Chapter 1 – “I can do this…”

Cindy Miller could here the music elevating as she prepared to walk onto the stage.  Her heart is racing; she uncrosses her long sculptured legs, pulls up her black skirt a couple more inches then looks up at the gold pole that stretches high up to the ceiling gleaming and casting sparkles of gold star burst from the bright lights.   

Its amateur night at Struts Gentlemen’s Club and the house is packed with executives, traveling business men, construction workers, and lonely husbands with fist full of money.  ‘I can do this’ Cindy confirms to herself as she hears her name for first time over the loud speakers.  

“Gentlemen, let’s hear it for Cindy!” said the DJ shinning a pink spot light at her table.  

Slowly she steps towards the stage in sync with the music of Prince.  The gold pole is cool to her touch at first as she began to part her legs and slink up and down to the music.  The men are going nuts as they shout out hot dirty words at her performance.  Cindy is enjoying the rush of feeling them wanting her as they start throwing money at her black spike high heels clicking across the stage towards them.  

Cindy twists and curls her body like she has fantasized about in her dreams.  Her legs felt hot and sensuous grinding against the pole.  She couldn’t help the feeling of wanting them to want her.  Her confidence and fantasy began to rush up inside of her from the sound of the music over the loud speakers and roaring crowd.  She couldn’t believe the power and attention she had with her body. She stepped over the money littered trail on stage and strutted towards the front edge of the stage of men tossing money at her feet.  They were clapping to the beat and chanting “Baby, you’re a star!  You rock!”  Cindy is on fire with the attention.  She wanted more.  

“You want me? Huh? I can’t hear you” she said swirling her head around gesturing with her hands for them to beg for more.   

The crowd went nuts again for her to come back across the stage towards them.  She unbuttoned two top buttons of her blouse to let her sweating breast and nipples show through as she continued to dance.  She twirled around on the dance floor then went back to the pole, reached for it and spun around it like a pro landing into a slow split.  She could feel the cool floor against her thighs.  

“More? More?” she smiled and chanted at them.   

“Yeah baby! Yeah!” they shouted back at her.  

“Sorry boys, her time is up!” said the DJ over the disappointed groaning sounds of the crowd.  Cindy couldn’t believe it was already over either.  She gathered up the money on the stage and went back to her table and best friend Andrea.  

“Wow that was a rush Andrea.  You should do it” she said dropping the money on the table reaching for her drink.  

“There’s absolutely nothing like it, it is everything I thought it would be and more.”  

Andrea couldn’t believe it either.  There on stage twisting and hiking up her skirt at strangers is her best friend who is a top notch stock broker that makes million dollar decisions everyday twisting and grinding on a stage with eager men on the edge craving her and loving it. Cindy has wanted to do a strip pole dance since they watched a special on TV about it one night on a business trip in Chicago last month.  

“I want to do this again.” Said Cindy looking up at the stage at another woman going up after her, but she knew it was a one dance per amateur.  “I just have too Andrea and I will.”  

Chapter 2 – “Honey I have a fantasy”  

It was another boring day at the office as Cindy prepared to leave to meet her husband Steven, Andrea and her boyfriend for happy hour.  She felt the rush of the amateur strip pole night again as she felt the eyes of the guys in the elevator looking her up and down.  She started wearing tighter shorter skirts and more form fitting button up blouses at work.  The extra attention she has been receiving is becoming more of a turn on every week.  Men would cut their eyes to look at her cleavage when she intentionally leaned over to discuss documents and contracts.  The power over them was becoming more intoxication than ever.  

“Hey Cindy” said Andrea watching her strut in.  

“Hey Baby” she said to her husband Steven. “What’s up?” She said pulling down her skirt.  She had forgotten she pulled it up just before she got into the elevator at the office.  

“Just getting started honey, you havin’ your usual?” asked Steven shaking his empty glass at her.

“Yep sounds good to me. ” said Cindy looking at her best friend Andrea signaling for her to go the bathroom with her.  

“We’re going to the powder room boys” said Andrea picking up her purse.  

“Okay” said Steven and Andrea’s boyfriend Craig in unison.  

Cindy and Andrea went in and started touching up their lips and makeup.  

