Chapter 1 – Vegas Here I Come

It had been a long week of seminars and speeches for Angelica Brunson the VP of marketing at the company’s convention in Las Vegas .  She was ready to let down her hair, dive into the night life and have some fun.  

She booked herself a suite at the Palazzo Casino Towers away from the Hilton where ever body else was staying.  This is going to be her private party time and she didn’t want anyone interrupting her fun.  

 She checked into her room then went shopping at the Shabby Chick Closet to find some sexy and slinky outfits for the weekend.  This was her first time at trying to step out of her conservative good girl life style.  She knew Vegas would be the perfect place to open up and let out a few pent up fantasies she had been having all week.  She had no idea how to flirt or approach a guy.  All of her relationships has been with straight conservative business types that only knew one position and no sense of adventure or exploration.   

She wanted more this time around, someone with experience that knew how to tease and open a woman’s desire.  Her close friend Marsha told her about her “special friend” she met in Vegas three months ago when she had a one day layover on her way back from London .   

“Angelica, he was dynamite!” said Marsha with wide eyes confessing her experience with Austin . “He knew what to do.  I just relaxed and surrendered to his patient skillful touching and kissing.  And the sex, O My God, It was amazing the way he made me feel.”  

 “Really?  Roger? The guy you been seeing?” said Angelica looking at her in disbelief.  She just couldn’t picture Roger as the type.  

“Nooo, are you kidding me? My Roger? For God sakes no, it’s the same old thing every time.  Remember when I had a layover in Vegas three months ago?”  

“Yeah” said Angelica leaning in close.  

“Well, I was horny as hell after being in London for two weeks and wanted some good hard sex and I knew Roger wasn’t going to deliver.  My client in London gave me a business card with a guys name on it and said she guarantees he will know just what to do and can act out any fantasy that I could imagine and she wasn’t lying!  He’s hot looking, tall, and knows his business.  He turned me on from the moment he spoke my name and kissed my hand.  He was incredible Angelica, absofreakinlutely.”  

Angelica just stared at Marsha for a moment, stunned.  She almost couldn’t believe her best friend’s confession about getting laid by a gigolo!  Marsha is so straight laced and conservative, but she could believe it.  Her stuffy business VIP world is filled with boring business types that think they are twice as good in bed as they are at closing business deals.   

“Wow, a gigolo. I would never.”  Said Angelica ordering another Martini  

“O’ well, all I’m saying is, if you want to have the best sex of your life with someone that is so focused on you and your pleasure, it’s the way to go.  Think about it.  You’ll be at a bar in a casino; some boring ass business clown will want to buy you drinks hoping to get lucky.  You know he’s only out for his satisfaction.  Screw that.  At least this way you know what you’re getting and its special order!  Anything on the menu is yours for the asking.”  

“I don’t know Marsha.  Didn’t you feel guilty?”  

“About what?”  

“You know, paying for it.”  

“Best money I have ever spent.  It was either going in a slot machine or between my legs and I hit the jackpot girl, several times!” said Marsha as they burst out laughing then ordered another round.   

Chapter 2 – Should I call him?

Angelica turned on the shower and let it run while she fixed herself a drink then stepped out onto the patio to watch the night fall over the city.  The neon lights started to blink and glow.  She took another sip of her cocktail then picked up Austin ’s card that Marsha had given her.  She could smell the scent of his cologne on it.  There in her hand was the man of her dreams waiting for her call to confirm their meeting.  She started dialing his number then quickly hung up before it could ring.  

‘Just do it!’ she thought to herself ‘just call him!’ she kept saying to herself.  She put down the phone and got in the shower.  ‘Shit, I’m so freakin’ nervous’ she thought as she stood under the sprinkling spray of water.  The sensation on her skin began to turn her on.  She imagined Austin ’s hands caressing her breast and thighs with soapy water in his hands while he whispered sensual thoughts to her from behind.  Then suddenly the phone rang interrupting her thoughts.  ‘It must be Marsha’ she thought to herself as she stepped out of the shower wrapping the towel around her.  

