Chapter 1

“What is thy bidding Lord Ramos?” asked Veedor bowing cautiously

“Veedor, you are to take two of your most trusted dark warriors to find me a virgin mistress” Said Lord Ramos pointing two fingers at him.  

“Yes my lord”

“Two years have passed now and still I have not bred any sons from that winch of a Princess who now disgust me. You are to leave tonight when the moon is full. Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes my lord”

“And Veedor” Lord Ramos paused turning back around… “Remember, a virgin. I will not settle for anything else and do not fail me or you know what will happen to you don’t you?”

“Yes my lord”

“Good, now step away from me.” Lord Ramos scowled turning his back to Veedor.  

Veedor backed away from Lord Ramos bowing and watching him as he returned to his throne waving his hand behind him. Standing on the edge of a perch Veedor stretched out his large black wings then leaped and glided down towards the lower level of the lair.  After retracting his wing he went inside of The Gathering place in search of two warriors he has in mind. The Gathering place is where most of the other dark warriors hang out eating, drinking and mingle.  He saw Kara and Torak huddled at a table in one of the far corners and walked over to them.  

“Good, you both are here together” said Veedor pulling up a chair.  

“What? You look like you have seen death.” Said Kara  

“It’s much worse, I was summoned by Lord Ramos and he has tasked me with a great demand.”  

“Shit, Lord Ramos” said Torak quickly putting down his stein wiping the corner of his mouth.  

“Yes, Lord Ramos. He wants us to find and return with a new mistress.”  

“Well hell that’s nothing.” Smarted off Torak  

“Okay, then try this one on, he wants a virgin.” Said Veedor raising an arched eyebrow. Torak froze.  The look on his face was like stone as he starred at Kara.

“A virgin, are you freakin’ kidding me? Why doesn’t he just ask us to bring him every sack of walking meat on earth while we’re at it?” Kara said rolling her eyes up then locking on Veedor.  

“Yeah, a freaking virgin, and we three are the chosen ones for the job.” Veedor said taking a drink from Torak’s stein.  

“O’, well thank you for dragging us into this.” Mused Torak.  

Veedor turned around and walked away, no longer in the mood for food or drink. The thought of finding an innocent virgin was weighing heavily on his mind.  Lord Ramos was well known for his violent temper when he was displeased.  Veedor did not wish to be on the receiving end of that wrath.  He wasn’t sure how much he could count on Torak and Kara.  They much preferred feeding and screwing their way through as many humans as possible over doing Lord Ramos bidding. 

Veedor’s mind was working furiously trying to decide which part of the human world held the most promise.  A virgin…damn this was a new one. What did Ramos want him to do, raid a convent? As veedor was leaving the Gathering place, he met his best friend Sanon on his way in.  The timing could not have been better.  

“Sanon, what are you up to my old friend?”  

“Not much Veedor, just need a little nourishment before tonight’s prowling begins.  You don’t look so well my friend.  What’s going on?”  

Veedor tells him of the Lord’s directive.  As Sanon hears his friend’s story his expression changes from one of “you gotta be shitting me”, to a look of pure wariness.  He knew what was coming next.  

“Sanon, I need your help.  You are much more grounded than Torak and Kara and I need a vampire who can be counted on to be by my side in this quest.”  

“Veedor, I don’t know what I can do to help.  My head will be on the chopping block right along with yours if we fail.  But, you are my friend so if Lord Ramous want’s a virgin, we’ll find him one”.  

“Thank you Sanon…I am in your debt.”

Chapter 2 - We’ve found the perfect one!  

Now that Veedor had Sanon’s help they put their heads together as to where to obtain Ramos’ virgin.  If they did not ensure her virginity there would be hell to pay for both.  They also knew that the virgin had to be at least 21 years old.  Male vampires were not allowed to mate with a female who had not reached full maturity for if they did, they would turn into stone instantly without warning forever.  Veedor looks over at Sanon as they lounge over a pint of fresh blood.  

“Sanon, other than a convent I can’t imagine where we’ll find a virgin.  Women don’t save themselves for marriage as they did in our youth 200 years ago.   

“No they don’t my friend, but I have an idea.”  There’s an orphanage in Velenzi where all of the wards are kept inside the grounds until their 21 st birthday.  The male and female humans are not allowed to visit among themselves unless they are chaperoned.  Perhaps that would be our best chance of finding a virgin.  We can dematerialized over to the orphanage tonight and snoop around.”  

“Sanon, I knew there was a reason I asked for you help with this quest.  You have a very quick mind.”  

With that, the two of them dematerialized and reappeared inside the female quarters at the Velenzi orphanage.  Of course, vampires cannot be seen unless they wish to.  This gave them the best opportunity to observe the human females at their leisure and learn what they needed to know.  

It did not take them long to hone in on a conversation between three females.  Virginia, Sylvia and Rachel were talking amongst themselves.  Since they were all about to become of age and leave the home, they were discussing what would become of them.  

Virginia looked at Sylvia and asked …”what are your plans”?  Will you go to school or get a job or maybe just try to find a husband.  

“Well, the first thing I want to do is find a place to live.  Then I’d like to find a nice, intelligent, sweet man who might like to have a quiet, loving wife.”  

Rachel chimed in…”Yeah Sylvia…I’d like that too, except he has to have a good job and be able to take care of me properly.”  

“You’ve got a point there Rachel”, responded Sylvia.   Virginia couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Ok come on girls, what is your problem?  All of that sounds nice, but frankly I just want to get laid!  I’m tired of being a virgin.  I want to know what it’s like to have hot sex and be ravished.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to get married too, but I want to find a hot lover and enjoy myself for a while first.  I have lots of dreams, fantasies, and ideas.” she said brushing her hair and admiring her tall slender well toned body in the mirror. “Yep, I want to have hot sex.” she giggled.

The girls continued their conversation, but Sanon and Veeda looked at each other and bared their fangs.  They made their virgin selection and figured out that this would be easier than they had anticipated.  

“Sanon, that’s the one we need.” Said Veedor pointing at Virginia . “Ramos would not be happy with a wimpy little woman and this one’s got some fire in her.  She’ll screw the hell out of him on their first night together for sure.  Plus she’s a virgin.”  

“You’re right Veedor, we’ll wait for them to fall asleep and take her with us when we go.  The others will never hear us leave.”  

Night came and the moon was full.  The sky is streaked with plenty of cloud cover. Veedor and Sanon looked at each and began scaling the wall to her bedroom window.  

“What luck.” signaled Veedor approaching her window. “It’s open, pass me the sleeping potion.” He whispered to Sanon. Veedor scaled the wall up to the ceiling and reached for a coil of string in his pouch.  He slowly let out the string until it was dangling over Virginia ’s lips. Veedor started letting small amounts of the potion run down the string. She started licking the honey sweet potion from her lips.  

“Not too much Veedor.” Whispered Sanon watching from the window waiting for the potion to take effect.  

“Okay.  We’ll a wait a couple of minutes before we take her.” Said Veedor putting the string and bottle of potion back into his pouch. Sanon pushed the window open wide, stepped inside and rolled out the carrier they fashioned on the floor near her bed.  Virginia was now in a deep sleep as Veedor nudge her to make sure.  

“Take her legs Sanon and I’ll lift her under her arms. Be careful, Ramos will not want to see any marks or bruises.”  

They laid her into the carrier and carefully wrapped and bound her soft body with leather straps and moved her to window.  

“Wait, okay now, the moon is covered by the clouds.” Whispered Veedor as they leaped from the window spreading their massive wings sailing and disappearing into the clouds.  A couple of hours later they arrived at Sanon’s lair.  

“I will keep an eye on her my friend and nurse her with the potion until I’ve here from you.” Sanon said shaking Veedors hand.  

“Thank you again my friend. I couldn’t have done this without your help.  I’ll return soon after I find out what Kara and Torak have come up with.”  

Veedor went to The Gathering hole to meet up with Kara and Torak.  It was nearly day light. ‘I hope they found a decent virgin’ he thought to himself ordering another drink.  ‘Where the fuck are they, shit!’ he continued to think to himself in frustration. Just as he was about to get up to leave he saw Torak entering and heading his way.  

“We found one Veedor” Torak said reaching for Veedor’s stein.  

“Not so fast Torak” Veedor said grabbing his reaching hand “Where is the virgin?”  

“She is with Kara. She is keeping an eye on her until I return.”  

“You didn’t fuck her did you? I know your appetite for sweet untainted meat.”  

“Do I look like I lost my mind? I want to live at least another hundred years if not longer.”  

“You better not be lying. Ramos will turn you into dust on the spot, but that’s not before he tortures you limb by limb.” Veedor released his wrist and took the stein from his hand. “Get your own.” He said taking a long draw.  

“How about you, did you find one or trusted that we would not fail you.”  

“Failure is your problem with Ramos, I trust no one, and yes I have a virgin as well.”  

“Then we have nothing to worry about, we have two virgins.” Smiled Torak feeling a rush of relief come over him.   

“I’ll meet you tonight at Lord Ramos presentation feast. Be forewarned here and now, do not screw the virgin or I will watch you be tortured to death.” Veedor said throwing back the last of his drink then grabbing Torak by the collar. “Remember, virgin or you die”.  

Chapter 3 – The Presentation of Virginia

Veedor knocked at Sanon’s door.

 “Sanon, it is I Veedor.”  Sanon check through a small crack in his door to make sure it was Veedor before letting him in.

 “Veedor, come in, come in. Have some fresh meat and bread with me.”