“So what’s up?” asked Andrea  

Cindy took a deep breath then turned to Andrea.  

“I want Steven to come watch me dance at Struts amateur strip night this Friday.”  

“Are you kinddin’ me?  I don’t think that would be a good idea Cindy.” Frowned Andrea  

“Why not, I’ve got nothing to hide.  It’s just a fantasy.”  

“Yeah, but I don’t think he’d understand.”  

“I don’t object when goes to the T&A bars with his buddies and clients.”  

“That’s different. That’s guy stuff. That’s what they do behind our backs even if we do disapprove.”  

“That’s double standard bullshit.  Those guys at the strip club certainly weren’t with their wives and probably told some lie to be there.”  

“Yep, that’s the truth and how it is.”  

“Why don’t you casually bring it up after a couple of drinks and I’ll take it from there.” said Cindy looking at Andrea in the mirror.  

“I don’t know Cindy.” Frowned Andrea in disapproval with her arms crossed.  

“Please, do it for me.  It’s just for me; I’ll make sure it doesn’t sound like your idea, please?”  

“Alright, what the hell you’re gonna bring it up with or without me.”  

“Thanks Andrea, you’re the best ever.”  

They went back to their table and ordered another round of drinks.  Cindy signaled Andrea to bring up the amateur strip night idea.  

“Cindy, I was watching Oprah the other day; she was interviewing Demi Moore about her role in her movie Strip Tease, did you see it?” started Andrea.  ‘Perfect Andrea’ Cindy thought to herself smiling.  

“O’ yeah, I did watch that one.  She trained with a real strip pole dancer for the role.” said Cindy hoping Steven would chime in and he did.  

“Yeah, I saw that movie.  She was hot.” He said wide eyed and smiling.  Cindy smiled figuring this is perfect timing.  

“Yeah, can you see me up on a stage honey?  I think it would be fun to be up there.  You know they have amateur night at Struts on Friday nights.”  

“What, you, up on stage, no way” said Steven downing the last of his cocktail ordering another one.  

“Yes way, I think I’ve got what it takes to be up there.  I workout and stay in shape.  I never hear you complaining about the way I look.”  

“Honey, that’s different. There’s nothing wrong with the way you look.  Besides you’re married.” laughed Steven thinking that would be the end of it.  

“The hell it’s different.  You go to titty bars with your office buddies and clients and you’re married.  What’s the difference?”  

“It’s just different Cindy; it’s a guy and client thing, so just drop it already okay?  Besides, I’m not having my wife be on any body’s stage with a bunch of guys looking up at her.”  

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.  Hell, half the expense reports have Bar Expense written on them aka T&A bar Expense.”  

“See honey, that’s just how it is.  You still rock my world though.” Said Steven relieved that she was finally dropping it.  

‘We’ll see about that. That’s just how it is, my ass’ Cindy thought to herself smiling holding Steven’s hand.  

They finished their drinks then went out to dinner.  

Chapter 3 – “I need to get ready for amateur night”  

It’s been two weeks since they talked about her strip pole dance and Steven still thinks that she should just put the idea and fantasy out of her mind.  But Cindy has no such plans.  He has to go out of town on a business trip this Thursday and won’t be back until Sunday afternoon.  Cindy can’t wait for him to leave so she can rehearse for Friday’s amateur strip pole night contest.  The first place winner gets a Saturday Night feature dance with the professional girls and five hundred dollars.  

Cindy took Steven to the airport and took the rest of the day off to practice with a professional stripper she met on her first night at the club.  Her name is Victoria but on stage she is known as Crystal .  She is very tall (6’2”), long legs, perfect breast, butt and long flowing blonde hair. Cindy was impressed with her performance and technique.  The men were going nuts for her and she wanted the same level of attention for the contest.  They decided on meeting at her dance studio where she gives belly dancing lessons and aerobic workout classes.  

“Hello Cindy, glad you could make it. So, what are you expectations?” asked Victoria handing her a bottled water and towel.  

“I want to learn some more moves for tomorrow nights contest and of course win.”  

“Well I saw your amateur night performance a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty good.  You really had “the stable” going nuts for you.  I think you got a good chance of winning.  I’ll show you a few tricks and techniques that will have you moving like a snake on the pole and prowling tigress on the stage.”  

