Wedding Day

Chapter 1 - "I'm getting married!"

“I’m getting married in four weeks and want my flower arrangements done by Tiffanies Flowers & Petals, my cake and chocolates done by Mitchell’s C&C.” said Samantha Patterson dictating to her executive assistant Paula, starring out her office window at the city skyline

“And I want an appointment with the both of them together tomorrow in my office.  Am I making myself clear Paula?” said Samantha

“Yes Miss Patterson, I’ll call today for an appointment” said Paula jotting down the numerous details that Samantha was listing out

“And Paula, I want a complete review of my wedding plans tomorrow before the appointment, thank you” said Samantha touching up her lips then reached into her purse for her blackberry as she headed out of her office towards the elevator, “Hello James, in five minutes please, thank you.”

Tiffany’s Flowers & Pedals is owned and ran by Tiffany Marshall the absolute go to florist of the rich and wealthy in New York City Every woman wants her flower arrangements done by Tiffany.  Her creations are nothing short of jaw dropping gorgeous

Mitchell’s C&C is owned and ran by none other than Mark Mitchell the best chocolateir and cake designer in the City.  He created a sensation with his “Kisses in a Box”, a personal handmade chocolate assortment mounted on a small debutant cake that every woman wants to receive for any special occasion.  The box it comes in is unique and any one that sees it upon delivery knows where it came from, Mitchell’s C&C. 

The phone rang in Tiffany’s office as she was putting the finishing touches on three bride maids flowers.

“I’ll get it.  Hello, Tiffany’s Flowers & Petals, Tiffany speaking.” Said Tiffany tucking the phone under her right ear.

“Hello Tiffany this is Paula Gains for Miss Samantha Patterson, she would like an appointment with you tomorrow in her office, do you have an opening

“Miss Patterson, of course, what time does she want?” said Tiffany switching the phone to her other ear so she can write down the details.

“12pm, she’ll have lunch served.  Plan on two hours.”

“No problem, 12pm, her office, got it, I’ll be there.  Thank you” said Tiffany hanging up

“Girls, girls, everybody stop” said Tiffany to everyone in the shop.  Everyone froze and looked up at her.

“I have an appointment with Samantha Patterson tomorrow and you know what that means, we’ve got the wedding of the year dropped on us.  I want a meeting with everyone in thirty minutes.  Bring your ideas, sketches and thinking caps. This is the big show.”

“Mitchell’s, Mitch speaking, how can I help you today?” answered Mitchell in his usual up beat tone

“Hello Mitchell, this is Paula Gains for Miss Samantha Patterson, she would like an appointment with you tomorrow in her office, do you have an opening?” 

 “Miss Patterson, of course, what time?”

“12pm, she’ll have lunch served.  Plan on two hours” said Paula. 

“No problem, 12pm, her office, got it.  I’ll be there, have a cake day” said Mitchell in his usual closing salutation.

Wow, Samantha Patterson. This wont be a cake walk, Mitchell said to himself walking back to his office plopping himself down in his chair rubbing his eyes. 

“What?” asked Shelia his lead cake decorator. 

“I just got off the phone with Samantha Patterson’s assistant and I’ve got an appointment with Samantha Patterson at noon tomorrow” said Mitchell. 

“Oh shit. The big show” said Shelia putting down her pen and pad. 

“You got that right.  Any body that’s any body will be at the wedding and she will not except any design ideas that are not totally unique and of course she’ll want a huge multi tower cake” said Mitchell tapping his fingers on the desk. 

“Tell the staff I want a meeting with them and to brace for impact” said Mitchell looking at the wall clock.

Chapter 2 “I want both of you to work together”

“Miss Patterson, Tiffany is here” said Paula paging Samantha. 

“Thank you Paula, escort her in please, and page me when lunch arrives, thank you” said Samantha signing off on some court documents putting them aside. 

“Hello Tiffany, how are you?  Take a seat please” said Samantha looking up from her papers over her reading glasses. 

“I am doing fine Miss Patterson” said Tiffany sitting in one of two chairs facing her desk. 

“Samantha please, Tiffany, no need to be formal.  We’re going to be working together” said Samantha signing a few more documents glancing up at Tiffany.

“Miss Patterson, Mitchell is here” said Paula paging Samantha.

“Thank you Paula, escort him in please.” said Samantha taking off her reading glasses and touching up her lips.  Tiffany pursed her lips and adjusted herself in her chair after hearing the Mitchell announcement.

“Hello Mitch, take a seat please.  I am sure you know Tiffany” said Samantha coming around her desk to shake his hand. 

Samantha always made it a point to shake a man hands when introduced to her.  She felt that it established a level playing ground and to let them know that although she was a woman, she is just as good. Treat me as your equal and we’ll get along just fine, is her motto.

“Well, I am glad that you both are here. So let me start by saying money is no object.  All Paul and I know is what we want. So, now that we have the money talk out of the way, let’s get down to what you have planned. Tiffany, you first” said Samantha looking at both of them leaning back into her high back leather chair crossing her long legs. 