 “Thank you Sanon.”

 “Did they find a virgin?”

 “Yes, so Torak says. I don’t trust him for a minute. I warned him what will happen to him if he fucks her.”

 “Don’t I know it, Ramos will not be pleased to say the least. Shit, he’d kill him on the spot if not torture him first in front of everyone.”

 “That’s exactly what I told him would happen. How is the virgin?”

 “She is still sleeping like a baby. Ramos will be very pleased with our find I’m sure.”

 “I have no doubt. You rest my friend I’ll take over the watch now.”

 “Thank you. It has been a good day. It reminds me of old times.”

 “Yes my friend, old times.”

Maidens began decorating Ramos’s lair for tonight’s feast and presentation. The sound of music and smell of fruit and meats filled the air. The night was clear and the moon full as Ramos’s three sorceress sisters had predicted. They also warned Ramos that there is a plan to deceive him but they couldn’t tell who or when from their readings. Lord Ramos began pacing back and forth in his private chamber waiting for his most trusted commander Maximus to arrive.  He heard a knock at his door.  ‘Finally’ he thought to himself opening the door quickly.

 “Yes my lord” said Maximus bowing before Ramos

 “I want you to keep an eye on Torak and Kara tonight. I have been informed that they have found a virgin for me, however I’m aware of Torak’s appetite for fresh virgins and don’t trust him. He should know better, but I want to make sure he doesn’t escape if it comes to be that he has deceived me by having his way with what is mine. Am I making myself clear commander?”

 “Yes my lord, very clear.”

“I understand that Veedor has found a virgin as well. This is good news. Instead of one mistress, I will have two. This pleases me.”

 “Yes, Lord Ramos, he indeed has a virgin. He speaks highly of her. She is tall and most beautiful.”

 “You have seen her?”

 “No my Lord, but Veedor speaks of her beauty as radiant and above all. He is certain that you will be most pleased.

 “Good, good. I knew Veedor would come through. Make sure to double his payment.”

 “Yes my Lord.”

 “Leave me know. I must go and consult with the three sorceresses’.”

 “Yes my Lord.”

Chapter 4 – “We have good news...”

Lord Ramos left his chamber and went below to meet with three sorceress sisters. He wanted to know as much about the future of his mistress as possible.

 “Lord Ramos, we have been waiting for you. Please come in. Come, come we have more news.

 “What is it? You three sound concerned.”

 “Please sit here and gaze into the crystal.”

Lord Ramos did as they asked. The crystal globe began to fill with a white whispery haze, then a female face appeared.

 “Who is she? She is beautiful?” asked Lord Ramos leaning in close to the crystal squinting his eyes.

 “She is Virginia my lord. The one you must choose of the two tonight.”

 “Why must I choose when I can have both of them?”

 “Because she will bare a son of her first birthing.”

 “This is excellent news!”

 “Yes my lord, we thought you would think so.”

 “There is a hesitation in your tone. What else do you see? Tell me!”

The three sisters looked at each other then back at Ramos.

 “Well… we see that there is a complication at the birthing. We see Torak and Kara talking with the maidens before going in to deliver the child.”

 “What! What are they saying? Tell me! I demand to know!” yelled Lord Ramos pounding his fist on the table. The sisters are startled by his reaction and break out of their trance.

 “That is all that we can see my lord. We will inform you when we know more.” They said holding up their hands fearing the wrath of Ramos.

 “You are to inform me immediately the moment you know anything more. Am I making myself clear!” he yelled pointing two fingers at them with a scowled look in his eyes.

 “Yes Lord Ramos, perfectly. We will check daily.” They said in unison.

 “Speak to no one of this, especially to Torak and Kara. If I learned that you have spoken to any one I will personally turn you three into dust.”

 “Yes my lord.”

Chapter 5 – “Do you have something to tell us?”

Ramos headed back to his chamber to check the final preparations for his presentation. His bed chamber looked majestic with candles lit throughout, the fireplace is glowing hot with huge logs dancing with fire. Guest started arriving in droves. Everyone in the lair was required to attend. Torak and Kara brought their virgin to the sorceresses’ chambers first as instructed by Lord Ramos to ensure that she is a virgin.

* * * *

“Lay her down over there.” Said one the three sisters pointing at a bed in a far corner of the room.

Torak and Kara did as they said then went over to the fireplace and began whispering to each other as the sorceresses went about their business.

“What?” asked Kara looking at the worried gaze on Torak’s face.

 “Remember when you went out to get her gown?”

“O’ shit. Don’t tell me you fucked her.”


“Well my ass. Are you out of your fucking mind!”

“Keep your voice down damn it. They might not be able to tell if I did.”

“They might not be able to tell? They are sorceress’s you fucking idiot. Did you truly think that Lord Ramos was going to take our word for it that she is a virgin?”

“Come here you two and sit.” Said the sisters walking over to a large table in the center of the room. “Is there something you want to tell us?” asked the first sister looking at Torak then at Kara.

They both looked at each other then back at the sisters. Kara spoke first.

 “Why do you ask? Isn’t everything okay?”

 “Where did you find this girl?” said one of the sisters looking directly at Torak.

 “At the private boarding school on the north side. They only have girls there, no males. We are certain that she is a virgin.” Said Torak with wide eyes speaking as confidently as he could.

 “Well, lucky for you she is a virgin.” Said the first sister looking intently into her crystal ball then back up at them. “However, there is a small detail that we will leave out when we report our findings to Lord Ramos.” She said holding up one finger.

 “What?” asked Torak shifting his gaze to Kara as a small smile began to form on his lips.

 “All in due time Torak, all in due time. For now, let’s just say there will come a time when we will call upon you two and may need a favor.” Said the first sister looking into the crystal ball hovering her hands over it. “and you must not refuse us.”

 “We understand.” Said Kara looking intently at Torak. “We understand perfectly right Torak?”

 “Right, we understand.” He said staring back at Kara then back to the sisters.

 “Very well then, this concludes our business. You may leave now. And remember, you owe us a favor.”

Chapter 6 – “We have brought her to be certified.”

Veedor went back to meet Sanon. He knocks at the door.

 “Sanon, it is I, Veedor”

 “Come in my friend. She is still asleep. Are the sorceress’s ready for her?”

 “Yes. I just saw Torak and Kara leaving their chamber a short while ago on my way there. They said to bring her within the hour.”

 “Good, good. She is most beautiful even in her sleep.” Said Sanon looking in on her.

 “Yes indeed she is. Lord Ramos will be most pleased with her. I’m sure she will be pleasured beyond her wildest imagination and fantasies.”

 “The maidens brought her gown. Here, look at it. It is some of their best work yet.”

 “Indeed they have out done themselves. Lord Ramos will not be able to keep his eyes off of her. Come, let’s take her to the sorceress’s chambers.”

* * * *

They gently put her back in the carrier and fly over to the sorceress’s chambers.

 “Veedor, Sanon, please come in. It’s good to see both of you. Put her over there.” Said the first sister pointed at large bed across the room.

The sisters gathered around her, looking her over from head to toe.

 “Veedor, she is most beautiful. More beautiful than we have seen in our crystal.”

 “Yes, she is. Is that Torak and Kara’s virgin over there?”

 “Yes, but she does not compare to Virginia . We have advised Lord Ramos to take Virginia and he agrees with us.”

 “Excellent. I will be promoted to Warlord for sure and you Sanon, you will be my lead general.” Said Veedor looking into the fireplace then back to the sisters.

 “Yes, we have seen your future.” Said the first sister walking over to the fireplace tossing in a hand full of purple dust into the fire. “But, there is something you must know Veedor before you go up stairs.”

“What? What have you seen?” he asked anxiously looking at Sanon, then at the sisters.

 “Come, sit. This concerns you to Sanon.”

They gathered around the crystal ball. The candles slowly went dim. The room is near dark when the crystal began to glow. Veedor and Sanon could see two hazy figures in the crystal talking.

 “Who are they?” asked Sanon leaning in close trying to sharpen his view.

 “That is Commander Maximus.” Said the first sister pointing to the first figure on the left. “He is talking with Warlord Dragas now leader of the Black Raven clan.”


 “Why is he talking with our enemy?” scowled Veedor pushing out his fangs and clinching his fist.

 “He is his brother.” Said the second sister cutting her eyes at Veedor.

 “His brother! How could this be? I know nothing of this. Does Lord Ramos know?” asked Veedor with a concerned look washing over his face.

 “Yes, Lord Ramos has raised him as his own from birth. Their mother, Empress Fedora was forced to choose between the two of them which will live and which will be put to death when the Black Raven clan raided her country. It was a terrible position they put her in, but we intercepted the guards in the woods, before they could kill Maximus and brought him to Lord Ramos. We turned the guards into trees so that their bodies would never be found. Lord Ramos agreed to raise him as his own, but made us promise to insure that one day he will have his own son.”

So this is why you advised him to take Virginia .”


 “So why are you telling us this?”

 “Maximus and Dragas have found out that they are brothers.”

 “What, but how, from who?”

 “Their dieing mother Fedora. She became very ill two months ago, sick with the fever and something else. She secretly summoned us to be with her. We tried everything to save her but none of our magic worked. She had a powerful spell cast upon her by that terrible Warlock Malphas.”

 “Malphas? I have had dealings with him.” Said Sanon sneering at the sound of his name . “Fifty years ago I had a run in with him during a battle on the west side of Pathia. Filthy demon that one is.”