“Great!  I’m so excited about this.  Thank you for taking the time to teach and show me what to do.  I’ve got all day.”  

“Great, let’s get started.”  

They practiced for the entire afternoon.  Cindy studied every move carefully and rehearsed until she had them down pat.  She felt like a professional stripper towards the end of the training session.  She left the studio and went shopping for a new outfit.  Victoria gave her the name and address of the place where she shops for clothes and shoes.  The shop is called Take It Off and specializes in stripper fashion, shoes, and accessories.  Cindy felt like a kid in a candy store when she opened the door and heard the chime ring.  

“Hello, I’m Gloria, welcome.  Is this your first time visiting?” said a strikingly beautiful woman in tall black stilettos heels and a very short skimpy black outfit.  

“Yes it is.  Victoria sent me. ” said Cindy looking around at all the naughty outfits and accessories.  

Victoria is a very good friend of mine.  She sent you to the right place.  So let me guess, you’re thinking about dancing or something for the hubby?”  

“This is about me.  I entered the amateur stripper contest that’s tomorrow night at the Struts Gentlemen Club.”  

“Wow, you’re going for the big show.  Well, I have a few outfits in mind and some new kinky stuff that just came in this morning that I haven’t put out yet.  I think you’ll like them.  Follow me.”  

Cindy followed her towards the back of the store.  She felt like Alice in wonderland as they weaved through the racks of erotic clothes.  She had no idea that a place like this existed. She began to get turned on as she looked around at the skimpy and revealing outfits that the pros wear.  ‘No wonder they drive the men nuts’ she thought to herself… ‘These outfits are so damn hot and sexy’.  

“Here you go honey, go try these on one by one and let me see you.”  

“Okay” said Cindy looking at the sexy skimpy outfits draped over her arms  

“I’ll bring you a few pairs of shoes. I’m guessing a size 8?”  

“Wow, you’re good. Yes, a size 8, thank you.”  

Cindy went into the large fitting room.  All four walls are covered with full length mirrors and a little bench seat on one side.  The first outfit, a tight black latex full one piece fit her body like a glove.  Her curves looked like they never had before.  Her breast pushed up and out like soft pink satin pillow.  The shinning black latex gleamed from the overhead lights as she turned around  looking at herself in the mirrors.  

“O’ my God.” She gasped at herself in the mirrors.  She felt transformed.  She began to sway and grind to the music playing in the background. “I’m fuckin’ hot lookin’” she said to herself in mirror. “Damn fucking, hot looking.”  

“Here you go honey.” said Gloria bringing in three pairs of shoes “Shit, you look hot girl!”  

“Do I really?” asked Cindy turning around on her tip toes.  

“Hell yeah, wait until you put on the shoes!”  

Cindy slipped her feet into the tall four inch black stilettos.  Immediately she felt large and in charge as she stood with her legs spread apart leaning to one side.   

“Wow, so this is how it feels.” she said smiling and looking at herself in the mirrors again.  

“Hubba, Hubba girl. You got the total package now. You are for sure going to give them a run for the money.  I guarantee it!”  

“I think so too Gloria.”  

She tried on the other outfits one by one with the matching shoes.  She felt more confident with each outfit. Now more than ever she could feel her fantasy coming to full bloom.  Each outfit was tight, revealing, skimpy and very erotic.  She felt more sexy than she ever has.  

“I’ll take everything.” said Cindy pulling out her credit card handing it to Gloria.  

“You got it and I’ll throw in a three pack of flossy thongs, no charge.  You don’t want any lines showing.” Grinded Gloria as she started ringing up the outfits.  

Cindy couldn’t wait to get home and try her outfits on again.  She went home, made herself a cocktail and quickly put on the red outfit and matching stilettos.  She felt turned on and sexy.  She pulled out one of the flossy thongs and slipped it on.  The feeling of the thin strings looped over her hips and between her tight cheeks was sensual.  ‘I want to go out in this outfit and see some reactions’ she began thinking to herself. 

 ‘Yes, I’m going out…”

Chapter 4 – You Like What You See?

