Chapter 1 – Sweet as Honey

I pulled into New Orleans at sunset looking to get away for a three day weekend and Bourbon Street had my name on it. I checked into the Royal Sonesta Hotel located in the heart of the French Quarter, got dressed then headed out for food, drink and party. Bourbon Street was just outside the main entrance. The people were flowing in for the same reason I was there for.

The balconies and patios that lined Bourbon Street were draped with beautiful fine women waving at the crowd with drinks in the hands and no bras. I couldn’t wait to come back through for the “Boobs for Beads” show that New Orleans is famous for. What a night. It was starting to get hot already.

I stepped into a bar for a quick cocktail to kick my mood up a notch. With a beer and a shot in my hands I ventured back out onto the streets. Jazz, rock, blues, you name it, it was pouring out from bar to bar up and down the street. The crowds were building up for the weekend some were drunker than others already. I was ready to party and continued on looking for the right bar.

Just ahead I could hear this one bar cranking and jammin’ with live music. As I walked up to it I could see a small line developing waiting to get in. I got in line and stepped in with the flow. The crowd inside was having a hell of good time. There were women with tight jeans, T-back thongs of all flavors peeping and hanging onto fine hips, tight T-Shirts, and perfume that could put a man in a trance.

I made my way to the bar rockin’ to the beat of the band. What is this place? I looked around for the name. Above the main bar (there are three) is a neon lit sign “Court of Three Sisters”. I perched myself on the bar and looked for a bartender. Up came this gorgeous blonde.

“What can I get ya’ honey?” she asked. I pulled out my credit card.

“Double jack on the rocks, splash of coke, hold the lime please.”

“Sure. I’ll be right back.”

I turned around to see what band was playing. On stage was an all girl band kickin’ and rocking the place. Heads were bobbin to the beat as they played “Shut up and Drive” by Rhianna.

“Here ya’ go hun. Anything else?” said the bartender.

“Nope, keep it open.”

I turned back around and faced the dance floor. This beautiful jet black haired girl with a killer smile came up to me with a beer in her hand.

“Let’s dance” she said smiling with a pointing index finger gesturing for me to follow her out to the dance floor. I put down my drink as she pulled me by the hand out to the front of the stage and started dancing. The music was pumpin’ and I was in heaven. After the song was over we parted and waved to each.

“I’ll be back for you again” she said walking away fading into the crowd

 “I’ll be waiting”. I said.

I went back to the bar and picked up my drink and took a long draw on it. The band stage was black with small amplifier lights peering out. A spot light came on and this tall long legged goddess was standing on stage at the microphone. She has long shoulder length curly drizzled dark brown hair, arched eyebrows, deep engaging eyes and a silky smile.

“How ya’ll doin’ out there tonight?” she asked the crowd. The crowd went nuts including me.

“Well let me talk to ya’ll for minute” she started “You see my man quit me last week. Can you imagine that? That bastard just up and decided he didn’t want me no more!”

The crowd booed for the dumb ass that dumped her. I didn’t know what his problem was, but I sure as hell wouldn’t let such a strong, talented and confident goddess like her out of my arms.

“But that’s alright though” she continued “Momma told me that some men are like burnt cookies, you just scrap them off the pan and start a new batch baby.”

This really made the crowd yell at the tops of their lungs, especially the women. She picked up her guitar and her band started playing a real bluesy song. She swayed as she started to sing. I sucked down the rest of my drink to the ice cubes and turned back to the bar to order another one.

“Here you go hun” said the same bartender that served me my first drink placing two in front of me.

“Wow... Two?” I said with a puzzled look on my face.

“Just one for now, thanks” I said. She pushed the other drink back next to mine.

“This is for Honey. She said to keep an eye on it for her.”

Still looking puzzled, I thought to myself for a quick second ‘who’s Honey?’ Oh, it must be the chick I was dancing with. The bartender pointed at the stage.

