Kelly may favorite bartender, the food awesome, kick ass music, lots of projection TV’s showing the latest sports events, and hot ladies.  

People were flowing into the place after they were scanned by Pauli a massive bouncer of the place. 

“Hey Pauli” I said. 

“Hey Mr. Austin” he said in a heavy New Yorker accent giving me a high five.  I tipped him a ten spot in his top pocket.

“Thanks Mr. Austin  You da man”. 

“Nah, you da man Pauli” I said pointing at him as I walked in to the bar.  

The place was kickin’ it as usual.  The music was pounding out a generous mix of hip-hop, pop, rock, and soul.  The Knick’s game was on one of the main TV screens.  Kelly brought me my usual drink well spiked with Jack Daniels. 

“Thanks Kelly” I said handing her my American Express. 

“You got it baby” she said flashing me her hot huge tits before turning away.  Kelly (a long time bartender of the place) and I kick it now and then when we’re in the mood for some pure one on one sex.  She sure can suck and fuck like no bodies business.  I took a sip and open the menu book.  I was feeling a little snackish but nothing too heavy. 

“So what can I get you baby besides me” asked Kelly. 

“Um let’s see.  I’ll have a half a dozen buffalo wings, fries, and a garden salad” I said. 

“My pleasure baby” she said taking the menu book from my hands.  I continued with my drink and feed myself handful’s of the spicy bar nut mix.  Kelly brought me another drink as I was finishing off my first one and my food order.  

I was just finishing off my little picnic when in comes a hot executive business goddess.  She had class and was dressed in a hot black CHANEL two piece suit, black garter thigh high stockings, beautiful French pedicure toes in strappy heels.  My dick got hard from just looking at her. She came over to the bar and took the seat next to me. 

“Are you holding this for anyone?” she asked putting her purse and black berry on the counter indicating that it is now. 

“No I am not. But, please do have a seat.  It’s all yours.” I said taking a sip of my drink.  

Kelly came over looking me dead in the eyes with a smile.

“Are you buying your friend a drink?” she asked.  I looked at my new seat partner.

“May I?” 

“Sure, I’ll have an Absolute martini with double olives please.” She said. 

“You got it” said Kelly looking at me as if I was going to get lucky tonight. 

“I am Austin and you are?” I asked her. 

“I am Karen” she said extending her hand to me. 

I shook her hand, turned it over and kiss the center of her palm.  It was soft as kid skin leather.  She blushed and slowly put her hand palm side up to her mouth and kissed it. 

“I really liked that move.” She said smiling.  My dick was beginning to swell into a big bulge in my pants like crazy.   Her drink arrived. 

“To the evening and all it brings” she said looking into my eyes. 

“And may it bring everything we wish for” I said smiling and sipping. 

She crossed her legs and purposely let her dress rise up revealing the lace on the top her black thigh high stockings.  I looked at her rising skirt then back up at her. 

“See anything you like?” She asked following my gaze back down to her legs.  I wet my lips before answering. 

“You have awesome stems and gorgeous feet” I replied.  She wiggled her toes and re-crossed her legs again towards me. 

“How’s that view now” she asked in a slow whispering voice. 

“Very nice” I said turning in my seat so she could see my hard cock impression in my pants.   

Her eyes lit up while she looked at the bulge in my pants.  She leaned into towards me and slid her warm hand and fingers a couple a times across my cock. 

“I’ve got a real nice silky hot pussy for that problem you have in your pants.” I smiled low eyed and whispered into her ear “Well, I can’t wait to slip it into your tight little hot pussy and feel it suck my cock.”  She giggled and excused herself to go to the ladies room. 

I downed my drink to take the edge off.  Kelly came over with another set of drinks smiling.

“Well, score one for the team.  Looks like you are about to get some pussy”. 

“We’ll see” I said.  Karen came back with a smile on her face. 

“Hold out your hand” she said.  I did as she asked.  She put her curled up hand over mine and dropped her black string thong in my hand.

“I can’t wait to feel you holding me down and shoving that big cock into between my legs.

Chapter 2 - "Lets slow dance"  

From that point on we were intertwined into each other.  A slow song came on over the speakers, “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye. 

“Shall we dance?” I asked.  Without hesitation she stood up from her chair, walked towards the dance floor and reached back for my hand signaling for me to follow her.  I reached for her hand and our fingers interlocked.  I pulled her close to me.  Her firm full long breast pressed against me as she laid her head on my chest.  We swayed and folded our yearning hips against each other.  Her breathing was heavy with desire.  She looked up at me.

  Austin , I want to leave now.  I want you inside of me melting your hot stick of love between my legs.”