Cindy looked at herself in the mirror one more time.  She just had to know what it would be like to be out it such a sexy skimpy outfit.  Steven wouldn’t dare allow her to be seen in public like this.  But this is her weekend to fulfill her entire fantasy and she wasn’t going to hold back or stop now.  ‘Okay, let’s do this’ she whispered to herself while grabbing her keys and purse.

The spring air is slightly warm with stars flickered overhead as she drove down Main Street with the moon roof open.  She knew of a night club she could go where no one would recognize her and where none of her friends would be.  The Vood Doo lounge is a short drive across town on the upper west side.  She had been there before with clients from out of town that wanted to go to a club with a more edgy feel.  It is the perfect place for her to try out her new look.

The club parking lot is packed with a long waiting line at the door to get in.  She pulled up to the valet in her black Mercedes, stepped out, tipped the valet and walked straight for the VIP entrance.  She knew this would be the ultimate test.  She could see the huge bouncer standing by the entrance with the velvet rope to the VIP entrance near his hand.  She walked straight for him in long silky steps and confidence in each stride.  The huge bouncer smiled and unclipped the velvet rope and let her stroll in.  She couldn’t believe she just walked right in without question.  The club is rocking with music and people everywhere.  She took slow sleek steps to the bar as guys began turning to watch her pass by.  She felt sexy and empowered.  The bartender began to smile watching her approach.

“What would like temptress?” he whispered to her placing down two napkins.

“Absolute and cranberry on the rocks with a lime please.” She said with a smile handing him her credit card… “and keep it open, I’m feelin’ thirsty”.

“Comin’ right up”

The men at the bar began looking down her way checking her out from top to bottom.  She stood slightly wide leg like Victoria taught her to stand.  Then lifted her right leg and twisted her black stiletto around a few times before putting it down.  The guys were locked on her long legs and tight outfit. It was working.  Everything that Victoria said would happen was happening. 

“Here you go Miss Cindy.” said the bartender recalling her name from her credit card.

“It’s Nikki” she said realizing she wanted to be someone else tonight and not her self.

“Sorry, here you go Nikki”

“Thank you.”

She took her time sipping her drink and started taking it all in.  This was a magic prelude to tomorrow.  She felt more ready than ever. Just as she was finishing her drink the bartender arrived with another one.

“From the gentleman three down to your right, enjoy” He said taking away her empty glass.

She looked to see who it was.  He was different than the other men at the bar.  He’s dressed in a black tailored suite, red tie, white long sleeve shirt with gold cuff links.  He’s very handsome with black hair, blue eyes, European olive tone skin, tall with a slight after five beard.  She felt flushed with the thought of being attractive to him.  He raised his glass up and smiled at her.  She smiled a blushing smile back.  He began walking towards her.  She could feel her heart beating faster.  She didn’t know what to do.  She hadn’t planned this far or for this to happen.  ‘What do I say’ she thought to herself as she looked down at her drink. ‘Shit he’s getting closer’.

“Hi, I’m Andre and you are?” he said standing next to her placing his drink down next to hers.

“Hello Andre, I’m Nikki” she said with a small smile.  He was gorgeous up close and smelled good.

“Glad to meet you Nikki. You come here often?”

“Every once and a while, how about yourself?”

“Every once and a while too.  Just out for a night cap before I call it a night.”

She didn’t know where to take this moment.  She has never cheated on Steven, but Andre is hot and someone that just stepped into her fantasy unexpectedly. 

“Are you alone?” he asked signaling for another drink.

“Not really, just out for a little while.”

“Mind if I join you?”

This was it.  She knew he would ask if he could join her. Has she taken this too far or just go with the flow of the night?  She turned to him and looked into his eyes.

“Actually, I’m expecting someone, perhaps another time?”

“Of course, I would like that. Here’s my card.  Just give me a call.” He said putting his hand over hers.  She was turned on by his touch and smooth approach.

“I will. Stay by your phone Andre.” She smiled putting his card in her purse.

“I will.  See you around. Until next time Nikki…”

“Until next time…”

She had a couple more drinks then went home wrapped in the thrill of the night and the unexpected temptation from Andre.