“Hello?” she said tucking the phone under her left ear.  

“Hello, is this Angelica?” said the unfamiliar voice.  

“Yes it is.” She said as she continued to dry off.  

“I saw your number on my caller ID.  Is this a good time for you?”  

‘O’ shit!’ she thought to herself.  Did she not press cancel on the phone soon enough when she was calling Austin ?  Who was it?  It wasn’t Marsha.  Was it the hotel front desk calling?  ‘It couldn’t be, he said caller ID’.  

“Who is this?” she asked as calmly as she could.  

“It’s Austin .  Your friend Marsha said you might call.”  

‘O’ My God!’ she screamed to herself inside.  ‘What do I say? Shit, it’s him, O’ My God it’s Austin !’  She took a deep breath, then started.

“Um, hello Austin , sorry about that, really I’m.  I’m, I’m just…”  Before she could finish he calmly interrupted her.  

“I’m glad you called Angelica.  I’m so looking forward to meeting you and making sure that your hearts desires are met with my absolute attention to every detail.  I do want to see you.  I want to be with you tonight.  I want to be with you all night.  Is that okay Angelica?”  

Angelica couldn’t believe the soft cool confidence in his voice assuring her that he will be at her beckoning command for as along as she wanted him to be.  His voice put her at ease and melted away any doubt that she had about him.  

“Well, I’m still getting ready.  Am I late?  I hadn’t made an appointment yet.” She asked unconsciously slipping into her corporate client mode. “I’m so sorry Austin ; I didn’t mean it that way.” She quickly followed up.  

“No need to apologize Angelica. So, shall I meet you in The Blue Lounge downstairs in an hour, will that give you enough time?”  

“Yes Austin that will be perfect.  I’ll be dressed in a…” she started to say before in calmly interrupted her again.  

“I’ll find you Angelica.  I’m sure you’ll be the most attractive and beautiful woman at the bar. Until then, I’ll see you in an hour okay?”  

“Okay, until then.” She said with a smile whispering into the phone slowly hanging it up.  She quickly text messaged Marsha.  “It’s on!  I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

Chapter 3 – The Blue Lounge meeting

Angelica stepped into the elevator then looked at herself in the side mirrors.  ‘Will I be pretty enough for him?  Will he even want me?’ she thought as she adjusted her dress and touched up her lips one more time.  She watched the numbers trickle down.  Her heart started pounding as she counted down the last five numbers. ‘Five, four, three, two, okay this is it, one’.  The doors opened. The sound of slot machines and cheering winners washed over her as she took her first steps.

She stopped and looked around for a directory or signs for The Blue Lounge. People were rushing by, waitresses hold up trays of cocktails whizzed by dropping off drinks like bumble bees pollinating flowers.

“Excuse me sir?” she asked a passing security guard in a suit.

“Yes, how may I help you?”

“I’m looking for the Blue Lounge?”

“Yes Miss, right this way, it will be my pleasure to escort you.”

She began to feel special as the guard walking calmly in front of her parting the crowd and leading her towards large blue doors just up ahead.  She could see the huge letters above the door; The Blue Lounge. 

“Here you go miss, please enjoy your stay with us.”

“Thank you so much.” She said as she tried to tip him.

“That will not be necessary Miss, please enjoy yourself.” He said as he held the door open for her.

She paused for a moment then stepped in.  She looked around trying to see if she could spot Austin before he sees her.  The lounge was filled with people huddling and whispering over cocktails.  Bowls of water with floating lit votive candles dotted the tables through out the lounge like fireflies in the night.  She calmly walked over to the bar and took a seat.

“What is your pleasure Miss?” asked the handsome bar tender.

“Um, I’m meeting someone here.  I guess I’m a little early.  I’ll have an Apple Martini please.”

“My pleasure.”

Her mind began to race with excitement as she looked at herself in the back bar mirror.  She saw several men passing behind her but none stopped.

“Here you go. Let me know if you need anything else.” Said the bartender slowly placing her drink down.