 “Up there, she’s the lead singer and my sister. Enjoy”. She said

The band had started playing “Purple Rain”. I smiled, picked up my drink and turn to face the stage. She looked at me as she started to sing the song, smiled, and winked. Our eyes were fixed on each other as we sang the words together “Purple Rain, Purple Rain, I only want to see you under the purple rain.”

Chapter 2 – “Hello Honey…”

Her band played two more songs before for taking a break. “We’ll be right back” she yelled into the mic at the crowd. I was nervous as hell knowing that she would be heading towards me shortly after walking off the stage. She was walking towards me giving high fives to the crowds as they held up their hands.  She finally got to me as I held out her drink.

“Thanks” she said with a smile.

“You’re welcome. You got a pretty good band.”

“You think?  We’ve been together for along time. The drummer is my sister.” She said. My mind was beginning to put two and one together.

“Is this your bar, The Court of Three Sisters?” I asked.

“Yep, it’s our fathers bar twice handed down. Now we carry the torch” she laughed taking a long sip on her drink. She is a stunning, funny, a smart business woman, and a musician. The gods must have been smiling on me this weekend.

“So, what’s your name double jack on the rocks?” she asked taking another sip on her drink.

“Michael La’marion” I said looking into her brown eyes. She took another sip of her drink, and paused.

“La’marion? That’s a Cajun blend! Which side of your family does this name come from?” she asked with a beaming smile.

“My mother, she’s Creole.”  She smiled.

 “Sugar is always sweeter when it comes unexpected.”

“Who came up with that saying?” I asked signaling for another round of drinks.

“My momma, she had a bunch of them.”

“Soooo, Honey is your first or middle name?” I asked.

“It’s my nick name that my daddy gave me. I was his favorite of the three of us and his favorite thing in the mornin’ with his biscuits was honey. My real name is Laura”

“So, do I call you Honey or Laura?”

“Well Michael, you can call Laura”  

“I hope this is not the last time I get to see you.”

“It wont be.” she said placing her hand on mine at the bar.

“What I want is for you to be here when I am done for the night. Can you promise me that? Don’t if you can’t”. She said in a serious tone. I looked into her eyes.

“I promise I will be here when you are done.”

Laura gave me her guitar pick and a kiss on the cheek with a smile.

“I’ll see you later.”

Chapter 3 – Keep your promise to Laura

She smiled and walked away into the crowd then turned around, blew me a kiss and stepped on stage and started playing. Her sister brought me another drink.

“Don’t screw with my sisters head. She’s picky and she picked you.”

“I won’t”. I said looking at her up on stage.

“Just don’t break her heart hun.”

I listened to a few more songs and had a few more drinks.  I was getting the munchies and needed to eat. I finished off my last drink and called her sister over.

“Keep my tab open okay? I’ll be right back; I got to get something to eat.”

“Okay hun. Remember your promise.” She said.

I nodded, looked up at the stage to let Laura know that I was leaving but she was leaning into her microphone and singing her heart out. What a girl I thought to myself and started to leave when Laura looked up and saw the girl that I was dancing with following me trying to get my attention. Laura looked at her sister at the bar and pointed to the doorway. Her sister saw her making a bee line for me as I got closer to the front door.

“Ah hell nah that bitch aint goin’ after my sisters man” she said under her breath.

Laura’s sister signaled to one of the other bartenders to watch her section as she began walking towards the door to head off the girl that was chasing after me. She caught up with her just as she was about to step outside the door and grabbed her by the arm.

“Where the hell you think you goin’ hun?” she said in a stern voice.

“You better lose me bitch!” The girl said pulling her arm away from Laura’s sister.

“Keep your hands off him whore or you’ll see me times three!” she said in a spitting voice at the girl.

“Screw you bitch” she said then disappeared into the crowd.