Chapter 5 – The Amateur Contest

It’s Friday and Cindy has been tense at the office.  She has been watching the clock all day.

“Shit, come on 4:30 damn it!” she screamed into her hands.  She knew what outfit she would be wearing; everything right down to her thong.  She practiced privately in her office with the door shut and locked.

“Kick, twirl, squat, kick” she said to herself as she practiced her dance routine in her office holding on to the window frame. 

Finally the clock was at 4:30. ‘No show today boys’ she said as she walked at a fast pace to the elevator then pressed the button several times for it to open.  ‘Come on damn it’.  She pulled out of the parking garage and sped home.

“Shit Steven not now” she shouted at the phone recognizing the ring tone, but she knew she had to take his call.

“Hi honey, how’s it going?” she said in a calm happy tone.

“Good, the clients liked the presentation.  We’re heading out for dinner and drinks.  I wanted to call you before we headed out for the night.  I love you.” said Steven.

“That’s great honey. Go get ‘em. Have a great golf game tomorrow.  I’ll talk to you then. Love you too.” She quickly responded hoping to get him off the phone.

“Okay. Bye” said Steven


She pulled into the driveway and ran upstairs and started the shower, then pulled out her black latex outfit, matching stilettos, fishnet stockings, black flossy thong and laid them out on the bed.  She stood back looking at it all.

“Perfect. I’m gonna rock their world tonight.” she said to herself looking at everything again. “I will rock their world.” She said with a fist pump.

She pulled into the parking lot of Struts and looked up at the marquee that displayed in large black letters, Amateur Contest Tonight! The valet opened her door; she tipped him and walked into the wave of hard pumping music, cascading disco lights, then stopped and looked up at the stage where she will be performing.  She could see the other contestants at the bar having cocktails and smoking cigarettes.  Victoria walked over to her.

“Hey girl, look at you, you look hot.” She said

“Thank you. I’m a little nervous but ready.  I’ve been practicing and going over everything you taught me. I’ll do my best.” said Cindy waving at the bartender for a drink.

“I have no doubt girl.  With that outfit and your new moves, I think you got a chance.  I have to go, I’m up next in rotation up there.  Good luck.”

“Okay and thanks again Victoria .” She said giving her a hug.

The lights went low, then the stage filled with twirling spot lights spinning around in a furry as slow crawling smoke crept on the stage and over the edges.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment I give you Crystal !”

The crowd went nuts and began to cheer as Prince ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ began to play loud over the huge speakers above the stage. Then out came Victoria strutting like an Egyptian queen across the stage. She was awesome, magnificent and in command.  She had no doubt that she is the queen of the pole dancers.  She grabbed the long golden pole and twirled around it like a bottle rocket then dropped into a leg split.  The “stable” was tossing money at her feet in droves.

“Shit she’s good.” said Cindy to the bartender as he brought her another drink.

“She is without doubt the queen.” He said looking up at the stage smiling… “The queen.”

The lights went low again then Victoria came back out in a totally different outfit with a mic in her hand.

“Gentlemen are you ready for some new talent?” she said to the men gazing up at her as she walked around stage pointing, waving and winking at them.

“Hell yeah baby, yeah!” they shouted from across the room in all directions.

“Then without further a due, let the contest began.” She said twirling around on the golden pole before leaving the stage. Cindy watched the first three contestant performances.

‘Not bad’ she thought to herself ‘but wait until they get a load of me’

Several other contestants went on stage before her time had finally arrived. Victoria came back on stage after the second break wearing a golden Egyptian queen outfit. The crowd cheered and chanted her name as she walked to the front of the stage.

“Fellows, you’ve seen some pretty good talent so far, am I right?” she said to the gazing crowd looking up at her. They cheered and clapped.

“But you haven’t seen nothing’ yet I promise you.  Our next contestant is going to rock your world.” Cindy took a deep breath, looked at the bartender with a half smile.

“Don’t worry, you’ll come to life after you get up there.” He said holding up his hand for a high five. 

“I’ll do my best” she said with a smile giving him a high five.

“Gentlemen, I present to you… Nikki!”