I stopped dancing with her and walked her over to the bar. 

“Get your things now, I’m going to make your dream come true.”  She was thrilled at how I took control of her.  She was turned on at the sound of my voice giving her absolute demands of obedience. 

“Okay,  I’ll do whatever you say and tell me to do.  I want you to be in control of me tonight.  I want you to control my every moment, desire and bare naked body that I’m going to give you.” She said in a submissive tone lowering her eyes like a genie that just popped out of a bottle standing before her master. I signaled Kelly for our tab.  Kelly being Kelly came over.

“See, I told you so.” she said with a devilish smile as I was signing off and leaving her my usual big tip. 

“See you later Kelly” I said over my shoulder at her leading Karen behind me.  Karen strolled behind me obediently gripping my hand tenderly.  I tipped Pauli on the way out as we got into my private limo waiting outside. 

“Let’s drive over to SOHO James” I told my private driver. 

“Yes sire Mr. Austin” James said powering up the privacy window.  

Karen spread her legs and leaned back into the deep soft black seats.  I curled my hands around and over her thighs and pulled her towards me. 

“Kick off your shoes” I whispered to her.  She quickly flipped off her shoes and opened her legs wider putting one leg up on the door pressing her foot up against the window.  I could smell her hot cunt craving for my dick to be inside of her. I slipped my fingers into her soaking wet shaved pussy. 

“Wider”. I demanded. She obeyed without resistance as my fingers went deeper into her soft pussy.  Karen moaned and twisted in the seat.  Her hand lunged for my cock and began unzipping my pants and reaching inside to feel its hardness. 

“I want to fuck you.  I want to fuck you now” she murmured in a gritting spitting voice. 

“All in good time Karen.  I want to taste you first.” I said pushing her fighting hand away then pushed her skirt up and over her hips exposing her beautiful fresh shaven pussy lips.  

I pushed her back and laid her down on the long limo seat spreading her legs.  She opened her legs willingly and put her tender feet in my mouth as I sucked her toes one by one.  She shivered with excitement.  I licked her ankles, the top of her knees and the inside of her quivering thighs. 

“O’ yes, O’ yes, please Austin , please!” she demanded pulling on my head as it dove down onto her wet pussy.  I began sucking her lips one at a time. 

“Yes, Yes, Yes, you fucker!” she moaned rotating her hips over my flicking tongue.  I could feel her ass tighten in my hands as I feed her sweet little pussy deeper to my mouth.  Slowly she started to rumble and shutter into orgasm. 

“Ohhhhhh shhhhhhhittt” she leaned back shaking into a total orgasm.


Chapter 3 - "The Backseat Session"  

Her hips released their tension from her hard orgasm as my hands slowly let go of her tight ass. 

“O’ baby, you are sooo good at eating pussy” she smiled pulling off her skirt and unbuttoning her blouse quickly and taking off her bra.  Her breasts were awesome.  They were nice, full, and long with big nipples sticking out at attention.  My hands glided over her tits and began rolling her nipples between my fingers. 

Karen began to moan “harder, harder.  Pinch them harder”.  I pushed her back down on the limo seat and pulled her legs open and up to me. 

“Do you want some dick Karen” I whispered to her. 

“Yes, please yes. Fuck me” She moaned as I held her legs in my hands looking down at her.  I plunged my stiff rock hard dick into her wet pussy.  She gasped at the warm sensation and thickness of my entry. 

“O’ my god, O’ my god”  she moaned.  Her pussy was tight with excitement as I began to stroke her softly. I released her long legs so she could wrap them around me.

“You like that dick Karen?” I asked her in a commanding tone stroking her slowly. 

“O’ yes Austin . Harder, harder please harder” she said begged.  I began banging the shit out of her pussy as we strolled down Broadway with the city lights flashing down on us through the limo roof top.  Karen began pumping her hips to my thrust.  Her legs pulled down on my ass while I continued to fuck her.  

I spread her arms apart against the seat as I held her down watching her long tits bounce up and down from my riding rhythm.  I kissed her savagely while she stuck her silky tongue into my mouth.  I could feel my dick all the way up in her now. 

“That’s it baby, get it up in there.  Fuck the shit out of my pussy, make it yours”. She begged. I could feel my balls about to explode deep inside her. 

“Let it go baby. Let it go all up me” she whispered as I began to shake to the felling of my orgasm. 

“Do you want it Karen?  Do you?” I begged as I began to fuck her harder feeling myself getting closer. 

