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Chapter 1 – “Call me…”

I’m having lunch with a good friend of mine when I felt the hum on my black berry letting me know I had received a text message.

 “Excuse me for a minute please.” I said setting down my fork glancing at the text message. 

 ‘I’m in the mood for some grind, are you? Call me if you want some pussy. Angelica.’

Before I go any further let me tell you about Angelica. First, her name alone is fucking sexy as hell.  She’s a nice tall six foot one vivacious blonde, her hair is mid length to her back, blue surfer girl eyes, long sculptured well toned golden tan legs, a set of soft perfect medium size tits that look like my favorite hanging Christmas ornaments, delicious perky pink nipples, and need I say, the most exquisite warm pussy my dick has ever had the pleasure of diving in to.  She’s just the total package and knows it.

I have to admit it; our little rendezvous at the club over the weekend was very nice. Hell, it was the fuck of my life.  I finished lunch, headed back to my office and called her as soon as I sat down. Her phone rang twice before she answered.

 “This is Angelica.” She said in a silky sexy voice.  She knew it was me calling.

 “I got your text.” I said trying to sound under control.

 “So, are you in the mood for some grind or what?” she said in snappy edgy tone.  I could feel myself getting hard listening to her eager words.

 “Name the time and place baby.”

 “I need a better answer than that if you want some pussy.” She whispered then paused for my answer.

 “Have your panties in your hand when I knock on the door.” I said feeling more excited by her demand.  She always knew how to press my buttons and make me hornier as hell.

 “Screw that, I’ll have nothing on when you open the door, how does that sound?”  My cock shot straight up the moment the words “nothing on” came out of her mouth. 

 “I can’t wait to fucking see you.” I said.

“Now that’s the response I was looking for.  Be at my place tonight at nine o’clock sharp; bring a bottle of Tequila and four silk scarves.”

 “I’ll be on time.” I said looking at my watching.

 “Good, now keep that hard on you got until then.  I want to see it when I open the door. Remember, nine o’clock, Tequila and four silk scarves.”

Chapter 2 – “Come and get it”

I stopped by the liquor store on the way home and got a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold, and a couple of limes.  Then went to Macy’s and bought four very fine silk scarves of various colors, nothing but the best for Angelica.  The anticipation of being with her is beginning to build up as I drove back to my place.  ‘I wonder what she wants me to do with the scarves.  I’m thinking body shots with the Tequila.’ 

 ‘We’ve never done the bondage thing before, but that would be a nice surprise.’  I went to the closet trying to figure out what to wear.  ‘I’m thinking lose and easy.’  I heard the phone ring just as I was pulling up my pants. I picked up the phone without checking the caller ID.

 “This is Trevor.”

 “I’m very, very horny.  Are you coming to fuck me soon?” said Angelica in her silkiest moaning voice.

 “Yes I am. I’m keeping my eye on the clock as we speak.” I said slipping on my shoes.

 “Did you go shopping for us?” she asked.

 “Yep, got the Tequila and four silk scarves.”

 “I did some extra shopping for us tonight. Guess what I got.”


 “Some pussy toys.”

I looked at my watch. ‘Shit it’s only eight o’clock’ I said to myself pacing back and forth.  I wanted her bad now, real bad.

 “What kind?” was all I could get out.

 “Let’s see…” she paused then continued to tease the hell out of me… “I’ve got a nice long black one.  I’ve got a pink Rabbit one, it’s cute with little rubbery ears to tease my clit, and I’ve got a two pronged purple one.  I want you to use that one on me last.” She moaned.

I started rubbing my cock fantasizing about the awesome sex night we’re planning to have. Just the thought of all the things she has planned is driving me insane!  We’ve had some pretty good sexcapades before but this night has all the makings of the Triple Crown.

 “So I’ll see you in an hour mister. You better be ready for an all nighter.  Bye bye”

Chapter 3 – “Time to blow off some steam…”

I could see her walking around in her bedroom when I pulled up to the driveway.  She is definitely naked; I could tell from the outline of her beautiful body and tits from the revealing shadow light against the curtains.  I grabbed my over night bag and checked myself out in the mirror one last time before going up to the door.  I rang the door bell twice.  ‘Shit she’s teasing me by making wait.’  The door slowly opened.  I could smell scented candles and the sound of Prince ‘Take me with you’ from the Purple Rain CD playing in the background. 

“You can’t come in until you show me your cock.” She whispered standing in the darkness of the doorway.  I dropped my night bag and whipped out my hard cock.  She reached out with her left hand and slowly began stroking me. Her hand felt warm and slick. I didn’t care what it was; I just stood there in the moment enjoying the warm sensation.