Cindy stood behind the heavy velvet curtains, looked over at Victoria and nodded that she was ready to go. The music began to play. She chose ‘Baby I’m A Star’ by Prince as her song. The pulse of the music caressed her body as the curtains drew open and the glow of the purple spot light followed her out onto the stage towards the golden pole. She strutted out with total confidence reaching for the pole and performed her first twirl, landing in a slow split.  The ‘stable’ went crazy; the VIP lounge is on their feet clapping to the beat.

The music was pulsating and erotic as she stepped over the money to bend down to ‘the stable’ and blow them kisses. They were going crazy; Cindy was twirling and swinging around the pole like a pro.  Victoria was smiling and clapping her hands too. She knew that Cindy was on fire and loving every moment of her performance.  She was a natural.  Everything that she taught her was coming out on the stage with every move.  It was magic for Cindy. At last her fantasy to be on stage commanding their attention with her body and moves has come true. The music slowly died down as Cindy went into a final split.  There was no doubt about it, Cindy had won first place.  Victoria went back out on stage to announce the winners.

“Fellas, was I lying? You have been entertained by some pretty good talent tonight, but there can only be one winner.  The votes are in and you have spoken, your winner of our annual amateur pole night is.”  Victoria slowly opened the gold envelope. “Nikki! Come on up here girl, you deserve it!”

“O’ my God, O’ my God!” cried out Cindy clapping her hands with the crowd walking towards the stage.

“Fellas, I give you Nikki, your Struts Amateur Girl of the year!” said Victoria handing her a dozen long stem roses and placing a golden crown on her head.  Cindy burst into tears of joy as she walked around the stage waving at the crowd of well wishers tossing money at her feet.  She has done it.  She walked back to the bar to be with the other contestants.  They were cheering and toasting her with drinks.

“Nikki, from the gentleman to your right.” Said the bartender smiling placing a silver bucket of chilling Dom Pérignon and a dozen of red roses. 

“Wow!” she said to the bartender. “Is this for me?  All of this?”

“Yep, he said to tell you, until then…”

Cindy smiled, figuring it was from an admiring fan, but then she remembered telling Andre the same words. She looked to her right and saw Andre looking her way smiling and raising his glass of champagne towards her.  She felt like Cinderella looking at prince charming.  He was handsome and stunning.  She held up her hand and gestured for him to come over.

“You were fabulous tonight Nikki.” He said filling her glass with champagne

“I can’t believe you’re here. Did you really think I was good?” she said blushing and sipping.

“O’ yes, you were simply stunning up there. You certainly made my night.” He said looking intently at her lips then her eyes. 

She began feeling tingly all over from all of the excitement of winning then to have Andre see her performance is just icing on the cake.  He started leaning in slowly to kiss her.  Her heart started racing from feeling the moment of taking a bite of the forbidden fruit. She could smell his cologne as he got closer and feel his hand holding hers pulling her slowly towards him.  She began to helplessly move closer to him feeling his hand in hers.  She parted her lips to feel his kiss.

“Hey girl” said Victoria interrupting their moment, “congratulations girl, you did it.  Who’s your secret admirer, he’s cute.”

“Andre this is my friend and mentor Victoria” said Cindy feeling a small sigh of relief.

“Hi Andre, glad to meet you, wasn’t she great?”

“Yes she was indeed. I’m becoming a fan already.”

“Well, I don’t know if she’ll be a regular, but she can come and dance anytime she wants to.” Said Victoria holding up her glass to toast her victory.

“Wow, are you serious Victoria ?” said Cindy in total surprise.

“Yep, already talked to the head mistress and she said to make you the offer.” Said Victoria

“O’ this is too good to be true. Thank you so much. This is the day of my life!” said Cindy sipping more champagne. 

“Well, you two have fun and Nikki I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay, thanks again for everything.” Said Cindy sensing they were about to get back to where they left off. Their kiss.

“Well, you’ve got a lot of celebrating to do and this is your moment in time to enjoy it to it’s fullest.  You have my number. I hope to hear from you.” He said taking the last sip of his champagne.

“I just might. Until then…” she said winking at him with a smile

“Until then Nikki…” he said releasing her hand then faded into the crowd.