“Yes baby.  Yes.  Release that warm juice in me now” she moaned into my ear holding me close.  I could feel her arms holding on to me waiting for me to cum. I couldn’t hold it any longer.  I began to cum in her warm pussy. 

“Ahhh ffffffuck” I gasped pumping and holding on to her.  “That’s it baby.  Give me all of it”.  “Shhhhit” I said as I kept pounding her harder and harder.  

I pulled out slowly from her, she smiled looking up at me.  “Was I good Austin ?” she asked. 

“You were beyond my wildest dreams Karen.  I can’t wait to have more of you” I said looking at her eyes smiling. 

“I want more Austin .” She whispered.

“Later baby, we have a stop to make in SOHO I am sure you’re going to like.  This is just an appetizer.” I said pulling up my pants as she began dressing.  

The limo continued on its way to our designation in SOHO .  I knew she was going to like where we going and what I had planned…  

Chapter 4 - "The SOHO Party"     

The limo pulled into SOHO at 10pm.  Our destination was a few blocks away. 

“Are you ready Karen?” I asked. 

She rubbed her pussy.  “Hurry I need more”. 

The limo pulled up to a long line of limos dropping couples and singles off in front of the large four story brown stone. 

“We’re here baby cakes” I said.  Karen sprizted on some intoxication perfume and touched up her lips. 

“Ready” she said pulling out a black patented studded collar and chrome chain from her purse, putting it around her neck handing me the leash.  My dick got hard from seeing this surprise gift. 

“You are such a treat Karen.  You’re going to be the hit of the party” I said with a wide grin.

“I am your pet baby.  Do with me as you want” she said in a submissive whimpering warm voice.  

The door to the limo opened and out I stepped with my leash in hand and Karen following behind in nice long silky steps.  I could hear your high heels clicking on the pavement as we approached the entrance to the loft. 

“Hey Austin my man, I see you brought a pet with you and damn! she is sweet” said Alex a good buddy of mine and business associates.  We go way back.  His place is a must stop when I am in New York

“What’s goin’ on Alex?  Your place is jammin’ as expected”.  I said.  

“Yeah, I got it goin’ on. But now that you’re here we can really brake this mother fucker off.” said Alex as we slapped five to each other.  

“You ready Karen?” I asked over my shoulder. 

“Yes baby”.

The place was kickin’ like Alex said.  The music was pounding off the walls; waiters and waitresses were strolling around making sure everyone was tight on food and drink.  I felt like a king with Karen’s sweet little leash surprise in my hand.  We worked our way through the crowd to the VIP section of Alex’s pad. 

“My man” said Alex sitting with three beautiful girls all snuggled up to him. 

“What up dog.  Damn!  I am diggin’ your sex triplets!” I said looking at each of them as they smiled. 

“You know I have to have my minimum of at least two to warm up.  But I got a bonus tonight with the twins” Alex said with a shit eatin’ grin on his face.  I gently tugged on the leash as Karen went over and sat with the girls.  

“Well I know what you’re drinking Austin , what’s your pleasure my dear?” Alex asked Karen. 

“Absolute martini with double olives” she said twirling her leash in her hand looking at me with a smile.  Alex signal for his private waitress and gave her our orders. 

“So what brings you into town man?” Alex asked. 

“Meeting with some clients looking into buying my new software”.

“My man, making big bank, I have couple of associates I want you to meet later on.  But for now lets party”. He said holding up his drink for everyone to toast.  

A kick ass song came on and I was in the mood to dance and show off Karen.  I reached for her hand.  She handed me her leash smiling “I am at your command baby.” She said. 

Man she was hot and she knew it.  I led her out to the dance floor where she began to strut her long legs and rolling her long hips and tight ass gripping her leash smiling at me.  She had control of the dance floor and the crowd.  She slinked and glided for all to see as her skirt would rode up when she split her legs, bent over and wiggle her ass to the beat.   

The song ended with Karen’s back to me in my arms.  “Do you want your surprise now?” I whispered to her. 

“Yes baby” she answered pulling on the chrome chain leash.  We went back to our table and ordered another round of drinks. 

“Alex? Is the OZ room available?” 

Alex smiled “Follow the yellow brick road my man”.  Karen and I finished off our drinks and went up to The OZ Room on the third floor.  

The OZ Room is a lover’s paradise.  Large panoramic windows, a double king size bed with purple bedding, a dozen various size pillows, a large ceiling mirror the size of the bed so you can see all the action, mini video cams on each bed post, a fifty two inch plasma TV, Bose surround sound system playing music in the background, a lit fireplace and dancing spectrum lighting filled the room.   