 “Yes Sanon he is. You will meet him again in the near future.” Said the third sister pouring him a pint of blood, pushing it towards his hand. “But this time you will defeat him but at a great cost.”

 “A great cost? Will I die in doing so? Hell, I’d gladly die to take him down.” Said Sanon drinking half of his drew.

 “No you will not die, but it will come at a great price. But we don’t know of what at this time.”

 “Fuck him. I’ll take his head off and spit down his throat no matter the cost!” said Sanon in a hearty laughing tone.

 “I wonder what they are up to. I should warn Lord Ramos of this.” Said Veedor looking intently at the sisters then back into the crystal.

 “No! You cannot breathe a word of this to Lord Ramos or anyone. What we speak of at this table is strictly between us.” Demanded the first sister.

 “Lord Ramos will know that we all have talked and put us to death. The truth of everything will come to rise soon enough. It doesn’t need our help.”

 “Then what of me?” asked Veedor reaching for his drink. “What does my future hold?”

Before the first sister could speak they heard a heavy knock at the door. The second sister looked into the crystal ball.

 “It’s Lord Ramos! Quickly, leave through the back door in the other room. We will speak again soon. Now go.”

Chapter 7 – “Is she certified?”

 “Lord Ramos, back so soon?” said the first sister opening the door slowly, intentionally blocking his entrance ensuring that Veedor and Sanon had plenty of time to leave.

“Yes, I have been informed that Veedor has brought his virgin Virginia .”

“Yes, she is here.”

“Is she certified?  Tell me, I must know if she is certified!” he said moving her out of the way walking towards the bed.

“Yes indeed my lord she is.”

“You are smiling, is there more good news?” he said starring at Virginia through the sheer curtains.

“Yes, she is very fertile and will without doubt bare a male child from her first birthing.”

“Most excellent! You three are worth your weight in gold and you have kept your promise to me remember?”

“Yes my lord, we remember.”

“And you have not spoken of Maximus to anyone. Not even he knows after all these years. I will reward your silence by allowing you to open a Shoppe in the lair, but you must live here. Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes my lord and as usual you are most generous.”’

“Good. Then I will let you finish your preparations. She is indeed most beautiful. I can’t wait to have her.” said Lord Ramos stroking the sheer curtain looking at Virginia one last time before leaving.

 Chapter 8 – “We must work quickly.”

The three sorceresses went to a shelf next to the fireplace and began selecting various bottles of potions, then took them to the center table.

“We must work quickly.  We only have an hour to mix the potion and give it to them.” whispered the first sister as they quickly began mixing the various powders and liquids together.

“Do you have the hair?” ask the first sister as she sprinkled a small amount of pink and yellow powder into the small black kettle.

“Yes, here it is.” said the second sister reaching into a satchel she pulled from her belt.

“And now for the final step. Shelia, go get the bottle of essence from the lockbox in our secret hiding place.”

“Right away. I’ll be right back.” said Shelia hurrying over to a large block wall.  She counted three blocks to the left of the center stone, then two up and three down then said two magic words. “Saturius, Velordum”. 

The stone moved in then to the side revealing a small black lockbox.  she retrieved it then removed a small purple jewel bottle and took it over to the table.

“Here it is.” said Shelia carefully handing the jeweled encrusted bottle to her sister.

“This will teach Malphas not to screw with us.”

All three of them began to chant over the small black kettle as they held the bottle of essence over it and began slowly pouring the blue liquid into it until the last drop dripped from its edge.

“Fedora, Fedora, you will live again and Virginia will bare a child. But not just any child, a son that will become the true ruler and the avenger of your death. This we swear.” They chanted over and over again.

They stood back as a plum of smoke began to seep up from the kettle and take the shape of a woman’s face.  It is Fedora.  She is smiling as she began to speak to them.

“My sisters, it is good to see you again.” she said looking at each of them, and then continued. “I see you have brought my daughter Virginia?”

“Yes Fedora by way of Veedor.  He didn’t suspect that we had a hand in his journey. Virginia is as beautiful as you are.”

“She is indeed.” said Fedora looking at Virginia . “She has blossomed into a beautiful Empress.”

“Yes she has and she will bare a son, but not from that swine Lord Ramos.” said the first sister in a firm tone.

“Yes she will and the potion will make Ramos only think he is the father.” said Fedora smiling then continued.”

“I will never forgive him for not rescuing me from Warlord Amaduscius who made me choose between my sons.  Although I escaped and gave birth to Virginia , I had to put her in the Velenzi orphanage for safe keeping until it was time.  It was worth the sacrifice I made.” said Fedora in a disgusted tone looking at her sisters.

“Yes, it was worth the sacrifice Fedora.  But now you will live again in the body of the other girl and have all of your powers restored.  We will convince Lord Ramos to let you stay with us. He will not deny us this request.  We have him in the palm of our hands now that he believes he will bare a son.” said the first sister.

Fedora’s whispery face slowly went back into the kettle.  The sisters stirred the mixture three times then poured it into a golden goblet and took it over to the two girls lying side by side and gave half of the portion to each of them.

Chapter 9 – “Awaken now...”

The sorceress’s stood back and waited for the potion to take hold.  The eyes of Torak’s virgin began to open and look around.  She sat up slowly and looked at the three sorceresses and smiled.

“Welcome back Fedora.” said the first sister as tears began to form in her eyes.  “You are alive and back with us.”

“Yes I am my dear sweet sisters, yes I am.  I feel young and alive again. This body is perfect for me.”

“Look, Virginia is awakening.” said the second sisters pointing at her face.

Virginia began to slowly open her eyes and look around.  She could tell she was no longer at the orphanage but felt as if she was at home.  Fedora and her sisters stood around the bed.

“Where am I?” asked Virginia looking from side to side.

“Do not be afraid.  You are safe with us.”

“Who, who are you?”

“We are Lord Ramos sorceresses.  You were brought to us from far away.”

“Why am I here, what is this place?”

“You are in Venstansia and going to be presented to Lord Ramos.

“Lord Ramos?  That name sounds familiar yet not.”

“Over time you will begin to remember many things.” said the second sister Sylvia handing her a cup of simmering tea laced with a different potion they made earlier.  “Here, drink this, it’s tea.  It will warm you up.”

“Thank you.  I feel as if I’ve been asleep for days.” she said taking a couple of sips.

“Only a few hours, the tea will perk you up.” said Sylvia looking at the others then back at Virginia .

“You, you look familiar as if I know you.” said Virginia looking and pointing at Fedora.

Fedora is at a loss for words as she looks at Virginia listening to her speak.  She can’t believe this day has finally come.  She wants to tell her so badly that she is her mother but knows she will not understand now.  She sits beside her on the bed and holds her hand.

“I am Alexia.  Perhaps in your dreams you may have seen me.  I have waited so long to see you.” she said smiling.

“Why do you all speak as if you know me?”

“We knew your mother.  That’s how we found you at the orphanage.  We thought it would be best that you live there until now.”

“My mother, is she alive?”

Fedora and her sisters all looked at each other.  They knew this question would be asked.  Fedora nodded to the first sister Natasha.

“We believe her to be.  You see that crystal over there?  It is allows us to see in the past and the future.  Before you awaken we saw her coming for you in the future.” said Natasha looking intently at Virginia .

“She is? When, when can I see her? When will I get to meet her?” begged Virginia with small tears forming in her eyes.

“Soon, one day soon Virginia, this I promise.” said Fedora in a calming assuring motherly voice.  “But now you must get dressed and prepare to go and meet Lord Ramos and the others.  You’re going to be an Empress and a beautiful one at that.”

Fedora and her sisters left Virginia to finish dressing.  They went back to the center table and began mixing another potion.

“Fedora, try your morphing power.” said Natasha pouring two scoops of small pink powder into the mixing pot.  All three sisters stopped to watch if she could do it.  Fedora is the only one of them that was born with the special power to look like anyone.

Fedora closed her eyes and whispered two words slowly. “morpheous sylirum”.  Slowly Fedora’s face began to change as the sisters looked on in complete amazement.

“Fedora, you, you look like Virginia.” whispered Sylvia.  “You are an exact duplicate of her.”

“Sylvia is right” said Miafora the third sister. “I can’t tell the difference.”

Fedora smiled and looked at her sisters.

“I have a plan.” she said leaning in close over the table.

“What?” whispered Natasha checking first to see if  Virginia is still in the room getting ready.

“I will go and be with that swine Ramos tonight and spare Virginia the horrific night she will be put through.  He will never know the difference.”

“O’ that’s good Fedora.  With this sensual dust we’re making he will not be in control of his desire, you will.” said Natasha with a big smile.

“Yes, and I’ll make sure he gets what’s coming to him, but not before he gives me a child. This will be the ultimate revenge.  The son he so desperately wants will be inside of me instead of Virginia .”

Chapter 10 – Let the Presentation Begin

Lord Ramos entered the great hall willing the huge heavy doors open with a wave of his left hand walking quickly down the fifty foot red carpet leading to his thrown.  His royal announcement music begins to fill the hall.  He’s wearing a red and black hooded robe flowing behind him with his huge black wings fully extended. 

Commander Maximus and Veedor trail behind in full warlord garbs, carrying huge staffs with gold spear tips.  The crowds are on there feet and start to applaud his arrival.  Lord Ramos heads straight for his thrown, looks over the crowd then holds out his hands.  The music slowly subsides.

“Let the presentation begin!” said Lord Ramos looking out over the crowd then sits as Maximus and Veedor stand at his side.