“Well Samantha working with your color guidelines, I’ve come up with these three concepts” said Tiffany placing her sketch boards, flower samples, and table cloth swatches out.

“Okay, I like what I’m seeing. I like concept two, thank you” said Samantha looking intently over Tiffany’s designs, and then turning to Mitchell.

“And Mitchell, let’s see your ideas” said Samantha looking at Mitchell with a smile.

“Well Samantha, as you can see I have created a “Kisses in a Box” wedding chocolate assortment for each of your guest.  Each one will be personalized” started Mitchell. 

“Ahhh, I am sorry, but the flowers you have on the debutant cake don’t match my concepts” said Tiffany interrupting, standing and pointing to her concept.  “I have roses and you have tulips” she continued. 

“So what’s the problem Tiffany” said Mitchell looking at her standing next to her design.  “Well, Mitchell, roses and tulips… Get a clue, theses two flowers don’t mix” said Tiffany defending her design concept. 

“Ahh, that’s not my problem.  Chocolates and cake design takes presidents over flower arrangements” said Mitchell.

“I don’t think so Mitch.  Chocolates and cake follow the flowers” snapped back Tiffany.

“Okay, Okay, Okay” said Samantha raising up her hands after seeing the build up between the two them.

“Now, you two are going to have to get along here.  I absolutely will not have this bickering between the two of you, am I making myself clear?” said Samantha pointing fingers at them like a mother scolding her kids.  They stopped, realizing that she was the client with unlimited money.

“Now, what we are going to do is this, Mitchell, I like concept three, Tiffany, I like concept two.  Now, you two get together and make them work and be back in my office next week with your blended concepts.  You will call Paula with your date and time for next week.  Am I making myself clear?”  Samantha said looking back and forth at both of them. 

“Yes Samantha” they both said in unison. 

“Miss Patterson, lunch is here” said Paula buzzing in on Samantha’s phone. 

“Thank you Paula.  Unless there is something else we need to discuss?” said Samantha pausing to see if either of them was going to challenge her.

“Very well, lunch is being served in conference room three that is all, thank you” said Samantha in her usual I am done with you, you may go now salutation.

Tiffany and Mitchell gathered up their concepts and went to board room three fearing that Samantha would be in to check on them. 

“So, tulips, what the hell are you thinking” said Tiffany piling on meat, some veggies and bread on her plate. 

“Yes, tulips Tiffany, I can work with several colors with tulips, don’t you get it?” said Mitchell building an equally large plate of food. 

“Ahhhh, how many bouquets of Tulips and Roses have you seen?” snipped Tiffany. 

“Look Tiff, I think we can work the two concepts together and I am willing to change to roses.  Let’s get our people together on this and make it happen.  It’s the wedding of the year.” said Mitchell in a calm voice trying to win over Tiffany. 

“Well, yeah you’re right.  I’ll call you later today to setup a time” said Tiffany calming down and taking a seat at the conference table.  Mitchell took a seat across from her.  Samantha entered the conference room looking at the both of them. 

“Well, it seems like you two have found some level ground” said Samantha looking over the gourmet selections. 

“Yes we have Samantha; we’re going to get our creative teams together tomorrow.  We’ve decided on roses as the main flower theme” said Mitchell leaning back in his chair glancing over at Tiffany for confirmation.  Tiffany smiled and winked.

“Very good, I think roses are an excellent choice. Now, let’s talk about cakes and table décor” said Samantha taking a seat at the head of the conference table. 

Chapter 3 “I think this idea will work, don’t you?”

Tiffany and I agreed to meet for lunch at Harry’s Deli to discuss Samantha’s plans.  It’s been no secret that Tiffany and I have been known to butt heads over wedding planning, hell more like knock down drag outs.  But in the end we somehow find middle ground and work things out.  I’ve known Tiffany for over five years.  She’s a cute brunette with all the other parts in the right places.  We’ve never dated although we are at several weddings and receptions together. 

“Hey you” said Tiffany letting down her hair and pulling off her coat and gloves

“Hey” I said French kissing her on both cheeks.

“What’s on special today?” she asked looking over the menu then up at me

“I don’t know.  I just got here myself.  I think I’ll have my usual hot pastrami on marble rye and salad” I said looking over the menu.

“I’m feeling like a hearty veggie soup and half roast beef. Yep, that’s what I’m havin’” she said closing the menu.

“Hey you two let me guess you’re planning a wedding.  Of course I don’t mean yours” said Barbara smiling and chuckling.  She’s our regular waitress who’s been at Harry’s since it opened.

“Nope not ours” said Tiffany laughing looking at me

“Always planning but not planning ours” I said handing Barbara our menus

“So what can I get you two today”

“Tiffany is having a bowl of veggie soup, half roast beef and I’ll have my usual”

“Coming right up” said Barbara jotting down there order.

“So, here are some ideas I have lined up for the brides maids and table settings” said Tiffany laying out a portfolio.

“Very nice, very nice indeed” I said looking over her ideas.