“You know you’re going get fucked real good don’t you?” she whispered.

“O’ shit yeah, now let me in Angelica you’re driving me fucking nuts out here.”

“Not yet, I want to know what you’re going to do to me?” she asked continuing to slowly stroking my cock.

“I, I, I’m gonna bang your pussy all night long.” I managed to get out.

“Oooooo, I like the sounds that, you can come on in now dirty boy.”

She slowly released my cock and stepped towards me so I could completely see her.  She’s bare ass butt naked and hot looking as hell standing there wearing only a pair of black spike heel stilettos.

“You like what you see?” she asked turning around.

“My, my, my baby, you got a hell of a tight ass body.  I hope you’re going to stay naked for the rest of the night.”

“Hell yeah baby, the only thing that’s going on this body is you now get in here.”

We went to the living room where candles are lit and flickering everyway.  It looks like she’s in the mood for a little romance first.  There’s a tray of fruit and a small carafe of chocolate syrup sitting next to it.  I sat down on the couch and began to relax.

“Here you go baby.” She said handing me a shot of Tequila.  She had one to.  We tasted out glasses and threw them back.  It burned real good going down.

She got and turned the music up a little more and began dancing around in front me. “Shit baby you look real good.” I said looking at her hot ass tits and clean shaved pussy.  She turned around with her back to me, bent over and looked me between her legs.  I couldn’t take looking at her any more.  I pulled out my cock and pointed it straight her.

“Is that for me.” She winked and smile while running her middle finger up and down her now slick pussy.

“O’ fuck yeah baby. Come and get it.” I groaned.

She stepped out of her stilettos and waked up to me.  “We need to get these pants and boxers off first.” She said unbuckling my pants and pulling them off one leg at a time.  “Okay, now those boxers, lift your ass up.”  I did as she asked while she pulled them off and tossed them to the side.

She reached for the carafe’ of chocolate and pour just enough chocolate to cover my entire cock.  Within seconds she’s sucking my cock like a chocolate Popsicle.  She looked at me with her beautiful blue surfer girl eyes.  The smile on my face was enough to let her know that she is driving me nuts with the ultimate blow job.  She sucked and stroke me until I was about cum.  “O’ my God Angelica I’m almost there! Shit!”

“That’s it baby; let me get rid of that pre-fuck tension that’s all built up inside” she whispered with the tip of my dick resting on the top of her pink lips.  I let out a gusher and a half.  She worked me over until I had nothing left.  I looked at and smiled.

“Now it’s your turn.” I said motioning for her to lay back on the couch.

“Let’s adjourn to the bed room.  I have some pussy toys remember?” she said smiling then stood up and started walking to the bedroom.  “Grab the bottle of Tequila and follow me.”

Chapter 4  – “Tequila, pussy toys and silk scarves…”

We had a couple more shots of Tequila kissed and teased the hell out of each other.  We both began feeling the soothing mellow tingling of the Tequila’s hypnotic affect.  Angelica got up and lit some more candles then eagerly crawled onto the bed and spread out like she was making angels in the snow.

“Tie me down good and tight.  I don’t want to move while you fuck me.” She said extending her arms and legs out to each corner of the bed.

I took each silk scare and did as she said taking my time and tied her firmly to the bed.  She began breathing heavy with anticipation and excitement.

“There’s a blind fold over there on the night stand, slip it over my eyes.” She whispered looking at the night stand.  I slowly slid her sleeping blind fold over her eyes.

“O’ fuck yeah baby. Now you can do me real good.” She murmured.  My dick began to get real hard.  I downed another shot of Tequila and trickled a little over her lips.  I turned up the music some more then grabbed the black rubber dildo that’s shaped like a huge black cock and slowly started fucking her with it.  Her pussy is wet as it slid in with ease.

“MMmmmmm, yes baby, push it in all the way.” She murmured and squired.

I pushed it in up to my hand and  increased the rhythm until I match the pulsing beat of Prince playing in the background.  Angelica’s body buckled and trembled as I increased the strokes of the black dildo in and out of her pussy.

“Yes, yes, fucking yes!” she began to scream out. “Fucking hard mother fucker, harder!” she demanded as she humped her hips towards each firm plunge of my hand.  Her pussy became more wet and creamy with each stroke.  I could feel her about to cum.

“Fucking yes baby, here it comes! Yes, Yes, yes… stroke it harder, deeper, harder, deeper, that’s it, its here!” she screamed fighting and pulling on the silk scarves. 