The music started playing again as a dozen maidens came out to the center of the floor and began dancing.  Ramos speaks to Veedor.

“This dance they are doing is different. I like it Veedor.”

“Yes indeed it is my lord.  They are most erotic and enticing.”

“You can have any one of them that you want Veedor.”

“Yes my lord.”

“And Veedor, I have spoken with the sorceress sisters and they have certified your virgin, Virginia.  You have done an excellent job in finding her.  Besides doubling your payment, you will be promoted to commander.”

“Thank you my lord, and as always you are most generous.” said Veedor with a slight smile.

Chapter 11 – “ Virginia , we must speak with you before you leave us.”

Virginia is admiring herself in the mirror when the sisters come into the room admiring her.

“Look at you Virginia, you are beautiful.” said Fedora standing behind her looking at her in the mirror brushing her long red hair.

“Thank you Fedora.”

“Come sit with us at the center table.  We have something very important to talk with you about and bring your tea with you.” said Sophia.

They gathered around the table then sat the crystal in the center.

Virginia , what we are about to reveal to you must remain between us.  Do you understand?”


“We will show you your past and your future. But most of all, you must trust us.” said Miafora looking intently at Virginia as she poured her more simmer tea.  “Here, drink some more tea.  It will calm you.”

“Will, will I see my mother?” she asked feeling the affects of the magic potion laced tea.  Her eye lids began to close half way as she stares at the crystal.

“You will see many things and learn truths that until now you have only seen in your dreams.” Said Fedora watching the tea slowly put Virginia into a trance like state as her eyes slowly close completely.  The crystal began to glow and fill with blue smoke while the candles went dim from Miafora waving her hand.

“She is completely under the spell.” whispered Sophia.  “Let us start.”

They all held hands forming a complete circle.  Virginia looks as if she is asleep.

Virginia , open your eyes and stare into the crystal.” whispered Fedora.  Virginia slowly opened her eyes.  The crystal began to show a woman giving birth in the forest.

“Is that me?” asks Virginia in a low tone starring into the crystal not aware that she is in a trance.

“Yes, it is I, your mother.” said Fedora watching herself give birth to her.

“Where are you taking me?” her eyes furl watching Fedora placing her in the arms of a maiden at the orphanage.

“It is the orphanage we told you about.  It’s where I put you to keep you safe from Malphas.” Fedora said with tears in her eyes. “Malphas would have put you to death had he found out about you.  He is a terrible warlock that means you great harm.  He knows something about you that no one else knows except us.”


The sisters look at each other then enter locked their fingers.”

“Tell me. ” whimpered Virginia . “Tell me what it is.”

“You, you have the power to defeat him.”

“But how, who am I to defeat a warlock? I have no power. I’m just a girl. I’m not one of you.”

The sisters looked at each other again then back to Virginia .  They knew what they were about to reveal to her would shock her.  They hoped that the tea has her completely calm.

“Your grandmother, she, she, is the greatest sorceress of all.” started Sophia... “She is the only one that Malphas fears.  When he was a child he saw what she did to his parents when they threatened us as children.”

“What happened?”

“One day when we were secretly practicing our magic and powers, his parents discovered us.  They threatened to tell Dark Lord Stolas and wanted to make an example out of us by teaching Malphas how not to have any mercy. They summoned him to watch their demonstration.

Our mother was mixing a portion when the crystal began to glow with dark red smoke.  She knew then something terrible was about to happen. Peering into the crystal she saw Malphas and his parents surrounding us.  She threw a hand full of red powder into the fireplace then appeared in front of us facing Malphas and his parents. 

We have never seen our mother so furious.  She began to transform herself before all of us.  Her dark red ringlets of hair began to transform into serpents, her eyes glowed white hot as she starred at them, her tongue slithered like a snake.  Then in a flash of an instant his parents were turned into stone as they looked at her face and eyes.

Malphas watched in horror looking at his parents that now looked like human statues.  His anger began to build deep inside of him as he cried out their names. He turned toward us... “You, all of you will pay for this I swear!  I curse you all.” he screamed in agony hugging his parents of stone.  “I curse you all!”

“Leave now before I turn you into stone as well.  If I ever see you near my daughters again, the same will happen to you.  You are not powerful enough yet to cast a curse.” she said transforming back to herself.  Malphas disappeared in a flash of smoke. It was many years before we saw him again.”

“What is my grandmother’s name?”

The sisters looked at each other then said her name in unison.


Chapter 13 – “We have a plan...”

Virginia , you must not be with Lord Ramos tonight and we know how to make that happen.” said Sophia reaching for her hands. 

Virginia looked at the sisters realizing that after seeing the past in the crystal, Lord Ramos is responsible for all that has happened to her mother and to them.

“I will do whatever you ask.” said Virginia in a bitter tone.  “He must pay for everything he has done.”

The sisters are stunned at the familiar tone in her voice.  It’s as if their mother Medusa is talking to them.  Miafora looked at her and smiled.

“Alexia has a power that no one knows of except us, a power that will fool even Lord Ramos tonight.”

“What is it, a spell?” asked Virginia

“No... Much better than that, just watch Alexia.”

Alexia stood up then went over to Virginia and sat beside her, closed her eyes and whispered two magic words ‘morpheous sylirum’.  Slowly she began to morph in to Virginia . Every detail including her gown has changed.  Virginia is stunned in amazement.

“It’s as if I’m looking at a mirror.” she said continuing to look at Alexia, touching her face and hair. “You, you are me.”

“Yes I’m, even the sound of your voice is exact and Lord Ramos will not know the difference.”

“But you loath him.” said Virginia realizing what they plan to do.

“Yes, but this is our revenge, the beginning of bringing him down.  We will take what he treasures the most, a male child.”

“Are you sure you will bare a son?”

“We have taken care of that little detail.”  said Sophia pulling a silk handkerchief draped over a  small vial of liquid.

“We made this potion with a locked of Lord Ramos’s hair. This will ensure that Alexia will bare a male child.”

“And we will make the change when we take you up to his room after the presentation.  There is a secret passage way in the corridor.  Alexia will be waiting there for us when we pass by.”

“Will there be guards?”

“No, Lord Ramos trusts us now that he has seen you for himself and will not suspect anything, least of all an exchange.”

Virginia smiled realizing that they have thought of every detail and she wanted now more than ever to be part of it all.

Chapter 14 – The Exchange

The presentation ball is in full swing as maidens brought trays of food, fruit and mugs of brew to each table that lined the long pathway.  The music slowly came to a stop as Lord Ramos held up his hand and signaled for Virginia to be brought in. 

Everyone looks towards the huge large doors as they began to open slowly.  The music starts up again as three dancing maidens came in first throwing out flower pedals from handheld baskets.  They performed a short dance before announcing Virginia ’s entrance.

“Lord Ramos, we present to you, your mistress Virginia.” they said in unison bowing before him.

Everyone watched as the doors reopened. The music began to start up again.  A slow creeping plum of smoke began flowing towards Lord Ramos feet as Virginia made her entrance. 

She started dancing slowly as she made her entrance.  Her head swayed from side to side like an Egyptian queen.  Her belly furled and slinked liked the belly dancers of Kishmar.  Lord Ramos eyes gazed at her every moment.

“She is most beautiful.” he murmured to himself. “Simply most beautiful.”

Virginia kept her focus fixed on Lord Ramos eyes as she got closer.  She stroked her large breast and caressed her belly as she continued to dance the most sensual dance he had every seen.

“What do you think Veedor?” asked Lord Ramos looking at Veedor then back at Virginia .

“She is most tantalizing my lord.”

“Yes indeed she is.  I can’t wait to have her.  You have not failed me Veedor.  She is more magnificent than any woman I have every seen.  I will announce your promotion to everyone tonight.”

“Thank you my lord.” said Veedor bowing.

The sisters came in and took a seat at their private table near Lord Ramos.

“My sorceresses, you have done an excellent job of preparing her.”

“Thank you Lord Ramos.” said Miafora with a wicked smile cutting her eyes towards Veedor then back to Lord Ramos.

“I was telling Veedor and Maximus how beautiful and radiant she is.  Tonight I will announce Veedors promotion to commander.”

“You are most gracious my lord.” remarked Sophia.

They all looked on as Virginia performed her dance.  Slowly Virginia began to dance closer and closer towards Lord Ramos keeping her eyes focused on his.  Lord Ramos is spellbound by her gaze and cannot take his eyes away from her.  She ends her dance bowing at his feet.

“I’m yours and yours alone my lord.” she whispered as she looked up at him.

“Rise up my Empress and take your place next to me. ” he said reaching out his hand towards her. “Your are most divine.”

“Thank you my lord.”

“Everyone, I present to you my new mistress... Virginia .”

Everyone stood up and applauded as Lord Ramos and Virginia stood side by side waving at the crowd.  The feast continued for another hour.  Sophia tapped Lord Ramos on the arm.

“Lord Ramos it is time.” she whispered looking at both of them.

“O’ yes, very good, you may take her and get her ready .”

“Follow us Virginia.” said Miafora “Right this way my child.”

They stood and bowed to Lord Ramos then left out the same way they came then quickly started up the long corridor leading up towards Lord Ramos’s room.  Half way up they stopped and started counting the stones on the left side.

“It’s the forth stone from the center one over there.” whispered Sophia to Miafora pointing at the wall.

“Yes, I see it.” said Miafora.