“Thank you.” She said as she took a long slow sip while looking intently at the mirror hoping to see Austin arrive.  The cool cocktail began to help her relax.  She was about to take another sip when she felt someone come up to her from behind.

“Hey darlin’ can I buy you a drink?” asked a business man with a drink and cigarette in his hand.

“No thank you, I’m waiting for someone.” She said looking disappointed and bothered.

“Hey I can wait with you.  You got a friend too?” The drunken business man insisted.

“Look, I’m waiting for someone, so if you don’t mind----” before she could finish telling him off a tall handsome well dressed gentleman got between her and the business man.

“I believe she said she is waiting for someone and that someone is me.  Now, have another round on me and be on your way, okay?” He said calmly signaling over the bartender.

“Sure buddy, no problem.” Said the business man reaching for his free drink then wandered off.  Angelica couldn’t believe her eyes.  The man of her dreams came up to her defense like a regal knight in shinning armor.  He looked into her eyes as he greeted her.

“Hello Angelica, I’m Austin . Austin Fisher.  I must say you look ravishing.  Have you been waiting long?”

 Angelica blinked a few times before answering.  She just wasn’t expecting him to be everything she dreamed of.  Marsha was right; he is everything a woman could ever want.

“I haven’t been waiting long.  I’m glad to meet me at last.” She said smiling.

“Me too Angelica, you’re exactly as I pictured you would be.  A pretty smile, soft eyes, long flowing hair, and your dress, it’s perfect.”

“Thank you.” She said feeling gracious.



“You have my absolute attention.  Everything tonight is about you and I. I promise.”

 His words spoke directly to her heart as she slowly surrendered to his pulsating words.  Every detail about him was burning into her memory: his blue eyes, jet black hair, after five shadow beard, the perfect black suit and purple tie, and lingering cologne.  He is taller than her, six foot four compared to her five foot nine slender frame.  She couldn’t wait for their first kiss to happen.

“Do you want another cocktail or go out for something to eat?” he asked.

“Well, I haven’t had dinner.” She said.  “Can we go grab a bite to eat?”

“Absolutely Angelica, I’ll take care of our tab and we’ll be on our way. How does that sound?”

“Perfect Austin , just perfect.” She said looking up at him. 

He signed off on their tab, then slowly turned to her and reached for her hands and pulled her up close.  She knew then it was about to happen, their first kiss.  He leaned in closer to her, their noses almost touching as he cupped her chin with his fingers. She could feel his soft breathing and confidence as he got closer to her.  Her breast pressed up against his firm chest.  Then just as gently as he had walked into her life, he kissed her deeply as she tilted back into his arms.  It was both magical and wonderful.  At last, someone has swept her off her feet like no other.

Chapter 4 – Dinner for Two

They left the Blue Lounge hand in hand.  Angelica was feeling like Cinderella as they approached a long black limousine with a driver holding the door open for her.  

“Good evening Mr. Fisher.” Said the driver.

“Good evening Bobby, we’re going to the Bellagio for dinner.” Said Austin holding on to Angelica’s hand leading her to the open door.

“Yes Mr. Fisher. Good evening Miss McAllister.” He said tipping his hat to her.

“After you sweetheart.” Said Austin holding her hand as she tucked her head and sat on the long sweeping black supple leather seat.  She looked around at the elegance, the star lit roof and floor, to the gleaming stocked cocktail bar.

Austin , this is so beautiful. I couldn’t have imagined an evening like this.” She said looking around at the long wet bar, two dozen long stem red and yellow roses, and bucket of chilling champagne with two glasses.

“It is my pleasure and yours to enjoy without end.” He said reaching for the champagne and glasses.  “Do you like champagne or would you like something else?” He paused before opening the bottle.

“I’d love some, and Austin …” she paused looking into his eyes, “I want the total experience of every detail of our night together.” She said assuring him that there was nothing that she wanted him to leave out.  She knew in that instant that she wanted to completely surrender to his plans for their entire time together.

 “Whatever you want sweetheart.” He said popping the cork filling their glasses. 