I have never seen a woman cum so hard before.  My dick is like titanium steel watching her explode all over my hand.  I kept sliding the black dildo in and out of her red hot pick suckling pussy.

“Don’t you fucking stop!” she cried out.  “Shove it up in there baby, faster, faster, O’ shit I’m Cumming again!”

I couldn’t believe she came again so fast.  This shit is exciting as hell!  I wanted to jump on her and fuck the shit out her, but just watching her total orgasm is keeping me well entertained.  She sighed and released all the tension in her beautiful body.

“Wow! I’ve never seen a woman cum like that before baby.” I said pulling up her blind fold and untying her from the bed.

“You ant’ seen nothing yet.” She said smiling.  I sensed she had more to show me that she has been saving.

“Now hand me the pink rabbit one.” She asked smiling feeling pleased to be the first woman to blow my mind with orgasms that she has never shared with another man.

“You know no guy has ever used pussy toys on me before or watched be do myself with them.”  She said sitting up in the bed spreading her long legs then inserted the pink rabbit vibrator in her pussy.

“O’ my God this is so fucking hot.” I said just watching in astonishment.  I’ve seen this shit in porn videos but nothing can compare to seeing it live.  She laid back into the propped up pillows and began stroking herself.  It was awesome watching her silky pussy suckle the pink device as it hummed.

She pressed another button on the controls then pressed the little rabbit ears on her clit. “Pull my little pink hood back baby.” She instructed me as I continued to look on.  Her little pink clit stuck out and rested in between the pink little rabbit ears as she pressed it against herself.

“Ooooo, shit that feels good. Can you see it baby? Can you?” she murmured leaning back more into the pillows.

“O’ fuck yeah.” I said trying to keep a steady hand and fingers over her pussy as she pulled the pink rabbit in and out slowly.  She started going faster and breathing faster.

“O’ shit, its cumming baby, it’s cumming!” she moaned loudly.  “There it is baby, watch it cum for you!’ she screamed and squirmed.  Her legs began to shake and quiver as her orgasm took control and began caressing her.  This is unfucking believable!  I couldn’t take my eyes off her thrusting hand.

That was it; I couldn’t take watching any more.  I dove down on her pussy with my lips the moment she pulled the pink vibrator out of her pulsing pussy.  I could tasted the vanilla sex oil mixed and her orgasm silk.  Her hand pulled me up and down on her.  My tongue darted in and out of her like a humming bird dipping for rich sweet nectar. 

“O’ that’s it baby.  Shit you’re a good pussy eater.” She moaned.  I continued probing and licking her until I could feel her getting ready to explode again.  I never knew she could come so many times.  It’s fucking awesome.  I’m like a kid in a pussy candy store. We both lay back on the bed after her enormous orgasm.

“Pass me the Tequila baby, I’m thirsty.” She said reaching out for the half empty bottle.  We toasted to her orgasms and got ready for another round.

Chapter 5  – One more toy and the ultimate show I’ll never forget!

She turned over on all fours and raised up her sweet pink wet pussy and spread her cheeks.

“Now get the double prong purple one baby. Put a little sensual oil on both ends.”  She said looking at me from the side smiling then winked.  My dick shot straight up.  I hope this is what I think is about to happen!

“Now put one in my ass and the other end in my pussy real slow.  I want you to watch them both go in.” She said grinning and holding on to the headboard.

I began to slowly push and pull it in and out of her real slow.  She moaned then lifter her ass up higher. “You can go a little faster now baby.” She whispered.  I started going a little faster.  I began stocking my cock as well.

“That’s it baby, play with your dick.  O’ that feels good. Go a little faster baby. Yes, that’s it.” She said as she gripped the headboard harder and pushed her ass and pussy towards my hand.  I could feel myself getting closer.

“Are you getting’ there baby because I am about to pop.” I moaned in total visual and self pleasure.

“Yes, baby, I’m about to cum too.” She whimpered as her thighs and hip began to shake.  “I’m almost there honey, watch it cum for you.” She moaned.  I could feel myself about to explode when she started her orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed humping her ass wildly. “Pull it out and fuck me now. Fuck me now!” 

I pulled out both ends of the dildo and shoved my hard cock into her hot quivering  pussy.  She groaned and gasped, then came all over my cock.  She squirted everywhere!  It was fucking awesome.  I felt my self explode in her like fireworks on the forth of July.

 “Yes, Angelica, yes!” I said stretching my arms out tilting my head back looking up at the ceiling.  Between the rush of my orgasm and the spiritual feeling of the Tequila, I felt like I was riding a horse bare back on the beach.  It was ecstasy in its purist form.

Hoped you enjoyed the journey! 

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