“Exitus Petirum” she whispered while waving her hand. A stone door appeared and opened.  Alexia is standing inside looking out at them.

“Quickly Virginia switch with me.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes I am. Trust me sweetheart, he will not notice the difference.  Now follow the passage back down to our room and wait for them to join you shortly.

“Okay.” said Virginia with a worried look washing over her as she looked at Alexia.

“Don’t worry Virginia , everything will be okay.  I’ve waited a long time for this moment.”

“Good luck.”

They continued up to Lord Ramos’s room.

“Quickly sprinkle some the potion on the bed coverings and pillows.”


“Here Sophia, pour the fertile elixir in his chalice other there.  He will drink from it when he comes in.”

 They formed a half circle at the foot of the bed then began to chant a spell.  The spell will put Ramos in a half trance when he lays on the bed making him submissive to Alexia.  They gathered up there things and hugged Alexia.

“We will see you back at our room Alexia. Make him pay.” said Miafora holding her hands.

“Don’t worry sisters; he will be under my complete control the entire time. Now go.”

They left the room.  A few moments later Lord Ramos knocks at the door. 

“My Empress, are you ready?  May I come in?”

Chapter 15 – “Am I what you want my lord?”

“You are beautiful Virginia ” said Ramos watching her rub her legs together as she lay in his bed.

“You like what you see my Lord?”

“Yes, very much.  I desire you like no other woman.” said Ramos drinking from the potion laced chalice feeling himself rising and craving her. He wipes his lips with the back of his hand then continues.

“You will be the mother of my son. The sorceresses have foretold me of this.”

“I feel fertile my lord.  I can’t wait to have you deep inside of me. ” said Alexia smiling getting out of the bed walking over to a large plush chair.  She could see the lust and craving in his eyes as he watched her slowly pull on the little bows on the front of her gown.  She decides to test her control.

“Come to me my lord.  Come and stand in front of me. ” she commanded him.

Ramos did as she commands. He couldn’t believe he was letting her order him around but he couldn’t help himself.  He drank more of the potion from the chalice as he got closer to her.  His eye lids began to look heavy.

“Don’t move until I tell you to.” she commanded again with a smile.

“Yes my Empress.”

“That’s more like it.” she said slowly reaching between his legs stroking his thighs. 

“Do you want me in complete control?” she asked looking up at him while gently kissing his quivering stomach.

“Yes, yes, my Empress. I want you to have control of me, I, I desire you more than you know.” said Ramos struggling to maintain his composure.

“Very good, now go lie on the bed and don’t move.”

“Yes my Empress.”

He walked over the bed and stripped down until had nothing on then laid down waiting for her to join him.  Alexia went over to the fireplace and tossed in a small hand full of pink magic dust, then sprinkled another small hand full over her large breast.  Her skin sparkled and shimmered like the moon shinning over the sea at night.  Lord Ramos cannot believe his eyes.  She turns and began to slowly walk back to the bed stripping out her gown until she is completely naked.

“I’m going to watch you learn the meaning of desire.  I want to strangle the stars of everything they promised me after all the years I have felt desire and never once been able to have it.  I’m going to write my lust across your body and keep you on the edge so that there is always the possibility you might want more from me. ” she moans as she gets closer.

Lord Ramos eyes grew larger as she walks towards him.  He cannot take his gaze away from her tall statuesque body and large full shimmering breast. She is like nothing he has ever seen.  She stops in front of the bed then looks him up and down.

“I’m going to ride you real hard and I don’t want you to move.  I want to watch you feel everything inside of me pound you into complete submission.  Do you understand me?” she commands him as she crawls onto the bed letting down her dark red hair.

“Yes, yes, anything you say my Empress, anything you want, you only have to command it.” Ramos moans with deep desire.

“Very good, now, just lay there and enjoy the ride.” she said slipping her hands between her legs gripping his hardness and slowly sliding it deep inside of her.  Lord Ramos eyes rolled back into his head as the tight warm sensation of her wetness grips and pulls on him. 

“You like it don’t you?” she asked as she kept her rhythm hard and furious against his hips.

“O’ yes Virginia , more, more...” he moaned.

“Say my name again!”

Virginia .”

“Louder! Louder! I want to her you say my name!”

VIRGINIA !” he screamed as he arched his back feeling himself plunging deeply in and out of the warm sensation between her legs.  She could feel him releasing himself deep inside of her.

“That’s it.  I want all of it you hear me?” she moaned with each thrust of her hips.  Lord Ramos reaches up and grabs her hips and pulls her down on himself as far as she could go.

“That’s it Ramos, all of it.” she said again gritting her teeth.

“You want to bite me don’t you?” she moaned in his ear as she continued to bounce up and down on him.

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Do it, do it now!!!” she screamed feeling herself getting close to the height of her pleasure.

Lord Ramos did as she commanded.  He opened his mouth wide and began suckling her neck just as she exploded with total pleasure.  She could feel her blood fusing with his as he suckled her.

“That’s it, let our blood become one.” she said quivering as she held on to him.

Moments later Lord Ramos released his hold on her then retracted his fangs from her neck.  He felt completely diminished of all his strength.  The potion had taken complete hold of him as they had planned. Alexia got up and got dressed then went to join her sisters.

* * *

“Alexia!” said Sophia seeing her come in through the secret backdoor.

“Hello everyone, it’s done. I have his essence and his blood is mixed with mine.” she said with a smile. “Everything is going as planned.”


Chapter 17 – “Maximus, we need to talk...”

As prophesied by the sorceresses, Maximus is summoned secretly by his brother, Warlord Dragas and Malphas.

“Are you sure you were not followed Maximus?” ask Malphas looking around suspiciously then back at Maximus.

Positive!  Now what do you want from me?” said Maximus in a quick bitter tone furling his brow at Malphas then back at his brother.

“We have learned that Ramos has taken a virgin mistress.  A virgin by the name of Virginia in particular; what do you know of her?” asked Lord Dragas tossing another log on the fire cutting his eyes toward Malphas then back to Maximus.

“All I know is that Lord Ramos cannot resist her.  He was told by his sorceresses that she will bare a male child, supposedly his.”

“What do you mean supposedly?”  Asked Warlock Malphas.

“Just what I said... a male child, what part of that do you not understand Malphas?” scowled Maximus no longer in the mood for their questions.

“Come, come now, let’s not loose the purpose of our meeting.” started Lord Dragas starring into the fire stirring the coals then continued, “We must remain focused.  As we all three know, Ramos must not produce a male child.”

“It’s those damn medaling sorceress sisters!  I should have killed them all along with their sister Fedora when I had the chance.”

“Well Malphas you didn’t and that is why were in the position we’re in now!  said Dragas pointing a finger at him.  “I’m sure they are the reason why that fool Ramos is so hell bent on mating with her thanks to you!  Now Maximus, have you talked with Veedor about our plan?”

“No. However, I will tomorrow.  The presentation has consumed the entire week and I have not had the chance to talk with him.”

“Then make sure you do.  It is critical that we have him on our side if we are to succeed with our plan.” said Dragas standing then walking towards him.

“I will my brother.  I will convince him to join us.” said Maximus embracing Dragas.

Malphas tossed a hand full of red dust into the fire then looked at both of them.

“And don’t worry about those sorceresses, I’ll take care of them in due time.  I have a score to settle and this time I’ll kill them all without mercy, this I swear on my mother and father’s name.”

Chapter 18 – “Yes, I find you very attractive...”

It’s been three weeks since the presentation.  Alexia has been with Lord Ramos three more times collecting his essence.  No one has noticed the difference between Alexia and Virginia .  The sorceresses have opened their magic and potion shop in the liar as promised to them.  Virginia has been helping at the shop after Lord Ramos granted her permission to stay with the sisters.

They have been having their secret meetings there with Veedor after they close. One day while Virginia is putting away bottles and potion in the back room Veedor arrives earlier for one of there meetings Virginia looks up and sees him.

“Veedor, how are you.”  she asks smiling glad to see him.

“I, I’m fine.  How was business today?”

“Very good.  Many visitors are stopping by since we have opened.  I made a new potion today. Want to see it?”

“Um, yes, please, show me.”

“Come sit and watch this.” she whispered to him pulling the small cork off the top of a green bottle pouring two drops on four black feathers. Veedor watch in complete amazement as the feathers begin to form into a large shimmering black raven.

“That, that is amazing Virginia .  Most amazing.” he said watching the large bird coming to life.

“You think so?” she ask smiling, looking at his lips then up to his eyes as he watched the raven walk around the table extending and retracting it’s wings.

“Yes, most amazing.  It’s so majestic.  Raven’s are my favorite birds.”

“Good, then it is yours to keep.” she as she pushed it towards his hands.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, please take it; it is my gift to you for saving me and bringing me here.”

“Excellent!  I will name him Dark Wing.”

“That’s a good name. Dark wing, I like it.” she said gazing into his eyes.

He notices her looking at him as he puts the raven on his shoulder.

“What?” he asks with a smile.

She looks down at the table then back up at him.  “Do you find me attractive?” she asks pouring them both some wine.

“Yes, yes indeed, you are a most attractive women Virginia.  From the moment I saw you I knew you were to be the chosen one.”

“Besides that, do you find me attractive.” she asks again.

Veedor now realizes what she is asking him.  He has been watching her at the meetings when she talks and walks around. He lingers when he stops by the shop pretending to be looking at trinkets and potions.  His attraction to her could not be hidden any longer.  The moment to confess his feelings for her has arrived.  He took a deep breath then looked into her eyes.

