Melissa is sitting in her car waiting for the light to change when “their song” came on the radio.  Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried to focus, waiting for the light to change and the wave of feelings to go away. 

Danny and Melissa had another fight but this time it brought their engagement to an end.  They yelled at each at the top of our lungs, slamming doors and said things so hurtful they knew they could never take them back.

 “GOTO HELL!” shouted Melissa.

 “YOU FIRST!” he shouted back.

“Why did you lie to me Danny?”

 “About what?”

 “Don’t play stupid Danny, you know what. I saw the way you acting around her at the party!”

 “What the hell?  We just work together.  You have known Sarah for over six months.”

 “I saw the way she was coming on to you!”

 “Coming on to me?  Here we go again with that shit.  We were by the keg talking about work!  We work together remember? Hello?”

 “Don’t try to hide your cheating ass with her behind the “we were talking about work” lie.  It didn’t look like work talk from where I was standing.  My best friend Kelly saw they way you two were talking and how close she was standing to you!  She was the one that pointed that shit out to me!!!”

 “Kelly?  What? Is she supposed to be your spy? Do you have spies all over the place keeping tabs?”

 “I know what I saw Danny and she was comin’ on to you.  Why don’t you just tell me the truth?  I watched the way you were looking her.  Is it her tits?  Her ass?  Her blonde hair? What?”

 “You are blowin’ things way out of proportion Melissa.  I can’t believe this.  We have been together for three years and here we are fighting again about some girl you think I’m gettin’ with or gonna get with on the side.”

 “So what are you sayin, you two been hookin’ up behind my back?  Is that what you’re trying to tell me now?  Sounds like the truth is finally coming out of your lying mouth you son of bitch!!!!”

 “What the hell now?  You think that’s what I’m sayin’? 

 “Yeah that’s what I’m sayin.”

“Look this is non-sense.  You’re making something out of nothing”

“I’m leaving.  I’m getting the hell outta here”

“Fine, I’m tired of arguing with you.  Just take your shit and leave.”  Shouted Danny pulling open drawers, pulling out her clothes and throwing them at her. “Just take your shit and leave!”

 “Fine, fine, I’ll go and you won’t hear from me again.” She said shoving her clothes into a duffel bag. 

“I just don’t get you Melissa.  We go for months with everything okay, then you just blow up over something that’s nothing.”

 “Nothing” she said as she kept shoving her clothes into a duffel bag.  “You want her!  I know you do.  Two people don’t stand that close and talk that long about work!” she screamed.

 “Are you sure this is what you want? Be damn sure because I’m not going through this shit again once you leave” he said trying to figure out what the hell went wrong.  What was the real reason why she’s blowing up?

 “Hell yeah I’m sure.  Here…” she said reaching for left ear then her right ear and took off the diamond earrings then her engagement ring he got her for Christmas three months ago.  She began to cry as she held out her hand and dropped them in his hands.  His heart began to crack… then it finally shattered into a thousand pieces as he stood there looking at them shinning in my hand.

 “Okay, okay I won’t fight with you any more. I guess this means we are over for good this time.”


 “Okay… Just remember I love you and this isn't what I want.” He said handing her back the earrings. “Keep these.  I really want you to have them and no one else.”

She curled them up in her hand and slipped my duffel bag over her shoulder.  She walked to the front door, opened it then looked at him one last time and stepped out leaving the door open behind her. 

It started to rain slowly, then a full down pour as she was pulling out of the driveway.  She looked in her rear view mirror one last time to make sure he didn’t see him waving for her to come back.  She wanted him to and she would have, but he wasn’t.  Melissa drove down the block.  "I’m just a block away wont you come stop me from leaving" she thought to herself.

A blowing horn interrupted her thoughts.  The light had changed to green.  She pressed the gas pedal and pulled out to make a left hand turn.  Then suddenly she heard the sound of squealing brakes coming towards her.

Then… BLAM!

 “911 what is your emergency?”

 “There’s been a car accident! I saw it! This car ran the red light and slammed into the turning car. Hurry send an ambulance!” shouted a guy into his cell phone.

 “Okay sir, I need you to stay calm. Where are you located?”

 “I’m at the intersection of 32nd and Shaw Boulevard , hurry she’s bleeding a lot!”

 “Okay sir an ambulance it’s on the way”

Danny could hear the sirens.  He went to the patio door and tried to see what was happening.  He could see his neighbors walking towards the corner, then they started running. Danny slowly opened the patio door.  One of his neighbors rushing by slowed down passing by him slowly.

 “There’s been an accident on the corner.” He said with his cell phone in his hand not sure if someone had called the police.

Danny slowly began walking towards the crowd heading for the corner curious to find out what had happened.  People were standing on all sides of the street as an ambulance pulled up with rushing paramedics leaping from the back with medical gear.