Chapter 6 – “I want to call him”

Cindy walked out to the backyard with her coffee and bagel to read the paper.  The morning sun and chirping birds made the perfect start to her day.  She called Andrea and invited her over for some coffee and to tell her about last night.

“Good morning sunshine.” Said Andrea opening the patio door holding a cup of coffee.

“Hey girl, pull up a chair.” Said Cindy putting down the newspaper.

“So, tell me, how was it.  Did you win?” said Andrea flopping down in a chair putting up her feet.

“Here’s the crown. I did it, I won. It was an awesome night.”

“Wow, an official pole dancer. Well, too bad Steven will never know or see you dance.”

“Yeah I know. No matter how delicate I could try and put it, he will flip out.”

“You tellin’ me.”

“There is something else I need to tell you Andrea.” Said Cindy looking into her coffee cup feeling nervous and anxious.

“O’ my God what, are you pregnant?”

“Hell no!  We agreed to way a couple of years. Said Cindy in alarm.

“Then what?”

Cindy looked away then back at Andrea.

“Well, there’s a guy I met and not just some guy.”

“What, a guy? You’re not thinking what I’m thinking you are about to tell me are you?”

“What’s that?”

“Cindy, stop dragging this out and just tell me.” Said Andrea putting down her coffee leaning closer.

“Well, I met him Thursday night.”

“Thursday night. You didn’t tell you were going out Thursday night.  I thought you were just going shopping after you dropped off Steven at the airport.”

“Well, I did drop off Steven and did go shopping.  But I took the rest of the day off to take a private dancing lesson, went shopping at a stripper store, then after seeing myself in the mirror I had to see what reactions I would get being all dressed up like that.”

Andrea was shocked.  She was at a loss for words.  She knew Cindy wanted to carry out her fantasy but she has gone full throttle with the idea.

“Where did you go?”

“The Voo Doo Club”

“Shit, that’s on the upper Westside. Are you crazy!” Andrea said scolding her

“Well, I just had to know so I just did it.”

“And what about this guy you met, is he included in this little night out of yours” said Andrea still feeing angry at Cindy for going out to the club.

“Yeah, but he was a complete gentleman, very handsome, and sweet to me. And well, I liked feeling attracted to him.  He was just different than all the others that’s all.” Said Cindy holding her head down.

“You didn’t do anything with him did you?” said Andrea trying to calm down.

“No, we just talked, nothing else, I promise that’s all that happened.”

“Thank God.” Gasped Andrea taking another sip of her coffee tapping her foot then crossed her arms. “So was he there last night. No, don’t tell me let me guess, he was there right?”

Cindy nodded slowly then took a sip of her coffee but couldn’t look Andrea in the eye.

“Well, did something happen last night. Is this where all of this is leading to?”

“No, nothing happened. He was just there.  I wasn’t expecting him to be there, but he just was.”

“Well, thank God this whole fantasy thing is done and over with. You’re not doing this any more are you, please tell me you’re not thinking about doing this again.” Said Andrea holding her hand.

“No, it was just that, a fantasy.  I got to do everything I wanted and it was a rush I must admit, but I won’t be doing it again.”

“Good. You had me worried for a minute their.”

They prepared breakfast and talked more about the contest and last night.  Andrea left a couple hours later. Cindy went to her closet to look at the outfits one more time.  She couldn’t stop thinking about Andre and the kiss they almost shared and how good the past two nights were.  She pulled out his card and looked at.  ‘Should I call him?’ She thought to herself starring at her cell phone.

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this’.

“Hello Andre, its Nikki…”

Chapter 7 – “You look more beautiful than the first time I saw you”

Cindy stood in her closet starring at the red mini dress outfit, matching fishnet stockings and stilettos.  She knew she wanted to complete her fantasy with Andre.  He is the perfect man that she has fantasized about when Steven is away on business trips and alone in bed.  She wanted to have a skilled lover take her to new levels of pleasure. 

Steven just wasn’t that creative and wouldn’t listen or open up to try new things.  Their bedroom became more about him and his pleasure than hers, but this night, this night belonged to her and she wanted it.  She got dressed, looked in the mirror one last time then left to meet Andre. They decided on meeting for drinks and appetizers at the Luxor Grand Hotel.  It’s a luxury five star hotel with a reputation for strict guest confidentiality.  