“Bobby, let’s drive around the city for a little while before dinner.”

“Yes Mr. Fisher.”

Angelica nestled herself under Austin ’s arm that wrapped around her shoulders.  She watched the passing casino lights and crowds rushing by her window.  Austin pressed a button to opened the sun roof that let in the lite warm night air.  It gently slipped in and swirled around them as she stared up at the stars.  The magic of the unfolding night was intoxicating.

She could feel Austin ’s hand caressing her shoulder and brushing aside her hair. They both put down their glasses as he began kissing her.  She could feel his hands drifting down towards her long legs, then slowly between her knees.  His touch was easy and assuring.  She began to breath heavy then calmly parted her legs to let him touch her.  His hand began to slowly and gently stroke the inside of her thighs.  She was falling deeper into her rush of ecstasy as she spread her longs leg even more to his seductive touch.

She took a deep breath then arched her back.  Austin is patient and slow with her like a tiger in the night.  He is sleek, strong, and confident with every moment.  Angelica reached out her arms and pulled him closer to her.  He started kissing her deep and slow, as his hand started rising slowly up and down her parted legs. 

“Take me now Austin .” Whispered Angelica pulling him closer to her breast.

“We have plenty of time Angelica.  There is no hurry.  We have all night.  Let’s just prepare ourselves for a lover’s feast that is waiting for us a few hours from now.”

She slowly relaxed and fell into his words of confidence. ‘A lover’s feast’ she repeated to herself, feeling his soft kisses and holding arms. ‘A lover’s feast’, she had never heard more sweeter heart felt words until this night.

Chapter 5 – A Lovers Feast

Dinner was fabulous.  They had a private table on the Bellagio balcony where they could watch the water show and listen to music.  Angelica marveled at the table side service from their private butler and endless bottles of fine wine.  They danced to romantic music under the cover of a perfect starry lit night. This was a journey on a vessel of romance and elegance that she could never repeat another man.  This was truly her dream to have and to hold forever.

 “What’s the matter?” Austin asked leaning back wiping away her tears as they danced.

 “I’ve never had any man treat me like this before, never.  I know that I haven’t been the only one in your arms, but I feel like I am now.” “Angelica, you are the only one that this night belongs to.  My mind isn’t on anyone else but you.  You are the woman that is in my arms.  This is where I wanted to be.  I’ve been waiting all day for your call.”

 “Really, you’re not just saying that are you?”

 “The way your friend Marsha described you convinced me that you were the one I wanted to be with.”

 “Did she really?”

 “Yes, she left out no detail about you and she really cares a lot about you. I could hear it in her voice.  Everything from your smile to your warm personality is all true.”

“You are a remarkable man Austin, simply remarkable”. She said hugging him softly.

 “And so are you Angelica. So are you.”

They kissed, gathered up her things and went the waiting limo.

 “Hello Bobby.  We’re going back to the Palazzo Hotel please.  Thank you.”

 “Yes Sir Mr. Fisher, the Palazzo Hotel.” said Bobby closing the door.

Angelica’s heart began to race with excitement as Austin held her in his arms. The gentle rocking of the limo cruising down the Las Vegas strip made her feel luxurious and special.  She could see the Palazzo entrance just up ahead as Bobby slowly pulled up to the VIP entrance.

 “Good evening Mr. Fisher.” said the doorman as they stepped out.

 “Good evening Jerry.”

 “Bobby, that’ll be all for tonight, thank you.” He said to Bobby waiting for Austin ’s orders.

 “Very well Mr. Fisher.  I shall await your call tomorrow.  Until then, have a pleasant evening Miss McAllister it’s been my pleasure.” said Bobby tipping his hat to Angelica and shaking Austin ’s hand.

Angelica couldn’t believe how everyone that she came in contact with was so polite and respectful to her.  She didn’t feel cheap or used.  This was nothing like she thought it would be.  All of the terrible thoughts and notions she had were now erased forever from her mind.  Marsha again was right with description, “It will be nothing like you will ever experience with another man, I promise you that.”