“Well now that you’ve showed me yours, I’ll show you mine” I said laughing laying out my cake ideas next to her layouts.

“Well now look at us working together without clashing” she said scooting her chair next to mine.

“This is what happens when we play nice” I said.

I could smell her perfume as she reached across me pointing at the numerous drawings we had spread out on the table.  I just watched her as she talked about the flower settings with all the enthusiasm of a little girl playing tea party with her stuffed animals. I had thought about asking her out on a date off and on but our fights over client wedding plans made me think we would be terrible at dating or trying to be a couple.

“So what do you think” she asked looking at me realizing my mind was somewhere else.

“Ah, earth to Mitch, hello” she snapped her fingers at me trying to get my attention

“I’m with you” I said

“What were thinking about?”

“Oh nothing.  I like these two and that one” I said trying to throw her off her investigation of my thoughts.

“No, no, no, you’re not getting off that easy. Your mind was someplace else”

“Really, these two and that one”

“Beeeeep, wrong answer mister.  Come on.  Spill it”


“Come on. Out with it” she smiled poking me in the side.

“Okay, okay… I was thinking about us” I said reaching for my glass of water trying to avoid eye contact afterwards.

“What about us?  You’re no backing out of doing this wedding are you?  Because if you are you’re nuts.  It’s the wedding of the year!  Hell, the wedding of your career!” she said starring at me wide eyed.

“Oh, hell no, I haven’t lost my mind”

“Then what?” she snapped back knowing I was avoiding the subject.

I took another sip of water, then another.  I was about to take another sip when she reached for my hand pushing it slowly down to the table.

“What are you trying to say?” she said looking me dead in the eyes smiling.

I was nervous as hell.  Now I know how guys feel when they are about to pop the question.

“Well?” she asked again looking at me “Out with it.”

“I, I was thinking that…”

“Here you go guys, veggie soup half roast beef, hot pastrami on marble rye, salad, two diet cokes.  Anything else?” said Barbara in a fast steady tone repeating our orders as she placed them on the table one by one.

Thank God for Barbara I gasped to myself.  Barbara to the rescue!

“Ahhhh, no Barbara, that’s all for now, check back with us in a little while” said Tiffany pushing the food to the center of the table. 

“Mitch is about to tell me something” she continued staring me in the eyes.  She wasn’t about to let up on me.

“Okay, I’ll check back on you two in a little while” said Barbara flipping the pages on her receipt book walking over to another table.

“Okay, now you have no more excuses, spill it” she said firmly

I pursed my lips and adjusted the silverware.  I felt small beads of sweat starting to form on my forehead.

“Well, if you must know, I was thinking about asking you out on a date sometime.  There I said it” I said nervously twirling the knife on the table.

Tiffany was speechless. She sat back in her chair, crossed her hands on her chest then took a sip of water.

“Well, I said it?” I repeated to her

“I heard you” she said taking a couple more sips of water staring straight ahead

“Yeah I know it’s a crazy idea.  You, me dating, hah, that’s rich” I said pulling my sandwich towards me. Tiffany pushed the sandwich back away from my hand and looked at me.

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out forever you dope” she said with a big smile

“Haven’t you seen the signs?” she continued

“I don’t know.  We are always working together and well I didn’t think anything of you acting out of the ordinary.”

“What are you blind?  Remember at the Masterson’s wedding when I shared my cake slice with you?”

“I didn’t think anything of that.  We’re always eating cake at the weddings” I said trying to figure out where she was going with this.

“Noooo, remember when I fed you the cake then I took a bite off the same fork?” she said slowly

“Yeah” I said with a puzzled look on my face.

“Well, hello? That’s girl sign talk for I like you”

“Noooo, get otta here, really?” I said sitting back in my chair.

“I swear sometimes guys just don’t get it when a girl is interested” she said crossing her arms

“Tiffany?  I get it.  Really I do.  I kinda thought about that moment.  But now it all makes since.”

“Really?” she asked smiling.

“Yep, it all makes since now.  I’ve thought about asking you out four or five times.”

“Well what stopped you?”

“I didn’t think you would say yes and that coupled with the fact that we both work together so much it might ruin our business relationship.”

“Trust me if after all the fighting and yelling we have done and we’re still working together, dating is a cake walk.  Hey, I made a funny!” she giggled hysterically.

“Soooo, will you go out with me?” I said reaching for her hands

“Yeah and when do you have in mine” she said holding onto my hands between us

“How about dinner tonight, seven thirty at Three Forks on forty third?”

“My favorite restaurant”

“I know, it’s where I first saw you”

“You saw me?”

“Yep, you wore a black one piece with pearls and matching earrings.”

“You did see me!  I was out with my mother for her birthday” she beamed

“I hope we’re not making a mistake” I said pulling her close

She leaned in close to me… “Don’t worry, remember, we’re in the wedding business.  If we don’t know what love is, who does?”

We kissed and sat together holding hands under the table like a couple of high school sweethearts on a first date.  A year later from that day we invited all of our friends and clients to our wedding.




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