“Hey Nikki, you look beautiful.” Said Andre reaching for her hands.

“Well, you look pretty handsome yourself mister.” Said Cindy excited about seeing him again.

They had a couple of cocktails and appetizers then walked out to the valet. Outside waiting for them is a long sleek limo with a driver holding open the door.

“Wow, somebody special must have just gotten here.” Said Cindy gasping at the limo.

“It’s for us.” Said Andre leading her to the open door.

“Are you kidding me, for us?” said Cindy smiling with her hands over her mouth. “This is so wonderful.”

“It’s all about us and all about you Nikki.” He said sliding in next to her pouring them champagne.

“Andre?” she said leaning next to him looking into his eyes.


“My real name is Cynthia.”

“Do you want me to call you Cynthia?”

“Yes, I’d like that. I want you to be with a real person tonight.”

“Of course Cynthia, I’m glad to be with the real you.”

She smiled, crossed her legs and lay back in his arms as they headed for Struts where they first met.  She wanted to go there to give him one more dance before being in his arms feeling him inside of her.  They pulled up to the club valet.  She felt like a professional stepping out with Andre.  He was dressed in a sharp suit and she was dressed to the nine’s in her red outfit.  They have a private VIP table waiting for them with champagne and roses.  Victoria saw them coming in and went to greet them.

“Well, well, back for one more dance?” said Victoria smiling giving her a hug.

“Yes, one more time teacher.” Said Cindy looking up at the stage smiling.

“Blow his mind girl, blow his mind…” she whispered to her then went up to the stage to perform.

The club is filling up with admiring fans and business executives.  Drinks are piled on tables along side stacks of dollar bills waiting to litter the dance floor.  Andre and Cindy look like a millionaire couple snuggled up in their wrap around VIP booth.  Just when Cindy thought her night to remember couldn’t be filled with any more surprises, Andrea walked up to their booth.

“Can we talk?” she asked with a smile. Cindy burst into tears.

“No, don’t cry Cindy, this is your night.  I’m your best friend and I know how important this is to you.  I’m really so sorry about they way I acted this morning.  I have dreams too and one day I’ll want your support. I can’t wait to see you up there.  Strut your ass off girl.” She said sitting next to her holding her hands.

“Thank you Andrea, thank you for understanding. I just have one more night to myself and I’m glad you’re here to share it with me.  Please join us.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I am.  Andre this is my best friend Andrea.”

“Glad to meet you. Cindy has told me about you.”

“Well, hopefully not about how unsupportive I was this morning.”

“No, not at all, she really thinks highly of you and you’re being the best friend right now.”

“Wow, now I see the attraction girl, any more around like you around here?”

They all laughed and toasted their glasses.  The lights went low then slowly lit the stage as Victoria came out with a mic in her hand.

“Hello one and all and welcome to Struts.  Tonight is a special night for a friend of mine and her guest.  You all know her as Nikki the winner of this years Struts amateur stripper contest, but tonight she comes to you as her true self. And without further a due I present to you Cindy!”

The crowd roared and began standing as Cindy stood and began making her way to the stage.  They created a path and threw rose pedals at her feet, a tradition at Struts for new dancers being honored at the club.  It was incredible.

The club went silent as they watch Cindy standing still at the pole with her arms stretched up and hands holding on in a perfect pose leaning back wanting for her song to start.  The music began to play. It’s hers and Andrea’s favorite song ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince.  She slowly twirled around the pole and sleeked across the stage like a graceful swan.  Tears began to swell up in Andrea’s eyes as she watched her best friend dance with perfection and passion.  Victoria threw out the first hand full of money at her and winked.  Andre was spellbound as he looked up at her.  She had finally become a Phoenix that rose from a fiery fantasy that had burned deep inside of her.


Cindy fulfilled her fantasy that weekend with the support of her best friend.  Andre was everything she wanted him to be to her.  She picked up Steven from the airport and went back to her life.  One weekend while driving back from an out of town trip they passed by Struts.  Cindy smiled as she watched the building pass by her window.  She held up her hand and drew a heart on the glass and smiled.

‘It was the weekend of my life and I will never forget it…’



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