I let Karen’s leash fall from my hand and went over to the bed.  She turned and locked the door behind her and slipped off her shoes, rolled off her silk black stockings, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor stepping out of it slowly. My cock started getting hard as I watch her perform her delicate strip show. 

“More?” she asked. 

“Fuck yeah” I said.  She unbuttoned her top and out popped her fabulous firm tits.  Her chrome chain leash slinked between her tits and long legs as she walked towards me. 

“I’ve been waited for your cock” she said walking towards me. 

“Baby its ready” I said looking at her lean tall body and shaved pussy.  She stopped in front of me and started unbuttoning my shirt. 

“You’re going to get fucked like you never have before, I guarantee it” she whispered in my ear pushing my shirt over my shoulders.  I started to answer when she shushed me. 

“You just try and relax baby, I’ve got what you’ve been wanting for and know how to use it on that stiff dick” she said jerking my cock with her warm left hand gently pushing me back onto the bed with her other. 

I fell back into the soft covers looking up at Karen.  She pulled her soft hand out of my pants and finished unzipping them.  She stood up and pulled my pant legs. 

“Lift up that nice ass baby” she whispered.  I did as she said while she pulled my pants off dropping them to the floor. 

“One more piece to go and you’re all mine” she whispered with a smile enjoying torturing me with her tease show.  

Chapter 5 – “Time to whip it out baby…”

Karen smiled as my rock hard cock stood straight up towards her at attention.  She reached for the vanilla flavored oil next to the bed post and began to squeeze a slow steady stream into her hand. 

“Looks like your cock is ready baby” she smiled rubbing hands together then licked her fingers. 

“Yes it is” I murmured wanting to beg her to suck my dick. 

She slowly wrapped her long fingers around it and started pulling with long soft strokes.  “Don’t you dare cum yet” she said squeezing it firmly. 

“You’re fucking driving me crazy Karen” I squirmed answering her. 

“I fucking better be I want to be good and wet when you shove that rock hard rod up my cunt.” She said stroking my cock even faster.

“Shit Karen, shit!” I gritted my teeth to squeeze out the words. 

“No you don’t” she said releasing her grip, standing up and began rubbing her clit with the little drops of cum on her finger tips then licked them.  I was going out of my mind watching her.  She began rubbing the oil with long teasing strokes on her breast then began fingering her pussy. I was losing my mind watching her masturbate.  I grabbed the dangling chain on her leash and started pulling her slowly towards me. 

“Yes, baby, make me fuck you!  Make me yours.  Make me fuck your cock!” she responded pulling on the leash rubbing her clit harder in small circles walking towards me.  Her eyes rolled up and stared at the ceiling as she began to moan and rub her clit harder. 

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum Austin !” she screamed as she looked me. 

“Get over here and suck my cock if you are” I commanded. 

Karen jumped on the bed pushing my legs apart and started sucking my cock. 

“O’ fuck yeah baby, cum in my month, please cum in my mouth!” she moaned as she rubbed her pussy faster.  “Fucking cum baby, cum now…  I’m Cumming too, please!  Shoot it baby!” she moaned while sucking and jerking the hell out of my cock. 

Her sweet round ass began bobbing up and down on her wet fingers that were shoved deep into her pussy. 

“Yes, yes, yes…” she screamed as I began to shoot a big load off into her mouth. 

“O’ yes Austin , more baby, more” she murmured as I began to get off like never before.  Karen sucked and licked up every drop.  She didn’t stop until she stop cumming and felt me go limp with exhausted pleasure. 

“Fuck Karen that was the ultimate blowjob baby” I said laying back looking up at her sweet face in the mirror over the bed watching her pull my cock in and out of her mouth. 

“O’ I’m not done yet baby.  That was just an appetizer” she whisperer.  “I’ve got an even bigger surprise” she said.  What could it be I scanned my mind to try and figure out what could top this?  I was supposed to be surprising her.  I heard three sharp knocks on the door.  Karen got up from the bed and licked her lips. 

“Coming girls” she said turning around walking backwards looking at me with a smile.

Chapter 6 – “Knock, Knock, can we come in?”

“What the fuck?” I blurted out load as the twins I saw with Alex come strolling in with French maids outfits on, black lacquer leashes draped in their hands.

“Hey girl, you ready to party” they said in unison to Karen

“Fuck yeah girls, I am in the mood for a little pussy myself” said Karen pulling on their leashes leading them towards me stopping at the foot of the bed.

“So, Austin , you got three pussies, six pairs of legs and lips… Are you ready to fuck or what?” asked Karen twirling her chain in her right hand rubbing her pussy.