A private elevator with a doorman stood waiting for them.  Angelica thought they were going up to her room.  She began to smile as the elegant door opened.  Inside on a table is two glasses a chilled bottle of champagne, two roses, and chocolate dipped strawberries.

 “Let our feast begin.” said Austin holding up a strawberry to her lips.

She took a bite of the deep dark chocolate dipped strawberry.  The sweetness of the juice mixed with the fine chocolate is divine.  Austin followed up with a deep long kiss.  She looked up in eyes, smiled and kissed him back. 

The feast of love and intimacy had begun….

 Chapter 6 – We have all night to explore what is between us…

The private elevator doors opened to a majestic luxurious private suite.  The most romantic music she could have ever imagined began to play.  She just stood for a moment to take it all in.  All of this, all of this was for her and no one else.  She slowly walked through a large archway that opened out into a lavishly furnished living room.  The fireplace began to glow with fire as the curtains to the patio began to open slowly as if little ferries were drawing them open for her to see the perfect city and the perfect moment of her life. 

 “We are finally alone Angelica” said Austin taking her wrap from around her shoulders.

 “Yes we are Austin .  And now I’m completely yours” she whispered as she felt his hands gently stroking her arms.

She could feel him unbuttoning his jacket and loosening his tie.  She walked towards the patio and stood looking out over the city.  The romantic music was lilting and patient just like she wanted him to be with her.  She had no doubt that he would be.  She turned to face him.  He stood by the fireplace watching her sway to the music.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  She is beautiful and elegant as the moon light made her glow like an angel.

Austin began to unbutton his shirt as he walked towards her.  Angelica began to breathe heavy watching his slow sensual strides approaching.  She stepped out of her shoes and waited patiently for him to come to her.  She began to smile as he smiled back at her.  He pulled off his shirt as he got closer and let it fall to the floor.  She could at last see the curves of his chest and the sculptures of his long strong arms.  He was like a magnificent roman statue that had come to life and was allowed only one day on earth to be in the arms of a woman and she was the chosen one.

She turned around to face the night and wait for his arrival.  He calmly came up to her and began kissing her shoulders with trailing rows of small nibbles.  The sensation was nothing like she has ever felt before.  The tingling combined with his moist kisses made her skin feel like shimmering fine silk blowing in the wind.  She started to unzip her dress when he calmly moved her hands away.

 “Let me be the one that unveils the most beautiful woman in the world” he whispered to her.

She slowly let her arms fall to her sides.  She wanted him in command of her desire.  He gently picked her up with his strong arms.  Her legs dangled quietly as he walked her to the bedroom.  He stopped at the foot of the bed then slowly kissed her. 

“Will you take your time with me?” she asked softly.

 “Yes Angelica.  We have all night and there is no hurry.”

He gently set her down.  She stood in front of him and slowly reached down towards his pants.  She could feel the belt buckle touching her fingers.

 “Can I?” she asked looking up into this sensual gazing eyes.  He joined her hands with his.

 “Yes Angelica.  I want to feel your touch against my skin.  I want to feel your fingers dance a ballet that I know is deep inside of you.

Her fingers slowly pulled the leather from its golden loop.  She could see his chest moving up and down from his slow gentle breathing as she began to unbutton his tailored pants.  His abs are like six large pound stones resting in clear rushing water.  She leaned in and kissed his chest as she pulled down his pants.  He slowly stepped out of them then turned her around.  She could feel his hand slowly pulling down the zipper as her dress began to fall away from her and onto the floor.

He began Kissing her back and shoulders as he unclasped her silk bra and slid its straps from over her shoulders.  She reached up and pulled her bra off slowly and let it fall on the bed.  Her nipples began to reach for his gentle stroking fingers.  His chest pressed against her back as he pulled her closer.  She tilted her head and pulled back her hair from her neck.. Austin kisses her gently several times before turning her around.  Her large soft breast brushed up against the light hair on his chest.  They faced each other without words.