“Yes Virginia, I, I am attracted to you.  I have been now for some time, but I do not think this will be a good time for us to be together.  There is too much at stake.”

“I know, but I cannot deny my feelings for you that are growing inside of me.”

“Me too Virginia , but for now we must not let anyone see us alone like this again.  Lord Ramos has spies everywhere and will grow suspicious.  We cannot risk him discovering the exchange or us being together.”

“I understand. But know this...” she whispers holding his hands, “that whenever you see me, I want to be your mate; I want to be with you and you only.”

They both look at each other with a lingering gaze, leaning closer and closer.  But their gaze is broken when they hear the sisters coming in through the secret backroom door.  They let go of each others hands and separate quickly.

“Ahhh, Veedor, good you are here early.  Let’s begin our meeting.  We only have a short time tonight.” said Alexia sitting at the table followed by her sisters.

Chapter 19 – “I need your alliance Veedor.”

Maximus made arrangements with Veedor to meet with him at The Gathering place.  Veedor is already there waiting for him in a far corner booth.

“Veedor my friend, wait, Commander Veedor.” said Maximus smiling and taking a seat across the table from him.

“Maximus, good to see you. I’m still trying to get use to the Commander title, but I like it.”

“Well you deserve it.”

“Please, let us toast to your official title Commander.” said Maximus raising his stein clinking Veedors.

“To victory in the future.” they chanted together.

“So Maximus, what is on your mind? I’m sensing something heavy is weighing on you.”

Maximus throws back the last of his blood rich drink then orders them another round before answering him.

“What I’m about to discuss with you cannot leave this table.”

“But of course.”

Maximus takes a deep breath then leans in close.

“I have found out that Dragas is my brother from my mother Empress Fedora when she was on her death bed.  I could not believe what I was hearing, but Dragas was there too.  She told us both at the same time and showed us proof by telling us of our birthmarks.” he said extending his forearm and pointing to a royal empress crest that was branded on him at birth.

“Then it is true.  Your brother is our enemy.” said Veedor starring at the birthmark realizing that the sorceress sisters have been telling him the truth.

“Yes, he is, but..” Maximus paused as Veedor looks him dead in the eyes.

 “But what? Brother or not he is still our enemy.  He has killed several of us over the years along with that son of bitch warlock Malphas who kills without mercy and cast spells and plagues on the weak.  Remember last year when he and Malphas went into the village of Willow Bend on our territory and slaughtered those women and children, then burned everything down to the ground?” said Veedor arching a brow.

Maximus sat back in his chair in a slight daze after being reminded of that day.  He had nearly forgotten about it until now.  He put the sight of it out of his mind and memory until now. He recalled how he and his battalion arrived too late to save anyone including his best friend and mentor Tendar.  Anger and rage filled is eyes as he clinched his hand firmly around his stein until it broke.  He furled his brow then cut his eyes back to Veedor.

“You are right Veedor.  How could I be so careless as to not have remembered that day?  That bastard Malphas deserves everything he has coming to him.  Brother or not, he killed our people and more importantly my best friend without mercy.  Tendar was more like a brother to me than Dragas.   Not once has he come to visit with me after our mother had told us the truth until several nights ago.” said Maximus realizing the reason for the meetings with him and Malphas.

“What other night?  What are you talking about Maximus?”

“How could I have been such a fool as to believe them?” he said rolling his eyes.

“Them? Who? Maximus, what is it?”

“I’ll tell you later my friend; I have something to do first.  Don’t worry, we will meet again soon. For now just trust me.”

Maximus got up and rushed out the door then spread his large black wings and flew off into the night.  “I know just who to see to help me with what I must do.” he thought to himself as he turned and headed north over the mountains.

Chapter 20 – “Do you want them brought to you dead or alive?”

Maximus is furious realizing what Dragas and Malphas plan to do.  He has made arrangements to meet with three renegade highlanders.  He has used them from time to time for some “side work”.

The highlanders are waiting for Maximus at their secret meeting place on the north side of Dragons point.

“Good, all three of you are here.” Said Maximus appearing out of thin air before them.  

“What are you directives?” asked the leader of the three.  

“I need you to kidnap Dragas and Malphas and bring them here.  I don’t care how you do it, just bring them here.” he said looking up at the sky; his eyes glowing red hot with anger then continued… “I have made arrangements to meet with them three nights from now.  Here is a map of the location.”  

“Do you want them dead or alive?” asked the leader.

“I don’t want them harm!  I want them brought to me alive!  Use whatever means at your disposal, but I want them alive. Am I making myself very clear?”  

“Very. And what of payment?” asked the second one holding out his hand.  

“Here is a hundred pieces of gold.” said Maximus holding out a heavy brown leather sack. “Find them and bring them to me unharmed and I will double that.”  

The leader snatched the sack from his hand. “If you want them alive it will cost more than this.  Malphas will require special shackling and a potion that will take nearly half of this payment and I want to be made Chancellor of their territory if they are not returning if you catch my drift.”

Maximus tuned his back to them smiling to himself… “and Chancellor, is that all? Very well, here’s another hundred more pieces of gold, I’ll double that and grant you three the title of Chancellors if you succeed.”

“Good, then our business is finished here.  We will return in three days time with them alive and unharmed.”  

“And one other thing.” said Maximus holding up a finger turning around slowly, “Find out where they are keeping Empress Lydia , make sure she is taken to a safe place and I’ll make you Warlord.”

The leader smiled while looking at the others.

 “Consider it done.”





Chapter 21 – “We are in need of a potion.”

The highlanders went into to town to the sorceress’s shop to get the potion made to subdue Malphas for the kidnapping.  They figured word would get back to him if they had it made any where near his territory.  The sorceress’s agreed to secretly meet with them.

“Lucious it’s been a while since we have seen you.  We understand you need a special potion.” said Alexia watching him intently.

“Yes I need a potion capable of subduing a warlock for capture.”

“A warlock you say. You must be getting paid a handsome reward for such a difficult task.” said Sophia placing three small bottles of potion on the table.

“We’ve captured a couple before a few years back.  We learned that it’s much easier to use a potion in conjunction with our other methods.”

“I see. So is this warlock you’re out to capture anyone we know?” asked Alexia cutting her eyes to Sophia then back to Lucious.”

“That little detail doesn’t concern you.  We have plenty to pay your price.” he said tossing out fifty pieces of gold on the table.

“It appears you do Lucious, however it will cost more than that.  Dragon claws are hard to come by, not to mention their Sylvia.” 

“Very well, then what is your price? We’re in a hurry.” he grumbled.

“Double that amount.”

“Fine, here, now if you would please.”  he said tossing out more pieces of gold. “Like I said, we’re in a hurry and we must not be seen here.”

“Very well, come back in one hour and it will be ready.”

“And one other thing Alexia.”

“Yes Lucious?”

“Tell no one of this or that we have been here.”

“But of course not, our lips are sealed.

Chapter 22 - “I couldn’t wait to see you.”

Virginia is pacing in the back store room of the shop.

“Is something the matter sweetheart.” ask Alexia coming into the store room seeing the anxiousness of Virginia .

“No, why do you ask?” she responds looking away.

“You forget we’re sorceress’s, we know things.”


“You can tell me. Is it Veedor?”

  Virginia is stunned by Alexia’s mentioning of Veedor’s name.  She just knew they were being careful not to look at each other too long, or sit together at the meetings.

“Well, is it Veedor honey?”

“How’d you know?”

“I’ve noticed the way you two light up when you’re together. And his coming by the stop almost everyday, well, no one needs that much magic.” she says smiling.

“Well, he is handsome, sweet and kind to me.”

“I know.  And I’ll let you in on a little something...” Alexia walks over to her and holds her hands. “We were hoping you two would fall for each other.  We can control a lot of things, but love isn’t one of them.”

Virginia smiles, relieved to hear that they approve of their attraction to one another.

“We were going to tell you, really we were. It’s just that with the plan in place and everything moving along, we figured it would be best to tell you know afterward.”

“Well, promise me you’ll be careful and only meet here.  If you two are seen anywhere else together everything we have accomplished so far will be jeopardized.”

“I promise. Do you want me to tell the others?”

“Don’t worry about them, I’ll tell them tonight. Just be careful.”

“Thank you Alexia, thank you so much for your understanding.”

Alexia is almost in tears as she looks at Virginia . She wants to tell her that she is her mother.  The moment is bitter sweet watching her daughter fall in love. She heads back out to front after hearing the door chimes.

“Ahhh, Veedor, how nice to see you.”

“O’ hello Alexia.” he said trying to avoid contact.

“It’s okay Veedor, I know, she told me and we approve. She’s in the back.”

“Thank you for your approval Alexia.  I must confess, I do have feelings for her and they are growing by the day.”

“I know and understand.”

“May I see her now?”

“Yes. Nice bird by the way.  I see she has been practicing her magic.” she said smiling.

“Thank you. It’s her gift to me. I cherish it. His name is Dark Wing.” he said while feeding it from a small sack.

“I can tell that you do. Please, go to her now, she is waiting to see you.”

* * * *

Veedor slowly opens the door and sees Virginia putting away bottles on a shelf.

“Veedor, she told you didn’t she? I can tell by the smile on your face.”

“Yes and she approves.”

“I am so happy.  Now we can be together but only here for now.  We must be careful.”

“Yes, I know and we will.”