I didn’t know what the fuck to say to that.  Here I am with Karen who is fucking hotter than shit that just sucked me off and now the Alex twins ready to fuck my brains out!  I looked at the three of them with my mouth open.  I was acting like a kid in a candy store trying to figure out what flavor I wanted to start off with first.  Pussy Ripple or Twin Twat Taffy!  Before I could make up my mind the twins walked over to the bed following Karen’s lead.

“Let me help you decide baby” said twin number one (Terri). 

She continued… “You see, when you can’t figure what the fuck you want, you try a little bit of each” she pulled up her apron exposing her fresh clean shaved pussy.  Her pussy lips were wet, glistening from the candle light. She lifted her left leg over my hips, reached between her legs a slipped my rock hard cock slowly in to her hot pussy and began stroking it like an oil field derrick.

“You like that baby?” she asked riding my cock looking deeply into my eyes.

“Oh, shit yeah” I said enjoying the pussy ride.  She bobbed up and down and scooted her hips until the tip of my dick nearly slipped out of her pussy then back down again.

“Let me have some Teri” said the other twin (Sherrie).

She kept the same technique going as Teri.  This truly was the fuck of my life!

“Now, now girls, there will be enough to go around for everyone.  Don’t wear him out.  He’s got a lot of fucking to do” said Karen pulling their chains.  She knew all of this was driving me insane and she was enjoying it.  Hell, so was I!

“Girls, go get ready for the big finale” ordered Karen pointing to bathroom.  They obediently followed her orders.  She turned and looked at me with a smile and began to rub her pussy again.

“Now it’s my turn. That was just a taste.  I want you to fuck the shit out of me” she demanded jerking my dick in her hand.  In no time she had me hard again.  Her long legs slid over my chest.  I could smell the sweet perfume of her pussy reaching for my nostrils. 

“You want to eat my pussy Austin ?” she moaned scooting closer to my chin.

“O’ yes baby, closer, scoot it closer” I said sticking out my tongue.

Her soft pussy mound is braising my tongue and lips as I kissed each side of her sweet pussy.

“O’ yes Austin , more, more baby” she moaned as my tongue slipped between her moist pussy.  Her juice was sweet as Georgia peaches.  I spread her pussy lips apart to get at her bulging clit.

“O’ my god Austin, suck it baby, suck it!!!” She screamed and moaned leaning back pushing out her huge tits and hard nipples reaching for the ceiling.  “Suck it good baby” she moaned in her drowning pleasure.

I could feel her ass tightening in my hands as I shoved her pussy down on my mouth.  She began to tremble with the start of her orgasm.

“O’ shit baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m conna cum” she moaned gripping the head board thrusting her hips to my tongues rhythm. “O’ you fucking mother fucker, eat my pussy, eat it good, shit!!!” She screamed as she began to explode.  I held her hips firmly against my hungry mouth and sucked her hard bulging click until she went lip and collapsed on the bed.

“O’ my god, I have never had my pussy cum so hard” she said breathing long beep breaths.

The twins slowly opened the French double doors to the master bathroom.  I could smell sweet mixed scents pouring into the room.  The glow of candles danced behind their naked beautiful bodies.  I sat up in total disbelief.  They were like genies that just popped out of their bottles waiting for commands.  It was an ultimate dream come true.

“Your wish is our command master” they said in unison with smiles holding out their arms.

Chapter 7 – “Open Sesame”

There they stood the twins; each with their huge firm tits with big nipples staring right at me.  Their long legs were stretched apart exposing their clean shaved pierced pussies. 

“Are you ready master?” they both whispered

I looked at Karen, then back at the twins.  I didn’t know what to think.  What the fuck? I thought to myself.  This is getting better by the hour.  The twins are ready to be fucked, Karen just got off and now it was my turn!

“Yes” I said with a smile

“Come with us” they said reaching out for me.

I got up from the bed and walked slowly towards them.  My dick began to get harder the closer I got to them.  They turned around walked in towards the huge candle lit Jacuzzi tub stopped and faced me.  They had me sit on the edge as each took turns sucking my cock and balls. Their hands and fingers pulled and caressed my cock until I came all over them.

“Save some for me girls” said Karen coming into the bathroom.  She slipped in between them and drew down the last of my cum.  The twins stepped into the tub pulling on us to join them.  Karen stepped in first as they pulled her between them and started squeezing water soaked sponges over her. 

She began sucking the tits of one of the twins while the other one slipped a finger into her pussy.  Karen began to moan and roll her hips to her touch.  I couldn’t stand it any more I stepped into the warm filled Jacuzzi and join the fun.

I’ll never forget The OZ Room, Karen and those marvelous twins