Bourbon Street was full of people and more were gathering as they poured in from everywhere. I was walking and pushing my way trying to find some place to eat that was quick and easy so I could get back to Laura. The ladies I had passed earlier that were hanging over the patios for the “Boobs for Beads” show were pulling up their shirts and flashing the crowds of men that were gathering and looking up with beaded necklaces in their hands trying to toss them up at the waving girls.

I finally found a small eatery that served togo gumbo by the bowl with a mini French loaf. I was about to order when I felt soft arms wrap around my waist that turned me around.

“Surprise, it’s your dancer friend Becky from Court of Three Sisters!” she said in giddy voice.

“O’, hello” I said in a surprised voice. I was shocked to see the girl I had danced with earlier standing before me.

“You still owe me a dance remember?” she said.

“Ahhh. Yeah” I said still surprised. “I am just getting a quick bite to eat, you want something?” I offered.

“Yeah. I’ll have what you’re havin’.” She said.

We took our tray of food and sat at picnic table. She smiled.

“Sooo, are you going to dance with me any more tonight? You’re a good dancer.” I ate a spoon full of gumbo before answering.

“I already have plans tonight with someone else.”

She scooted close to me, lean over near my ear.

“I don’t see her? I know this great bar just up one block up from here called the “Voodoo Lounge” with a DJ that plays kick ass music.”

“Nah, I have plans tonight” I said. She put her right hand on my thigh.

“We can dance for a little while then go to my place or yours for cocktails. You have some beads and I don’t have on a bra.  See? She smiled pointing at her large breast.  My husband’s out of town so tonight is my naughty night out.”

There I was with this hot married woman throwing herself at me and Laura who’s going to be waiting for me when her last set is over.

Chapter 4 – Someone is waiting for me

Becky took my hands a put them under her T-shirt.  I pulled my hands back.

“Look, I really appreciate your offer. Really I do. But my heart and my mind is on someone else right now. Someone that is very important to me. Besides, do you really want me with you thinking about another woman?”  She crossed her arms.

“NO! You’re no fun. Tonight could have been your lucky night.” She got up from our little table and disappeared into the crowd as easily as she appeared.

I pushed my bowl and bread aside and headed for “The Court of Three Sisters”. I looked at my watch. ‘Damn!!!’ I said to myself. Her last set is nearly over. She is not going to wait for me if I am a second late. Shit! Shit! I hurried through the crowd pushing and shoving as I got closer to the club.

The band wasn’t playing anymore. “Shit! Shit!” I cursed to myself. “That’s it! She’s gone. She’s sure as hell ain’t waitin’ for my ass.” I said to myself again. I reach the doorway and stepped in hurriedly. I stood there looking around for her. The DJ was already playing music. The crowd was dancing and shouting to the DJ “Rock the house!” I looked at the bar, but she wasn’t there. I scanned over to the stage thinking I would see her putting away her guitar, but she wasn’t. The covers were draped over the equipment and the amplifiers were turned off.

I felt as if a bomb had dropped on my world. I walked over to the bar and looked into the mirror at myself and shook my head asking myself “Why didn’t I just turned around and come back? Why didn’t I just listen to my heart and stayed close by?” I couldn’t hear anything. My world was silent and I didn’t care. People were bumping into to me trying to order drinks. I just shoved them back. Then I felt a soft hand slide over mine.

“Michael, you kept your promise” the familiar voice whispered. It was Laura.

“You came back to me.”  A sigh of big relief came over me as I turned around.

“Laura, I didn’t think you were here. I, I thought you were gone and had given up on me” I said to her softly holding her hands.

“My sweet, sweet Michael, how could I have given up on a good man that didn’t give up on me” she said with a big smile. I cupped her face with my hands and kissed her deeply.

“Laura, I don’t’ ever want to feel this way again. I don’t want to feel this feeling of losing someone that came into my world and told me to trust my heart and a heart would be given back.”  She smiled.

“Mama always said… Baby, a good man will find you when you least expect it and when he finds you just ask him for a simple promise to come back to you.  That’s how you’ll know he’s the one.”



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