They looked at each.  Virginia smiles as she watches him walk toward her.  She holds out her hands to him and pulls him close.  They look into each others eyes as they slowly began to kiss deeply for the first time.

“This is only the beginning of our long journey together Virginia .”

“Yes it is Veedor.  I can’t wait for our secrecy to end.”

“Soon it will. It won’t be long before everything is in place.”

Chapter 23 – “Lord Ramos, I must speak with you.”

Marcus has requested to speak with Lord Ramos.  He is waiting in his meeting chamber for him.

“Marcus, what is on your mind.” said Lord Ramos walking in reaching out to shake his hand.

“Thank you for granting me an audience my lord.”

“But of course Marcus. Please sit down. Is it about Virginia , has something happened to her?” he ask in a concerned tone.

“No my lord, she is doing fine.  I have guards all around lair to protect her at a moments notice.”

“Good, good, then what is on your mind?”

“I have been informed that Dragas maybe planning an attack against us from one of my highlanders.”

“Dragas? Attacking us? I knew it would only be a matter of time before they try to take over what is mine and I’m sure that fucking warlock Malphas is behind this as well!” shouted Lord Ramos throwing his chalice across the room then continued.

“Find out more and report back to me no matter how small the detail. Use whatever methods necessary, am I making myself clear?”

“Yes my lord.”

“You have done well by informing me of this so early Marcus.”

“Yes my lord.”

“Is there anything else?”

“No my lord.”

“Very well, you’re dismissed.”

Marcus goes to The Gathering for a drink.  The highlanders are huddled over food and drinks at a corner table.

“Lucious, interesting seeing you here.” he said walking over to their table with his drink.

“We’re picking up a few things before heading out if you catch my drift.” he responds cutting his eyes up at him.

“Good, then everything is going to plan.”

“Very much so, we’ll be picking up the packages tomorrow night as instructed.”

“Good, good and what of Lydia ?”

“That’s being taking care of as well.  We have two of our most trusted lady highlanders taking care of that little detail for us.  They have seen her and verified that she is in the lower chamber on the south side of the lair.”

“She is not harmed is she.” sneered Marcus furling his brow clutching his drink tightly.

“Calm down Marcus, she is untouched and unharmed. Malphas is not foolish enough to let anything happen to her.  He’s only holding onto her for leverage for some plan he has.”

“He had better not harm her or that fuck will die before his time.” he said raising his brow.

“All in due time Marcus, all in due time.”

Chapter 24 – The Kidnapping & Rescue

The highlanders are near the castle waiting for night to fall.  The weather is stormy and damp but they can see the flickering light and a shadowy figure moving about in Malphas’s window.

“Let’s go over the plan one more time.” started Lucious looking around at everyone as they sat around the fire.

“Damian, you and you three will take down Dragas.  You have the potion and the darts.  You only have three, so don’t screw up.  When you have him, we’ll meet you on the back Westside well.  I and the four of us will take down Malphas.  Remember, he’s a warlock and must be tranquilized before we move in.  Felicia is seeing to that little detail as we speak, so we must move fast when she gives us the signal.

Tesla, you and your girls will rescue Empress Lydia .  You know where she’s at. There will only be four guards on duty which I’m sure will be no problem for you. You are to take her immediately to Marcus’s chamber. He will be expecting you.

Does anyone have any questions?”

“No.” everyone said in unison.

“Good, then let’s move out. Good luck to you all.” 

“Here is your food and drink my master.” said Felicia putting the large tray on a table in front of Malphas.  He stops mixing a potion and looks up at her.

“My, my, you are a pretty one. They said I would approve.”

“Yes master, I am new girl sent by Lord Dragas.” she said in a lilting Hungarian accent fluttering her eyes at him.

“He is most generous this time.  What is your name?” he ask picking up the large stein of wine laced with the potion taking a long draw then wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Georgiana, master.” she whispered shyly looking down at the floor.

“No need to fear me.  I will be good to you. You are so beautiful. Come closer and let me see you.” he said walking over to the bed while drinking the brew.  She slowly walked towards him loosening the small knot in the front of her robe.

“Yes, yes, take your time taking your clothes off.” he smirked gazing at her large breast and long legs.

“You like what you see master.” she teasingly ask him

“Yes, very much, I, I, I can’t wait to have you.” he began to stutter as he tried to answer her.  She could see that the potent potion is beginning taking affect.  She needed to stall and have him drink just a little more.

“I want you master. I want you real bad. Are you going to tie me down my master?” she moaned slowly pulling off her dress letting it fall to the floor. He could see her naked body through the sheer short under dress.  He tries to focus his eyes on her.

“Yes, fuck yes, I want, I want, want to tie you... down... and...” he tried to complete his thoughts as his eye lids grew heavy.

“What master? You want to what?” she moaned walking even slower toward him knowing he was almost about to pass out.  He took one last sip...

“I want—to—to--...” were his final words as he fell back onto the bed into a deep slumber.

She quickly went to the window and signaled the others. Lucious is watching the window.

“Good, it is done.” said Lucious looking back to the others. “We must  move out now.  We’ll meet as planned.”

They all went in separate directions to complete their missions.  Tesla and her warriors arrived at the first door leading down to Empress Lydia .

“Now Mica.” whispered Tesla at Mica.

Mica swung a grappling hook up to a side window then quickly scaled the wall.  Looking down inside, she could see the first guard by the front door.  Mica signaled that she is ready then counted to three by holding up her fist and uncurling one fingers at a time.

They watched as she got to three then Mica blew a dart at the guard.  They could hear his body bump against the door then saw Mica stepped the rest of the way through the window.  She quietly went down the stairs to find the other guards then went down to open the door for Tesla and the others.

“There are two guards down on the next level. One is sitting on a stool by the door.  The other one is eating at a small corner table.” whispered Mica to Tesla

“Good work. Mica, take out the guard that is eating, he’s furthest from us; I’ll take out the guard on the stool.  You others follow us and move on down to the lower chamber and take out the other guard. Let’s go.”

Mica blows a dart at the neck of the eating guard.  He quickly slumps over.  Tesla rushes up to the guard on the stool and knocks him out with one swift punch. They gagged and tied them up then went down to the lower chamber where the others were waiting.

“Well, I see he was no problem.” said Tesla looking at the last guard slumped over tossed in the corner.  “Empress Lydia is in the third cell on the right. Let’s go get her.” she instructed everyone.

They slowly sleeked down the dark hallway until they got to the third cell.  Tesla knocked on the door.

“Empress Lydia , Empress Lydia ?” she whispered.

“Yes it is I. Who is there? What do you want?”

“We are here to rescue you. Marcus sent us.”

“Marcus? Is he here?” Empress Lydia cried out after hearing his name,

“No, he is waiting for you.  Stand back we are going to open the door.”

Tesla unlocked the heavy wooden door then pushed it open.  Inside dress in white from head to toe is Empress Lydia , the most beautiful woman she has ever seen.

“My Empress, I am Tesla and these are my warriors and sisters.” she said as they all bowed before her.

“Please rise up rescuers.  You have done well and shall reward you.  If Marcus trusts you, then I trust you.  What do you want me to do?”

“Thank you my Empress, you are most kind.  Please follow us; we have a carriage with guards wanting to take you to him.”

Chapter 24 – “Leave Dragas to me...”

Lucious and his brothers went into Malphas’s room to lock a heavy metal mask on his head, then bound his hands with metal shells designed to fit over them.

“Excellent work Felicia and may I say you look good enough to seduce any man as usual.”

“Why thank you Lucious. I’m as intoxicating as the potion.” she said smiling as she got dressed.

“This will keep him still and quite.  Now carry him down to the carriage and wait for me and the others to bring Dragas.” said Lucious clasping the last lock on the shackles.

“But I thought the others were going to take down Dragas.” whispered Dante’ his second brother.

“I’ve changed my mind.  I have a little detail to take care of with him. Now take Malphas away and wait for me and the others.  We’ll be there shortly.”

“Yes my brother.”


Lucious brother Dante’ and his posse are waiting in the high bushes near the patio window waiting for Lurisa to signal them.  He could see Lucious approaching them.

“Lucious? What are doing here? We’re waiting for the darts to take effect.”

“I changed my mind.  Where is he?”

“He’s in his chamber with Lurisa.  She lured him to the patio where we were able to dart him.”

“Excellent.  I can’t wait to see his expression when he sees me.”

“You’re not going to kill him are you?  We need him alive for the full reward and our new positions.”

“Killing him is not my plan, although it has crossed my mind.  The reason will soon reveal itself.”

“Look, Lurisa is signaling for us.”

“Excellent, lets move quickly.  I want him semiconscious when he sees me before he closes is eyes.”

They quickly ran up the stairway.

“Lucious? What are you doing here? Are the others alright?” asked Lurisa alarmed to see Lucious standing in the doorway.

“Yes Lurisa, the others are waiting for us, you’ve done well. This is just personal that’s all.”

Lucious can see Dragas leaning up against the far wall trying to steady himself.

“YOU!” shouted Dragas holding up his hand pointing as he tries to focus on Lucious walking quickly towards him.

“Yes, it is I Dragas. You look surprised to see me.  Remember when I told you the next time you see me, it will be on my terms?  Well that time has come.”

“But I thought you were dead.  Malphas assured me.”

“Well, it pays to know clever sorceresses and to have good friends when you need them.  As for Malphas... well, let’s just say you two are in the same boat heading in the wrong direction.” said Lucious taking off his glove from his left hand then slapping Dragas as hard as he could then clinched his hand around his throat, slowly squeezing it until he could hear Dragas beginning to gasp for air, then continued...