 “Stand back!” the paramedics shouted as they tried to pull the driver’s door open but it was wedged shut.  A fireman with a large claw device ran in between them shoving the device into a slight opening in the door.

Danny made his way to the front of the crowd and could finally see what was going on.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  It's Melissa’s car! She was unconscious with blood all over the front of her shirt.  Her head was tilted back and bent to the side.  Her eyes are closed.

 “OH MY GOD, Melissa!! Shouted Danny not believing what he was seeing.  “Melissa!!!” Danny shouted again trying to run out to her with tears streaming down his face.

A policeman held him back. 

 “Sir, you have to stand back and let them work”

 “But that’s…” Danny stopped his words realizing that just a few minutes ago she had told him that it was over between them. 

 “But she’s my girlfriend.  My fiancé. We had a fight.  It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.” said Danny slowly looking at the crumpled car.

 “Sir, please just stand back and let them work”

 “I’ve got a pulse” said one of the medics looking back over his shoulder as he was working to revive Melissa.  “Get the stretcher and let’s move her slowly and get her in the ambulance.”

 “Melissa? O’ please God let her be okay” Danny said trembling watching Melissa’s limp body be placed on the stretcher. It was as if everything started moving in slow motion around Danny.  The rain drops even looked like they were kissing Melissa’s body as they slid her into the ambulance.

The ambulance pulled away quickly and headed down the street.

The crowd slowly began melting away. 

Danny stood in the rain in shock at what just happen.  He went over to Melissa’s crumpled car and began weeping deeply.  He looked at the blood in the front seat.  He could see the CD’s they had just bought yesterday shuffled on the floorboard.  He saw her T-shirt from the softball game half hanging off the backseat with broken chips of glass all over it.  Then he saw one of the diamond earrings she gave back to him laying on the front seat.  What happened to the other one? He thought to himself.  He looked all over the car for it.

Danny was in shock as he drove to the hospital.

 “It’s my fault.” He kept telling herself.  “It’s my fault.”

 “Hello my name is David Fallen, my girlfriend was just brought into the ER.  Her name is Melissa, Melissa Hogan.” David said looking intently at the ER trauma nurse.

 “What’s the name again honey?”

 “Melissa Hogan”

 “Right, right, they took her straight into surgery upon arrival.  Poor girl.”

 “Oh my god she’s not….”

 “No, she’s not what you’re thinking.  The doctor will be out when they’re done.  I’m sure she’ll be okay.  Just take a seat over there.”

David slowly went over to a chair in the front row so he could see down the hallway.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out Melissa’s single earring and began to cry again.

 “Are you alright honey” asked the nurse seeing how upset he was

 “We… We had a fight.  It’s all my fault.”

“Now, now, you’ll find away to make it right”

 “I gave her these earrings for Christmas.  She was so happy.” He said showing the nurse the earring.  “I don’t know where the other one is.  I looked all over the car for it.”

 “You mean like this one?” said the nurse reaching into her pocket and holding it out to him.

 “Yes! Where was it?”

 “She had it on when they brought her in. Its procedure for all body jewelry to tagged and signed in.  They said a guy might be coming in shortly asking about her.”

 “You mean she had it on?”

 “Yes she did”

 “Nurse, Nurse Baldwin” said a doctor with a surgical mask hanging down the front of his chest.  “I need to talk to you about the young lady that just went in to surgery” he said flipping some papers and scribbling.

 “I’ll be right back honey”

Danny could see them talking.  He was watching for any sign of how the surgery went. Did the surgeon just shake his head?  Did she just shake her head?  The surgeon handed the nurse the metal flip chart as he slowly turned away and went back down the hall.  The nurse turned and looked at Danny.  What?  Is she alive? All kinds of thoughts rushed through Danny’s mind.  Nurse Baldwin started walking towards him. 

 “Honey sit down…” she said sitting next to him opening the chart

 “Is she okay?”

 “Honey, she is…”

Before she could finish, an emergency ER team burst through the doors holding bags of fluids up over their heads rushing towards them.

 “Multiple head wounds, a collapsed right lung, blood pressure stabilized en route” said the lead EMC.

 “Got it” said Nurse Baldwin squeezing the oxygen bag over the patients mouth.

 “Is she alright? Danny asked standing up looking intently at Nurse Baldwin. “Is she?”

 “Not now honey, I’ll be right back” she said walking quickly along side of the stretcher with the doctors as they disappeared behind swinging OR doors.

Danny sat alone in the ER room.  It was cold and quite.  He looked at the diamond earring in his hand.

 “I’m so sorry Melissa.  I love you.  I love you with all my heart.”




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