He picked her up and laid her gently onto the bed.  The glow from the fireplace outlined his strong lean body.  She laid back on the large pillows and looked up at him as she began to kiss him as he kissed her back.  His hands softly held her down as he kissed his way up and over her breast and nipples then towards her navel.  She began to breathe rapidly with ecstasy.  His hands slid under the top of her silk panties then down each side as he began pulling on them gently.

She raises her hips for him as he continued to kiss her softly everywhere feeling her panties glide effortlessly on her skin.  She could feel his warm breath passing over her soft silky shaved mound as he continued to pull gently on her panties.  He rose up then slowly slipped her panties up over her long legs that were now resting on his shoulders. 

He kissed the tops of her feet, then her ankles as he held them in his hands.  Angelica is on fire with desire for Austin .  She wanted him inside of her now, but his sensual seductive approach was worth waiting for his entry as she twisted her head from side to side in the lush pillows.  She could feel his strong legs touching hers as he got closer to her quivering body.

She looked up at the mirror in the canopy of the bed.  She could see his body prowling over her like a pouncing tiger.  It was a beautiful sight as she watched him slowly take his time with her.  She could see his silk boxers sliding off and away from the bed.  This was it, the moment she had been waiting for all evening long had arrived.

She slowly parted her long legs to let him inside of her.  She pushed her hips up to his as he slowly moved inside of her.  She gasped then wrapped her arms around him as he made love to her like no other man had done before.  Over and over again she felt waves of pleasure as he took his time to ensure that this moment was about her and her alone.

The music, the night, the fireplace, the dinner, the meeting, the phone call and now finally in his arms feeling him inside of her was the moment that she thought would never come true, had now blossomed into everything she wanted it to be. 

They laid in each others arms for the rest of the night.  Angelica had at long last found that one special person to give that secret part of her life to that she had been saving for since she was a little girl. 

 “Thank you Austin ” she whispered as she snuggled deep into his arms. “Thank you for everything and making my dreams come true.”  He softly kissed her, and then pulled her closer.

Chapter 7 – It was the time of my life…

The morning sun filled the bedroom where they had made love.  Angelica and Austin had breakfast on the patio.  It was the perfect ending to the perfect night.  She had no regrets as she watched him reading the paper and sipping coffee.  They both got dressed and went to her room to get her bags then to take her to the airport.

 “Good morning Miss McAllister” said Bobby holding open the door for her to their limo.

 “It is a good morning isn’t it Bobby?” she said.

 “It is indeed Miss McAllister” he said tipping his hat.

 “We’re going to the airport Bobby” said Austin

 “Yes Mr. Austin, to the airport.”

Austin sat next the Angelica and held her hand the hold time until they arrived at the airport.  She smiled as she looked at him one last time before stepping out of the limo.

 “Can I see you again?” she asked.

 “This is for you Angelica” he said handing her a golden sealed envelope.

 “What’s this?” she asked excited looking at it.

 “Open it” he said with a smile.

She slowly opened the envelope and inside of it are two first class round trip tickets.  She burst into tears.

 “O’ my, are these for me?” she asked wiping away the tears.

 “Yes Angelica. You are a first class lady and you’ll always have a place in my heart to come to.”


Angelica took her seat in first class and ordered an apple Martini, then let the seat back as the jet tilted its wings to take her home.  Just as she was about to take another sip the flight attendant held out a silver tray to her.

 “Miss McAllister, this is for you” she said with a smile.

Angelica smiled back. “For me?”  She couldn’t figure out what it was.  As the flight attendant turned away she saw Austin ’s name written on the front of an envelope.  It was a letter from him.  She opened it:

My Dearest Angelica,

I hope these few words find you smiling for I am smiling with you.  Thank you for not judging me in anyway while we were together and for accepting our moments that are now unforgettable.  Few women do not touch me in the way that you did, nor do they know how to reach my heart.  But you Angelica, you have embraced it with your innocent and unselfish love.

I can not wait until next time when I hear the phone ring and see that it is you.  Because now I know what it will be like to miss someone and now I’m missing you.

Forever yours now and always,

Austin .



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