“Remember when you locked me up for two years in that hell hole of a dungeon of yours?  Well, my brothers arranged for the sorceresses to give me a serum the last time your guards were sent down to beat me before that chicken shit Malphas came to kill me.  Well those guards are my friends.  You really should take more time to choose your men more carefully.”

Dragas looks stunned.

“Why are you looking so surprised Dragas? You should know by now that I have many allies throughout your pathetic little territory which by the way will belong to me soon enough after I take care of this little detail.”

“What, are you going to kill me?” said Dragas smiling, then spit in his face.  “I’ll kill you and all of your brothers as soon as I’m released after whatever ransom is paid for kidnapping me. I know you’re not going to kill me.  You need me alive to collect.  I have allies too.  Most likely the ones that are going to double cross you.”

“O’ I’m sure that the person that sent me after you two is not your ally much less your friend.  However, that little detail will reveal itself soon enough as well.”

Lucious pulls out a small vile of potion from his pocket, pull the cork out with his teeth and pours it into Dragas’s mouth then stares into his eyes.

“You think you’re surprised now, just wait until you’re conscious again.  Anyway, enough with the small talk, time to take you away.  Someone is very anxious to see you.”

Chapter 25 – “Trust me my Empress”

Lucious and his brother met up with the others.

“Has Tesla taken Empress Lydia to Maximus?” asked Lucious walking up to look at Malphas.

“Yes, they left an hour ago and should be arriving by the time we get underway.”

“Excellent. Looks like Malphas didn’t give you any trouble.”

“None at all.” smirked Felicia

“Let’s move out.  We have to be at Black Rock Castle by sun down.”

* * * *   

“Maximus will be arriving shortly my Empress. Here is some food and drink.”

“Thank you Tesla. I want you and your sisters to be my personal bodyguards after this is all over.”

“You are most kind my Empress. It will be our honor.  We will leave you now.”

“Thank you again and let me know when Maximus arrives.”

“I will my Empress.”

Maximus arrived shortly thereafter and knocks on the door.

“Tesla is she here?” asks Maximus anxiously closely the door behind himself.

“Yes she is. I will let her know of your arrival. She is most beautiful Maximus and gracious. She wants us to be assigned to her as her personal bodyguards.”

“She could not have picked better bodyguards than you. You have served me well when I have needed your services most.”

“Thank you Maximus. I’ll go let her know now. Please wait here for her.”

Maximus began pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace in anticipation of seeing Empress Lydia . They have had an attraction to each other since there meeting at the Medicci’ Festival De’carnival a year ago and have been meeting at secret locations for several months until Malphas found out through one of his many spy’s.

“Maximus, it is so good to see you again.” said Empress Lydia standing in the doorway looking at him smiling.

Lydia ... I’m so glad to see you. They did not harm you in any way did they?”

“Not at all, Dragas and Malphas only put me in the dungeon to alarm Lord Ramos and lure him into a war with them.  But I see that you were too clever for them.”

“A war? So that’s there plan. I should have known I couldn’t trust my brother and Malphas.” Maximus turned away from her quickly realizing what he had just revealed to her.

“Dragas is your brother?”

Maximus began poking at the logs in the fireplace.  He looked into the flames before answering her.

“Yes, he is my brother. I only found this out a while back. Our mother, Empress Fedora told us together before she died. Here is our royal birthmark.” he said rolling up his sleeve and pointing at it.  Lydia walked over to look at the birthmark. She reached out slowly grasping his arm.

“You are of royal blood my love.”

“Yes I am and my father is Lord Ramos.”

“So this is why they want war, those filthy bastard intended to kill you and Lord Ramos. I will have them captured and put to death!” said Empress Lydia looking deeply into his eyes. “I won’t let them have the chance to harm you.”

“They have already been captured my love.”

“Captured, but how, by whom, where are they?”

“I have very skilled highlanders that work for me.  They captured them at the same time you were being rescued. They are being transported to an abandoned castle in Black Rock. I’m going there tonight to deal with them.”

“I will go with you.”

“That’s not a good idea Lydia . Those two are very dangerous. I won’t risk anything happening to you. You are safe here with Tesla.  I won’t be long, trust me.”

“But Maximus ---“

He reached out, pulled her close and held her hands together.

“Please, trust me on this Lydia .”

“I will. But be careful.” she whispered looked away.

“I will. You know I love you don’t you Lydia ?” he said looking caringly into her eyes.

“Yes Maximus and I love you too.”

Maximus slowly kneeled down before her then gazed up at her teary eyes while holding her hands.

“Then will you marry Lydia ?”

“Of course I will my love, of course I will.”

Chapter 26 – Black Rock Castle

Maximus could see the deserted castle just over the ridge as he approached the castle. Dante could see him descending from his guard post.

“Lucious, Maximus is arriving.” he said as he climbed down.

“Excellent.  Go inside alert the others.  I’ll wait for Maximus.”

Maximus landed in front of Lucious.  He’s dressed in black from head to toe with a full length cape and hood over his head.

“Lucious, you have done well my friend.”

“Delivered alive as you have requested.  I take it you have seen Empress Lydia ?”

“Yes, indeed I have. Thank you and here is your payment as I promised. And there’s a little extra added as well.”

“You are most generous as usual. Come; let’s go deal with those two bastards. I can’t wait to see their faces when they see you.”

“Are they awakened?”

“They are just now coming around. Not to worry though, they are only half awake. I’ve been keeping them sedated until your arrival.”


“Wait out here until I call you in.”

Maximus walked in slowly closing the door behind him.  Dragas and Malphas are strung up with their shackled hands high above their heads pull tight with thick rope over a large wooden beam.  Dragas slowly open’s his eyes.  Maximus pulls back the hood from over his head.

“Maximus! Good you are here.  Quickly untie us before our kidnappers return. It’s Lucious and his bastard brothers that have done this to us.  I’ll have them put to death for this along with the one who’s behind it!”

Maximus pulls off his gloves as he walks slowly up to Dragas.

“Quickly, I don’t think we have much time before they return. Why are you just standing there, untie us you fool?!” said Dragas struggle to free himself.

“Fool? Is that what you take me for? I was a fool for listening to you two.” 

“What are you talking about Maximus? We are brothers, brothers, you and I.”

“Spare me the brother speech Dragas.  You remember Empress Lydia don’t you?” said Maximus arching a brow cutting is eyes at him.

“What about her? I don’t know where she is. What does this have to do with her?”

“A lot you fuck!”

Malphas began opening his eyes after hearing Lydia ’s name.

“Maximus, Empress Lydia , she, she’s alive. I hid her from Lucious and his brothers for her own protection. They did this to us. They left to go kill her. Quickly, set us free before they return.  I can stop them.”

“They are going to go kill her you say. Hum, That’s funny, how are they going to do that when she is already safely hidden away?”

“What do you mean?”

“Lucious, do come in.” said Dragas opening the door signaling for Lucious. He walks in smiling with his sword drawn. Maximus looks at both them.

“Once again you two liars are digging an even deeper whole than you’re already in. Lucious arranged to have Empress Lydia rescued when they rounded you two fools up. You’re lucky Malphas you didn’t harm a hair on her or you would have been dead long before now.”

“You’re not going to kills you fuck. You need us alive.” said Malphas struggling to get free.

“I need you alive? Is that what you think? You are going to die I can assure you of that.”

“Shut up Malphas you idiot!!! Maximus, he doesn’t know what he’s saying. It’s the potion you gave him. Listen to me, let’s talk about this. You know we are so close to launching our plan to over throw Ramos. I realize you’re upset with Malphas for taking Lydia away and locking her up, but trust me; he’s an idiot, a hot head.  I know you two have been seeing each other. I can assure you, he didn’t lay a hand on her.”

Maximus looks away trying not to reveal his expression.

“Is this what this is about?” asks Malphas snickering. “You’re in love with her? Hell, you can have the whore.”

“Damn it Malphas, shut your fucking mouth! He didn’t mean that Maximus.” said Dragas pleading with him.

Before Malphas could say another word Maximus pulled out his side knife and put it up to his throat.

“Go ahead, say another foul word about her or even mention her name in such away again and I’ll carve you up like a side of beef. Am I making myself clear?” growled Maximus.

“Maximus, back off. Not here, not now remember the plan.” said Lucious pulling at his arm.

“Yes Lucious you’re right, not here, not now.”

“See, you need us alive.” sneered Malphas with a half smile. “You need us alive.”

“Only for now...” said Maximus putting away his blade “Now open wide.”

Maximus and Lucious gave both of them the last of the potion then went outside to discuss the next part of the plan.

“Veedor should be arriving shortly.”

“Can he be trusted?” asked Lucious

“As if he were my real brother, he has been promoted to Commander of the West Clan and they want to be rid of Lord Ramos as much as we do.”

“This is perfect!”

“Yes in deed it is.  Now, go meet with your other highlanders on the North side and brief them on the plan then meet me back here tomorrow night.”

“What we going to do with Dragas and Malphas?”

“That third serum that we gave them should last until then.  Besides, they’ll be locked up in the dungeon below as well.”

“Very well, safe travels Maximus.”

“Safe travels to you Lucious, and thanks again for rescuing Empress Lydia .”

“You know Maximus, you should ask her to marry you after all of this is over.”

“Yeah, I know, I did before I came here and she said yes.”

Chapter 27 – “Veedor, I have something to tell you...”


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